Does Lavender Tea Break a Fast?

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Intermittent fasting is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to take care of your body through your diet. While it’s not specifically a diet itself, it is fairly restrictive when it comes to what you can and can’t do when you are in a fasted state. One of the really limiting factors of fasting is what you can drink during your fast.

Most of the time you’re better off just drinking water but occasionally you’re going to want a little bit of flavor in your drink. And that is limited really to tea and coffee. But what kind of tea?

Does lavender tea break a fast? The good news is that lavender tea does not break a fast. The Lavender Tea’s calorie content is so low that it becomes negligible and thus makes it a great option for anyone who is currently in their fasting state.

A good Organic Lavender herbal tea is easy to find making it an even more appealing prospect for anyone looking for a good alternative while fasting.

Also, be sure to check out some other great herbal flower teas that will fit right into your fasting strategy as well.

Why Lavender Tea Is Great For Fasting

Lavender tea is good for fasting for a variety of reasons.  I’m going to break down each of the reasons why it makes such a good reference for a faster.

We’re going to start with the most important thing to consider when choosing something to drink while fasting. And that, of course, is its calorie content. Ideally, you want to drink water as the bulk of your liquids when fasting.

But adding in a cup of tea or coffee every now and again is going to help suppress some of those hunger pangs you make it, especially when you’re just starting out on fasting. Lavender tea fits the bill perfectly and makes for a great choice of beverage when you need a little pick-me-up during your fast.

Does Lavender Tea Have Calories?

Does lavender tea have calories? Seems like a pretty straightforward question and most people will tell you no it does not. When you look at the nutritional facts on the back of some lavender tea brands they even say zero calories(source).

But, lavender tea does actually have a few calories. Slightly less than two in fact. Its calorie content is so small that it’s negligible and doesn’t really affect fasting at all, According to the bulk of the fasting community.

Although there are some who dispute that. And view water as the only acceptable drink for strict fasting, while tea is fine for standard fasting(source). Any beverage that you’re going to drink while fasting has to be essentially calorie-free, and lavender tea fits that bill perfectly but it has to remain calorie-free and that brings us to our next section.

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Don’t Add Sugar To Your Lavender Tea

 You simply cannot add any kind of sugar honey or another calorie sweetener to your lavender tea. Doing so will completely negate the benefits of lavender tea and it will break your fast by adding that much sugar into your system.

It will most likely pull you out of a fasted state almost immediately. So any kind of calorie sweetener is a no-go. I would suggest not using any sweeteners.  

The sweetness that artificial sweeteners going to bring to your tea is not worth it when you consider the types of problems that a lot of these artificial sweeteners have(source).

You don’t want to be putting aspartame or something like that into your lavender tea because it might spike your insulin and there is a whole host of other issues with a lot of these artificial sweeteners.

So your best option is to simply drink your lavender tea plain and straight up and that brings us to the next big no know when drinking lavender tea during a fast.

No Milk Or Cream Either

Not even a little bit. You cannot add sugar to your lavender tea and you cannot add milk or cream or anything with calories either when you are fasting.

If you drink lavender tea, check out our review, during your feeding window, and if you want to put a little bit of milk or calories into your tea that’s fine but never during your fasted window. The number of calories that cream or milk in your tea will most likely break you out of your fast.

It’s not guaranteed that it will, sometimes you could put some milk in there and maybe not break your fast. But it’s just not worth the risk. So my advice is to drink your lavender tea again straight up with nothing added to it. It is how I approach my fasting whenever I drink tea during my fasting window. Plain lavender tea, or any other type of tea, with nothing added to it.

Does Lavender Tea Have Caffeine?

Another interesting thing about what makes lavender tea such a great tea to have during a fast is that it’s caffeine-free. Not having caffeine is not a bad thing for a beverage that you drink during your fast. I like to drink green tea, here are some of my favorites, during fasting and it has quite a bit of caffeine in them.

But why I consider having no caffeine in lavender tea a big plus is that you can drink it at any time of the day. So if you want to have a nice cup of lavender tea right before you go to bed it won’t really affect your sleep rhythm. And right before bed is a really tough time for some fasters, especially people who are new to fasting.

Typically, it’s been a few hours since your last meal and you’re going to go to bed feeling a little bit hungry at times. Again especially for people new to fasting. So a nice cup of lavender tea will help suppress that hunger without adding caffeine to your diet which will keep you awake tossing and turning and make it that much more difficult to stay on your fast.

A Couple More Great Things About Lavender Tea

In addition to not having any caffeine and being a great tea to have around your bedtime, lavender tea has a wide range of other benefits that you can take advantage of by drinking it.

One of the biggest reasons why you would want to drink lavender tea over water during your fast is because it does have quite a few antioxidants and other beneficial characteristics that are really going to make your whole fasting process more efficient for you.

I am in the process of putting together a full list of all the benefits of lavender tea and should have it finished in the near future. When it is done I will link it from here and you can check it out.

Lavender Tea And Intermittent Fasting Wrap-Up

That brings us to the end of our look at lavender tea and intermittent fasting. It’s a great beverage to have during your fasting state. You don’t want to overdo it though. A cup or two, maybe three at the most would probably be best during your fasted state. You want to drink water as the bulk of your liquids during a fasted state. You are going to want to replenish that water in your body and tea can be a bit of a diuretic at times.

Lavender tea is another option to put into your fasting arsenal. Green tea, black tea and a host of other flower herbal teas are all excellent choices for you to drink during your fasting. In fact, there are quite a few teas that you can add to your fasting rotation and we’re going to be looking at those in future articles so be sure to come back and check those out.

It’s equally important to know what you can drink during intermittent fasting and why you can drink it during intermittent fasting. It does come down to calorie content for the most part when trying to find something suitable to drink during a fast. A large part of what makes lavender tea so great for fasting is the added benefits that are just inherent in a nice cup of lavender tea.

I thank you for stopping by and as always have a wonderful day.