Black Tea Kettle

A Brief History Of Black Tea

I thought it would be interesting to write a brief little article on the history of black tea. It is not something that people often think about but knowing a little about how this fantastic beverage came into being should …

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black tea in a tall class sitting of a table

Is Unsweetened Black Tea Good For You?

It has been well documented that tea is a great superfood for anyone that wants a healthy calorie-free drink to go with their diet. But most of the time the plaudits are hurled at mostly green tea.  Unfortunately, this means …

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black tea in clear kettle

Does Black Tea Break A Fast?

A lot has been made of intermittent fasting in recent years. It’s becoming increasingly popular in the mainstream. With that popularity comes quite a bit of misinformation about what you can and can’t eat and drink while practicing intermittent fasting. …

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