The Amazing Flavor Of Lavender Tea

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If you’re anything like me then you drink a lot of different tea over the course of weeks and months. As a result, I’m constantly thinking about how to describe the taste of an individual tea to someone. You’d be surprised how many people ask what this tea or that tea tastes like. So many different types of flower infusions, each one with its own unique taste. So today we are going to look at lavender tea today and its flavor profile.

What Does Lavender Tea Taste Like?   Lavender tea has a very complex flavor profile. It has a flowery, Floral Base with a bit of an earthy undertone. There’s also a very slight Smokey and minty note that permeates the entire taste experience. The overall taste is very light and reminds me of a spring morning.

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The Flavor Profile Of Lavender Tea

The important thing when describing the flavor of a tea is to be as descriptive as possible but still, use ideas that are relatable.

You always have to compare the taste of a tea to something else. If it’s slightly sweet you would say it’s got a bit of a honey taste to it.  Ultimately, the taste is subjective. What might be sweet to me could taste like nothing to you. Please just use this as a starting place for your own interpretation of what Lavender Tea tastes like. If you need some inspiration on how to flavor your lavender tea check out my article here.

I try to apply that to all these articles on what a certain tea tastes like and today we are going to dive into lavender tea. With that out of the way, let’s dive into Lavender Tea. Lavender tea is an exceptional tea. It has a complex and wonderful flavor that I think many of you are going to enjoy. I really enjoy it and I hope you enjoy my description of the flavor profile of it.

lavender fields
Lavender Is A Beautiful As It Is Delicious

Floral and Fresh

I think the first flavor you’re going to find in a cup of lavender tea is the floral notes. To me, this is the most pronounced flavor in the entire tea and I think this makes up the bulk of the base of the flavor. 

It’s really no surprise that this is the predominant flavor of a good lavender tea because when you smell the fresh lavender or the dried lavender it has a very floral scent to it and that transfers over into the water.

This is not always the case there are some teas where the smells of the dry flowers or roots or seeds or whatever you’re using for the tea don’t translate to what it actually tastes like.

But in the case of lavender tea, you get exactly what you expect from the aroma.

Lavender Tea Is Earthy

The next flavor I am going to take a look at is the earthy undertone of lavender tea. It is not nearly as pronounced as it isn’t any other herbal tea, but it is there. An earthy flavor is one of the most difficult, for me at least, flavors to describe. In some teas, it can taste a little bit like dirt. 

This might seem like a slight against a tea but it’s really not.  It’s just an additional flavor. The truth is it doesn’t taste exactly like That.   The taste is more like how freshly tilled soil smells.

I know it’s a subtle distinction but it is there. there are some teas where the earthing is really comes through and it does taste like dirt but not in lavender tea. It is a complimentary note to the overwhelming floral notes that you get when drinking your lavender tea

There Is A Slightly Minty Note In Lavender Tea

Now we’re getting into the really subtle flavors that might not be as readily perceptible to many people.   This is typically where the disagreement starts to occur about how exactly a tea tastes.

For lavender tea, everyone can agree on the floor notes and probably the Earth notes as well. But for me, I taste a slightly minty note. It’s very subtle and it’s nowhere near the level of a peppermint tea or spearmint tea. but I feel that it is there.

This subtle minty flavor gives lavender tea a little bit of a bite and compliments the other flavors very well. In fact, one of the best additions you can add to a lavender tea is putting a couple of leaves of mint into it. This accentuates the natural mintiness that I taste in a good lavender tea.

Lavender Tea Is A Light Tea

Another thing that I think you’ll notice about lavender tea is it is a very light fresh tea. By fresh I mean it’s got an airy feel about it. It is not heavy it’s just a joy to drink and has a smooth finish. I think this lightness of the overall tea and the little bite from the minty notes really combine to give lavender tea its unique flavor that is built on top of the flowery base of the tea.

A Smokey Note

The last flavor that I really take taste is a bit of a smoky flavor. Technically I think this is simply an extension of the earthy flavor that I spoke about before I thought it was enough differentiation between them that I decided to give it its own little topic.

Smokey is another tricky one to describe. If it has a real heavy smoky flavor, like a Rooibos tea, then that smoky flavor can be overwhelming and taste like almost a cigar. That’s certainly not the case in lavender tea. It’s just a slight smokiness that’s built off the earthy flavor but as a little bit of depth to what ultimately is a very light and drinkable tea.

Lavender Tea Flavor Profile At A Glance

  • Floral and Fresh
  • Earthy
  • A Light Mint Flavor
  • Light And Airy
  • A Smokey Note

Lavender tea with milk
Lavender Tea With A Splash Of Milk

The Plant Behind The Flavor

Lavender has a very pungent floral aroma.  It is great cooking but it can be overpowering to your dishes if you use too much of it. Be careful with the amount you add to your tea or your cooking.

That goes for your tea as well.  You only need a teaspoon or 2 of the dried flowers to get the desired flavor in your cup of lavender tea. The flower itself is a lovely purple that grows in large fields and makes for a great photo op.

Related Questions

#1 What type of lavender is best for tea?  

Common Lavender is typically the best type of flower to use for a cup of tea. This species of lavender is also known as English lavender.  Typically the best types of lavender, like the English variety, have the most flowery and pungent Aroma two.

#2 Can you put lavender in other tea? 

In addition to making tea completely out of lavender(source). You absolutely can add lavender to your other types of tea. Be aware though that lavender can be over parents adding too much will cover up the taste of your regular tea. Adding just a little bit of lavender flowers to your steeping tea will give you a nice flavor that compliments your tea without overpowering it.

#3 What type of lavender is edible?

Many of the types of lavender are edible. But, just like making a cup of tea, the most popular variety is English lavender(source). This is the one that you’ll see used most in cooking due to its robust flavoring.

A Final Taste Of Lavender Tea

And that brings us to the end of our article. Enjoyed our look at the flavor profile of lavender tea. As you can see it’s a very complex flavor.

Lavender Tea is one of the best out there and I urge anyone to give it a try because it is so interesting and the flavor is so unique and pungent. Even though it’s very flavorful it still is a very light tea, a very Brisk tea to drink.

Because it’s not overly bitter many people who aren’t typical tea drinkers might enjoy trying this tea and enjoying a cup from time to time.

Whether you’re having a cup of straight lavender tea or using it as a base for other flavors to give you a unique tea-drinking experience you will most likely enjoy your cup. This versatile and wonderfully flowery tea is one that you might want to add to your tea-drinking repertoire. Be sure to check out some other great flower infusions in our article here.

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