Does Lavender Tea Have Caffeine?

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Every week it seems like someone is discovering a new herbal infusion and then we see its popularity of it start to grow. And with that growing popularity comes a lot of questions.

One of the most popular ones for lavender tea is

Does Lavender Tea Have Caffeine? Lavender Tea is caffeine-free.  Completely. You can drink it any time of day or night without worrying about it messing with your sleep rhythms.

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So let’s take a closer look at lavender tea and caffeine. What are the benefits of a caffeine-free tea, are there good benefits to caffeine? And a selection of related questions that can help give you a better understanding of lavender tea in general.

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Lavender Tea Isn’t Really Tea

Real tea, that’s the tea that comes from the leaves of a tea tree, has caffeine. The level of caffeine depends on the type of tea. Black tea typically has the most when talking about true tea.

But lavender tea is not a true tea. Lavender tea is an herbal infusion.  As a society, we tend to call herbal infusions, herbal teas.

But they do not actually tea they’re simply plants infused in water. Real teas have caffeine unless they’ve been decaffeinated. Most herbal infusions do not have caffeine because of the plants they are infused from.

In the case of lavender tea, it comes from the Lavender plant. Lavender is part of the mint plant family and has no connection to Real tea at all.

The confusion I think comes from the fact that we call Herbal infusions herbal tea. People instinctively know that tea has caffeine.

So when they see in a store a box of lavender tea, they’re going to instinctively assume that that has caffeine just like a normal tea would. So this type of educating people on the differences between herbal teas and true tea is incredibly important. In order for people to make a more educated decision on what they’re buying and what they’re ultimately drinking.

Lavender Tea Doesn’t Affect Sleep Rhythm

Caffeine is a stimulant. As a result, it can keep you awake if you drink it right before bedtime.

This is why it’s not advisable to drink green tea or black tea or any other Realty right before you’re ready to go to bed because it could interfere with your sleep Rhythm.

The great thing about lavender tea, check out my review of this great lavender tea, is you can drink it anytime. Because it is caffeine-free it won’t act as a stimulant in your system. 

Therefore there’s less of a chance it’ll keep you up at night.

That doesn’t mean you are necessarily going to get a great night’s sleep but at least the lavender tea won’t be to blame when you can’t fall asleep.

Some Pros and Cons Of Caffeine

In addition to being a catalyst for sleep disturbance, caffeine has a few other issues that you might want to be aware of when deciding on what type of tea to drink.

Benefits Of Caffeine

  • Increases Cognitive Effects
  • Increases Cardiovascular Function
  • Increases Alertness

Potential Problems With Caffeine

  • Might Cause Neurological Disorders
  • Complications During Pregnancies
  • Links to Behavioral Disorders in Children

This table on the NCBI website is a great visual aid for the benefits and issues that can arise from caffeine consumption.

Substituting a caffeine-free lavender tea for a regular tea during the day might be a good idea to keep your overall caffeine intake down.

Mixing Lavender Tea With Decaffeinated Tea

When you mix lavender tea with real tea, which is an incredibly popular thing to do, then obviously that lavender tea ceases to become caffeine-free.

So just be aware of what you’re mixing it with when you decide to blend lavender tea with other infusions or teas. Of course, if you choose to mix it with chamomile tea then you are still going to have the benefits of a caffeine-free beverage.

You can even mix it with some decaffeinated teas, but just be aware that even decaffeinated teas have a slight bit of caffeine in them sometimes(source). So you need to really look at the brand that you’re buying and decide whether or not you want to take the risk of having any caffeine at all with your lavender tea.

Related Questions

Does Lavender Tea Have Calories? Lavender tea does have a very small amount of calories in it. But they are negligible. The amount of calories is so small per serving that it’s not really something that you need to worry about. This lack of calories is one of the reasons why lavender tea is a great choice for anyone who is fasting.

Does Lavender Tea Have Carbs? Like its calorie content, lavender tea has a very minimal amount of carbs per serving. It would be what I would consider a negligible amount of carbs. It’s a reason why Lavender tea is a good choice for anyone on a keto diet.

Does Lavender Tea Make You Sleepy? Lavender Tea has been shown to calm some people and aid in their sleep rhythms(source). It is not a remedy for sleep issues, however.

Wrapping-Up Lavender Tea And Caffeine

That brings us to the end of our look at this important aspect of lavender tea. Caffeine is not such a bad thing in moderation. But you don’t want to have every beverage that you drink during the day to have loads of caffeine in it. And that’s where a great herbal infusion like lavender tea can come in.

You can get a ton of benefits from drinking lavender tea, the same as you would from drinking great green tea. But without having to worry about some of the impacts that too much caffeine can have on your overall being. I hope you enjoyed this look at lavender tea and its caffeine content check back soon because we will have more information on all types of herbal infusions and tea in general.

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