13 Ideas To Craft Your Own Blissful Lavender Tea Blends

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Introducing 13 Remarkable Lavender Tea Blends You Can Craft Yourself! Get ready to indulge in the soothing flavors of lavender with these incredible homemade tea blends. Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or simply looking to explore new flavors, these lavender-infused concoctions are sure to captivate your taste buds.

From refreshing citrus blends to cozy herbal combinations, we’ve got you covered. So, grab your tea leaves, gather your herbs, and let’s dive into the world of delightful lavender tea blends!

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Lavender Flowers in a field for making great Lavender Tea blends

Make The Best Cup Of Lavender Tea

One of the best ways to improve the taste of your lavender tea is to steep it properly.  Before you add any flavor or blend it with anything else you have to get the steep right or the entire flavor of your tea is starting on the wrong foot.

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The Right Water Is A Must Lavender Tea

The first step to getting a proper cup of lavender tea is to use the right water.  You want to use bottled spring water or filtered tap water. Your ideal water needs to have a pretty balanced Ph.

You also do not want a lot of minerals in your water.  As a result, Bottled mineral water is not a great choice for steeping your lavender tea in. The extra minerals will add their own flavors to the tea and interact with the natural flavor of the lavender.

So filtered water and bottled spring water are your best bets.  Filtering your own tap water is going to use a lot less plastic so if you are concerned with that filtering your own water is the best compromise.

Choose The Right Steep Time

The amount of time you steep your tea is going to have a huge impact on how your lavender tea tastes.  Steep tea and herbal infusions too long and you will get a very bitter tea as a result.

Steep your tea a too short amount of time and your tea will be watery and lacking flavor.  It is important to know exactly what type of tea you are brewing in order to get the time right. 

For lavender tea, you want to steep for a good 5-7 minutes. Herbal teas tend to need a longer steep.

However, keep in mind that these are just suggested steep times.  You need to find a steep time for each tea that works for you and your specific tastes.  It is your tea steeped in the way you want.

The Right Water Temperature

Finally, the temperature is the last piece of the puzzle for proper steeping of your lavender tea. For most herbal teas you can run your water close to the boiling point and still get a good cup of tea.

For something like green tea, you want your water temperature to be much lower than the boiling point. For lavender tea you want your water temperature to be around 205°F. Although you can have your water around the boiling point and still come out with a good cup of lavender tea.

Herbal Additions For Your Lavender Tea

These are the flavors that you going to add to your lavender tea before you steep it. This is where you take a few lavender flowers and some flowers or ingredients from another type of tea mix them together and let them sit in a tin for a while and you get your own custom blend of tea before you ever Steep a cup.

To me, this is the best type of tea blend you can possibly make. Because of the raw ingredients the dried flowers and the dried leaves get a chance to mingle in storage before you really go to make a cup of tea with him. 

Flavors get intertwined and it just makes it so much more flavorful than simply adding one t to the other right before you steep them. We’ll get into the mixing of two teas a little later. But for me, the mixing of the dried raw materials is absolutely the way to go to get the best flavor out of your lavender tea blends.

hibiscus flower in sunlight
Hibiscus Flowers Make A Great Lavender Tea Blend

#1 Hibiscus And Lavender Tea

Hibiscus is a natural blend ingredient for lavender tea. The floral flavors complement each other, but hibiscus brings a nice fruity and slightly sweet flavor to the proceedings.

The battle for dominance is pretty even with these two flower teas provided you have a balanced amount in the steeping process. Once you get a nice balance and steep it with the proper time and temp you get a fantastic tea and a very healthy one to boot.

Make this one from scratch and let the two flowers sit together in a nice tin for a little while to draw out the flavors of each flower.

#2 Chamomile And Lavender Tea

Lavender really makes chamomile tea a joy to drink. I am not the biggest fan of chamomile tea, I find it a bit bland. But when you add the floral power of lavender tea to chamomile the whole game changes.

It makes the entire experience so much more drinkable. The lavender flavor really overpowers the chamomile but you can still get enough chamomile flavor that its blend becomes something unique.

Even if you do not like chamomile tea you might find that you like this lavender blend and then you can get the great benefits of both teas.

#3 Vanilla Bean And Lavender Tea

Vanilla goes well with just about any tea. The only thing you really need to worry about is the vanilla bean overpowering the lavender tea. The best way to make this infusion is to take some vanilla bean and slice it up. Take the slices and put them in a tin with the lavender tea. Let it sit for a week or so and the vanilla will infuse into the lavender flowers. It works a treat. You can also find some premade lavender vanilla tea but it is almost always better to make it yourself.

#4 Lavender Mint Tea

Mint might be one of the best compliments to lavender tea. The Lavender flower is technically in the mint family of plants. That is where you get that slightly minty flavor that is present in regular lavender tea.

Add in a nice mint, spearmint or peppermint do just fine, and you will accentuate the flavor of the lavender mintiness. When the floral flavor of the lavender tea is layered over the mint you get a cool and refreshing tea that is a joy to drink any time of day.

bunch of roses

#5 Lavender Tea And Rose Petals

It is flower vs. flower for the magnificent lavender tea blend. Rose tea is truly exceptional on its own but when you add a little lavender to the mix it becomes one of the best tea blends you are ever going to try.

You can find a couple of pre-packaged rose lavender tea blends, but the best way to do it drying and mixing the two flowers yourself.

Put them in a tin and let the rose and lavender flowers mingle for a few days and then steep them together to craft yourself a homemade blend that will be better than anything you can buy in a store.

