What Does Dandelion Flower Tea Taste Like?

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This marks another first for me in terms of trying a new herbal infusion. I had tried roasted dandelion root tea before but never the more delicate dandelion flower tea. The flavors could not be more different. Dandelion flower tea is also known as dandelion leaf tea as you are using the flowers and leaves of the dandelion plant.

What Does Dandelion Flower Tea Taste Like? Dandelion flower tea has a delicate floral taste with a slight sweetness to it. There is also a tiny bit of earthy flavor to this fine herbal infusion.

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Roasted dandelion root tea is a completely separate infusion with a very different taste. Be sure you get the right one when shopping for this tea. It can be a little confusing at times since dandelion flower tea is a little more difficult to find. Let’s dig a little deeper into the flavor of this interesting and underestimated herbal flower tea.

The Flavor Profile Of Dandelion Leaf Tea

As with all my flavor profiles, these are very subjective. I taste some earthiness in my dandelion flower tea, but you may not. Be sure to steep your tea properly in order to get the best cup of dandelion flower tea that you possibly can. Let’s have a look at the individual parts of the flavor profile for dandelion flower tea.

Dandelion Flower Tea Is Flowery

The main taste that you’re going to experience when you drink your first sip of dandelion flower tea is a fairly pronounced floral flavor. It is however very balanced with the other flavors that you’re going to find in this wonderful flower herbal infusion.

Unlike some teas, like lavender tea, the flower taste doesn’t completely overwhelm the rest of the tea. But this is not a strong tea. It’s delicate and very good and very drinkable but it won’t be overpowering like some floral-herbal teas can be.

A Bit Of Earthiness

Dandelion Flower tea has a bit of an earthy flavor to it. It is not very pronounced but it still brings a tiny bit of bitterness to the infusion.

That said, this is one of the least bitter teas that I have tried when properly steeped. The earthy flavor is a pretty standard flavor note in most of these herbal flower teas.

I tend to taste a little bit of it in most of these herbal flower infusions to varying degrees of intensity. Dandelion flower tea is one of the least earthy herbal infusions that I have tried to date.

Dandelion Flower Tea Is A Little Sweet

There is a very slight bit of natural sweetness in dandelion flower tea. It helps to counteract the earthiness and slightly bitter taste that sometimes comes through in this infusion. I find the sweetness to be just about perfect for a cup of tea, but some people might want a little bit more sweetness. In this case, a couple of drops of honey make for a nice little sweet boost to this wonderful floral tea.

Dandelion Leaf Tea Has A Delicate Taste

Dandelion flower tea is very delicate. None of its intricate flavors really force their way to the front and it all Blends together quite nicely with no real standout flavor from the infusion.

This makes it an ideal tea to mix with other teas without changing the flavor too much. It won’t overpower most of the other flower herbal teas.

Chamomile tea, check out our flavor profile, is a great infusion to blend with dandelion flower tea. Hibiscus tea, here are some of my favorites also makes a great blend for dandelion flower tea.

The Dandelion Flower Tea Aroma

The aroma of the dandelion flower herbal infusion is very similar to the taste of the tea. The floral aroma is a little more pronounced than it is when you drink the tea but there is still a nice slightly sweet smell to the flower in general.

A Look At The Dandelion Flower

One of the big reasons why dandelion flower tea isn’t really popular is the dandelion is often looked at as just a weed. It’s not really thought of as a flower or something that you could infuse to make a great tea out of.

But the flower itself has a unique and sweet taste and is quite edible and useful. The flower of the dandelion is often overlooked when it comes to herbal infusions. The reason for this is that its cousin roasted dandelion root tea is much more popular than the flower infusion.

Related Questions

Are dandelions poisonous?

This question gets asked a lot because dandelions are considered weeds. They are safe to eat in moderation(source) and drink as tea.

What else can you do with dandelion flowers?

Dandelion flowers can be used for a variety of things. In addition to tea, dandelions are used in soap vinegar, syrup, and cooking as well as many other common household items.

What do dandelion flowers taste like?

Dandelion flowers taste similar to their steeped tea. Floral and slightly sweet. They have a little more bitterness when eaten as a flower, in my opinion.

dandelion field

The Finish Of Dandelion Flower Tea

That brings us to the end of our look at the flavor profile of dandelion flower tea. When looking to get yourself some of this wonderful flower herbal tea be sure to get dandelion flower tea and not roasted dandelion root.

They are very different taste experiences and dandelion flower tea is much more difficult to find than its root-based cousin. It is also known as dandelion leaf tea in some stores. It can be a little confusing so be sure to double-check.

Dandelions are more than just weeds. They make a very nice and refreshing herbal infusion that has a wide variety of benefits. Whether you are drinking it straight up or mixing it with a nice Sencha Green tea, give dandelion leaf tea a try for something new and different.

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