What Is Oolong Tea Coffee?

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Oolong Tea Coffee? You heard that right. Some genius got the idea to infuse their oolong tea with coffee beans when steeping it and the results turned out to be incredible. This tea blend is exactly what it sounds like oolong tea infused with coffee and often other flavors as well.

It makes for a smooth tea with a touch of coffee flavor that every tea and coffee drinker should try at least once. So let us get into what makes this wonderful little tea blend tick. I also wanted to answer a few popular questions about this tea blend so read on and enjoy.

If you are just looking for a great Coffee-infused Oolong tea to try then I suggest the Art Of Tea’s Brewed Awakening. It is a great example of this slightly weird tea infusion.

Can You Mix Oolong Tea With Coffee?

Yes, You Can. In fact, that is the whole point of this article. I might seem weird, even a little outlandish but infusing oolong tea with coffee. Just for the record, we are not making a cup of coffee and then steeping oolong tea in it. It is a little more nuanced that that.

Essentially we are infusing the oolong tea leaves with high-quality coffee beans and then steeping that blend into a cup of hot water. The difference is a more subtle coffee flavor that compliments the oolong tea instead of overpowering it.

By adding the coffee beans to the oolong tea the flavor co-mingle while they are being stored and you get a wonderful coffee-infused oolong tea leaf that will carry that flavor from cup to cup with a great deal of consistency.

coffee beans and tea leaves
Coffee And Tea Can Work Together To Bring You A Wonderful Blend

What Does Oolong Tea Coffee Taste Like?

This is interesting because it is not nearly as coffee-tasting as you might expect. The coffee does not overwhelm the oolong tea when you keep the ingredients balanced.

You still get the smooth slightly bitter oolong flavor but with a touch of coffee that brings its own flavor note to it. The result is a smooth drinkable tea with a coffee edge to it.

In addition, you can add other flavors to help enhance the experience. Vanilla bean, cinnamon, and fennel seed are among my favorites to add to this wonderful tea blend. So do not be afraid to experiment with some of your favorite tea blends or herbal flavor to add to this wonderful oolong tea blend.

Personally, I like to add vanilla to my oolong tea coffee. Just chop up some vanilla bean and add it to the mix and let it blend with the other flavors while stored. It adds a wonderful smooth flavor that works really well with both oolong tea and a cup of coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coffee-Infused Oolong Tea

Here are a few of the most popular questions that I came across while looking into this interesting blended tea. This is by no means an exhaustive list but I thought they would be relevant for anyone looking into this tea blend.

Does Oolong Tea Coffee Have Caffeine?

Both coffee and oolong tea have caffeine naturally. Coffee typically has more caffeine than most true teas, including oolong. When you blend them you will get an increase in caffeine from a standard cup of oolong but it should be less than a full cup of coffee.

Even using caffeine-free coffee or tea will result in some amount of caffeine since they have trace amounts of caffeine in them. If you are looking for something without caffeine then herbal tea would probably be your best bet.

Does Oolong Tea And Coffee Have Calories?

Oolong tea and coffee have negligible calories. There may be a trace amount but it is not worth worrying about. This makes them an ideal candidate for a calorie-free drink, but water should be the majority of your liquid intake. That being said this tea blend can make a nice alternative when drunk in moderation.

Does Coffee Infused Oolong Tea Have Carbs Or Sugar?

Only if you add them yourself. The base oolong tea and coffee have no sugar or measurable carbohydrates. This makes it an excellent drink to have on just about any diet including any ultra-low-carb diets such as Atkin’s or South Beach. So you can have a cup of this wonderful blend without breaking your diet or feeling guilty about having a cup.

Is Oolong Tea with Coffee Good For Fasting?

This tea blend would be a great option for fasting. You can drink it during your fasting window without worrying about breaking your fast. You can also use it with butter or coconut oil to break a fast when it is time for your feeding window. Water should be your main beverage when fasting but a nice cup of tea or coffee will go a long way to helping tap down those food cravings.

Final Thoughts On Coffee-Infused Oolong Tea

There you have it. Incredible as it might sound infusing a cup of oolong tea with some coffee beans and flavors is not as outlandish as it might sound. In fact, it is becoming more and more popular each day.

There are even premade brands that are thinking outside of the box and delivering these types of experiences right to your door. Art Of Tea Brewed Awakening is one of the best-premade oolong tea and coffee blends you can try.

But it is also effortless to create your own oolong tea coffee with just some simple ingredients in your own home. Whichever way you decide to try it you will not regret the experience.

Hopefully, this little blend will be something you like or at least open you up o the many possibilities that tea blends can create. The limit to a great cup of tea is truly just your imagination. Hope to see you again soon and enjoy that cup of tea.

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