#6 Lemongrass And Lavender Tea

Lemongrass can be overpowered by the lavender if you get heavy-handed with it. I like to mix both of them in a nice tea tin and set it aside for a few days. The trick is to add more lemongrass than lavender. It will take you a few tries to get a blend that you really like and one that features both flavors equally.

Once you find that sweet spot you will have yourself a wonderful slightly citrusy flower herbal tea. Here is a nice example of nice lemongrass and lavender sun tea(source).

Sugar and Spice For You Lavender Tea

Sometimes you just want to keep it simple with your tea. So for these lavender tea blend suggestions, I am just going to focus on little things you can add to your tea to spice it up a little bit. Or to give it a splash of sweetness.

#7 Lavender Tea And Honey

Lavender tea and honey is probably the most frequent combination for someone who wants to sweeten their cup of lavender tea. Sugar has fallen well out of favor and honey adds a wonderful sweetness to the floral lavender tea.

You only need a touch to really make it work. Adding too much will just turn your tea into sugar water. A drop or two is plenty. I am not the biggest fan of adding any sweeteners to my tea but if you need a touch of sweet to go with your slightly minty floral flavor then nothing beats honey.

#8 Lavender Tea And A Stick Of Cinnamon

Someone suggested this one to me and I have to admit I was pretty skeptical about it. When I think of cinnamon I don’t really associate it with a flower tea blend. Stick some in a coffee or a nice deep black tea and I am on board. Even green tea is ok for a little cinnamon.

But the light floral flavor of lavender tea does seem to compliment the cinnamon quite well. It is not my favorite blend but I thought I would add it to the list just to have something a little different on here. Give it a try and see how you like it.

#9 Lavender Tea with Ginger

This blend is outstanding. It is one of my favorites. Add a couple of slices of fresh ginger to your boiling water and then pour it over your lavender flowers.

The spicy bite of the ginger works in perfect harmony with the floral slightly minty flavor of the lavender. It is just a fantastic flavor combination. Ginger has such a unique flavor and it works well with almost any tea. In fact, it might be on every one of my tea blend lists.

#10 Lemon And Lavender Tea

Lemon goes great with almost any tea. It seems to find its way into tea from every region and country around the world. The versatile citrus fruit will simply not be excluded from any tea time it seems.

It works great in a nice cup of lavender tea, the same as it always does. The tart citrusy flavor nestles in with the floral and minty flavor of the lavender to make a delightfully light cup of tea that has an air of a warm spring day about it.

Lavender Tea Blends

For this section, I’m going to go into some lavender tea Blends that you can make while you steep your tea. 

You don’t need to Prepare the tea leaves or dry flowers ahead of time you can simply just use two bags of tea from separate teas and mix them together during the steeping process and you get a nice little tea blend.

This section is full of different types of teas that, I think, work best with lavender tea. Now you can certainly use any kind of tea you want and, in fact, most teas that you blend with lavender or going to come out pretty good as long as you don’t overdo the lavender and completely overtake some of the lighter teas.

#11 Green Tea And Lavender Tea

Adding a little bit of lavender to your steeping green tea is another way to create a great lavender blend. The light grassy slightly sweet flavor of a good green tea, here are some of my favorites is perfect to add a little bit of lavender too.

The floral flavor of the lavender combines with that great grassy flavor and gives you one of the best cups of tea that you were ever going to have. Provided of course you like green tea and lavender tea to begin with.

This might be my favorite tea combination for lavender tea. the green tea is wide enough to where it doesn’t really take over the entire flavor profile but it does bring its wonderful vegetable natural flavor and it compliments the lavender tea perfectly.

#12 Rooibos And Lavender Tea

Red tea is a nice compliment to the slightly minty and floral flavor of a good lavender tea. The earthy smokey notes that the red tea provides make for a great overall lavender blend.

Because lavender tea is somewhat of a light tea,  the flavor of the red tea can easily overwhelm the lavender if you get your measurements wrong.

In this case, you can either steep the tea together with say a tea bag or an infuser using one of each tea and doubling the water. Or you can mix them earlier put them in a tin and let them sit for a while. I recommend the latter.

But if you just happen just want a quick cup of tea then just add a little lavender to your red tea or vice versa it’s perfectly acceptable to just steep them on the day.

#13 Black Tea And Lavender

Black tea might seem like an odd choice to blend with lavender. This black tea is so strong you might expect a letter to not have that much effect on the overall flavor of the tea.

But that’s simply not the case. The lavender blends perfectly with a good cup of black tea. black tea is still the dominant force in terms of taste in my opinion.

But the lavender adds such a nice floral flavor to the tea that it forms a wonderful counterpoint to the heavy and thick flavor of your black tea.

The Finish

I try not to be too specific with the exact measurements for these types of tea blends. Something like “1 cup of lavender with 1/2 cup of chamomile” is the right way to make this tea. I dislike doing that.


Because it is not my tea. Mixing the two flavors is your starting point. Now it is up to you to make it your own. Want more lavender flavor, add a bit more to the mix. Less? Do the opposite.

This is what tea is all about, for me anyway. Finding your special teas is a journey that each of us goes on alone in the end. We find inspiration for our journey and direction on where to go next, but each of us has to find our own teas that fit our specific tastes.

I hope you have taken some inspiration from my little list here and I hope you find your next favorite tea on your never-ending journey. For more inspiration check out my guide to flower herbal teas.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.