8 Of The Best Tropical Green Teas For 2023

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I guess the first question would have to be what makes tropical green tea.  And the answer is, well that kind of depends on the person who’s answering the question.  What you consider to be a tropical green tea I may not and vice versa.

So for this article, I have to go with what I feel is a tropical green tea blend.  In general, that’s going to be a citrusy or fruity tropical blend that I think really encapsulates not only the flavor of the green tea but the wonderful tropical flavors that are blended with it.

So let’s have a look at my list of 8 of the best tropical green teas and see if you agree with what I put together here.

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japanese green tea
A Cup Of Tropical Green Tea Is Great For Any Occasion

Mighty Leaf – Green Tea Tropical

Mighty Leaf is a very popular tea brand. I think their teas are very approachable for a broad range of people. In particular their green tea tropical is one of the most approachable green teas that you’re going to find. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to drinking green tea.

The Taste And Aroma Of Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical

A pretty basic tropical green tea blend that favors pineapple and guava to bring a distinctly tropical flavor to the green tea. The fruit flavor of this brand does tend to be pretty substantial and drowns out some of the green tea flavors, I feel.

The flavors infused in this tea are:

  • Green Tea
  • Pineapple
  • Guava

Fruit Is The Main Flavor

In my opinion, the overwhelming flavor of this tea is the pineapple and guava fruit flavor.  It doesn’t completely overwhelm the green tea flavor but it does tend to be more pronounced than in many of the other tropical green tea on our list.

What this does is make it very smooth and drinkable and very approachable for people who are not used to drinking green tea. I think the fruity flavor makes this one of the best options for introducing people to the joys of drinking green tea.

Mildly Grassy

Despite the pronounced fruity flavor of the to you do get a bit of the wonderful grassiness or vegetable flavor of the green tea. It’s not as pronounced as I typically like it but it’s still there and still gives you a good idea that you’re drinking green tea.

Green Tea Tropical Is Sweet

As you might expect from a tea with pineapple guava in it it is a  naturally sweet tea. The green tea itself is going to have a natural sweetness to it but when you add in these other fruit flavors you get a pretty sweet green tea that I don’t think needs any additional sweeteners added to it.

But I don’t add sweetness to any of my teas and how you take your tea is a personal experience so if you want to add sugar or honey to it go right ahead.

Suggested Steeping Instructions

Nothing out of the ordinary for steeping this tropical green tea. As always keep an eye on the water temperature.

  • A solid 3-minute steep should be enough to give you a great-tasting cup of tea
  • 1 tea bag is enough for a full-flavored cup of tropical green tea
  • The water temperature should be around 190°F/87°C.
  • Always steep your tea covered

The Finish

This is a fine tropical green tea and one of the best introductory green teas around I feel. What I mean is if you are new to drinking green tea or you are trying to get a friend or family member into drinking green tea and this is probably the green tea that I would recommend.

You get a hint of the green tea but a lot of that wonderful green tea flavor that I personally love is a bit subdued because of the fruit flavors.  For that reason, this may not be the best tropical green tea for experienced green tea drinkers.

But it definitely deserves a place on this list because it is a very good tropical green tea and one that is going to appeal to a very wide swath of people. You can find Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical(*affiliate link) on Amazon.

Harney & Sons – Tropical Green Tea

Harney and Sons are a pretty mainstream tea producer based out of England. They typically have high-quality teas and their tropical green tea offering is no exception. They are a great place to start for anyone new to green tea or tea in general.

The Taste And Aroma Of Harney & Sons Tropical Green Tea

The flavor profile is pretty straightforward for this tropical green tea. It is a blend of green teas infused with natural and artificial pineapple flavors. If you are looking for an all-natural tropical green tea then you may need to look elsewhere. I typically shy away from artificially flavored green teas but I found this one to be pretty good so I am including it on my list.

A Subtle Pineapple Flavor

When I say a subtle pineapple flavor that is exactly what I mean. It’s remarkable that the pineapple flavor only complements the green tea and doesn’t overwhelm it. It really makes for an enjoyable cup of green tea with a little subtle pineapple flavor. Instead of a pineapple tea with a tiny bit of green tea flavor.

The point is that this is very much green tea. If you like green tea then you were probably going to enjoy this very much as the pineapple adds a new dimension to the green tea and really brings it in a tropical feel.

Grassy Green Tea Flavor

It really is amazing that the pineapple flavor doesn’t overwhelm the grassy flavor of green tea.  In fact, all it does is complement the wonderful grassy notes that the green tea brings to the entire flavor experience.

This is always one of the interesting balancing acts when you start adding fruit flavors to your green tea. You need to make sure that you don’t overwhelm the green tea but you want to make sure to add enough fruit flavor to really distinguish itself in the tropical green tea.

Harney & Sons does this balancing act very well and you get a wonderful and grassy green tea out of it.

Natural Sweetness

The natural sweetness of the green tea Blended Harney & Sons uses here is very much the base flavor of the entire experience.

The pineapple adds a little bit of sweetness to it but it really is the green tea that brings the wonderful subtle sweetness that green tea is known for into this tropical tea blend.

The Aroma

The smell of This tea has a very strong pineapple aroma to it. In fact, when it comes to the smell  I think the pineapple is really going to be almost overwhelming. You can still get a little bit of a sniff of the green tea underneath it but the pineapple is absolutely the most pronounced aroma that you’re going to get both when smelling the tea bags and when you are steeping the tea.

Suggested Steeping Instructions

A straightforward steep for Harney & Sons Tropical Green Tea. Just let the water cool a bit before pouring it or only heat it up to the desired temperature.

  • 1 bag of Harney & Sons – Tropical Green Tea
  • A water temperature of 190°F/87°C will give you a great steep
  • A 3-minute steep should be enough to draw out all the flavors, and adjust to your personal tastes of course.
  • Cover while steeping and use high-quality water

The Finish

I think Harney & Sons sometimes gets a bad rap amongst tea drinkers.  I’ve always found their teas to be of high quality and quite good. Yes they are a very mainstream brand and they do have some artificial ingredients in some of their tea blends but overall they’re a pretty solid place to get started with your tea drinking Before moving on to some of the more exotic brands and types of tea.

Their tropical green tea offerings it is a very good example of what’s possible when you start blending good green teas with some interesting flavors. This is very much a pineapple green tea and one that is quite refreshing and very smooth. You can find Harney & Sons – Tropical Green Tea(*affiliate link) on Amazon.

Revolution Tea – Tropical Green Tea Bags

Revolution Tea brings together a complex blend of floral and fruit on top of two fantastic green teas to create one of the most drinkable and enjoyable tropical green teas around. All that and the convenience of a tea bag to boot.

The Taste And The Aroma

Revolution Tea’s Tropical Green Tea has a very complex flavor profile. This tropical green tea blend has 8 flavors that need to be balanced perfectly so that one is not too dominant.

This green tea has a distinctive fruity/pineapple flavor to it but the other flavors come through as well. Let’s have a look at the flavor profile of this wonderful tropical green tea.

The flavor is tropical green tea are:

Citrusy Overtones

The orange peel, lemon verbena, and pineapple Are the major force behind the Citrus flavor of this tropical green tea blend.  It’s a lot of citrus flavors to pile on top of these green tea but it’s done in a way that they don’t completely overwhelm the flavor of the green tea.

It’s a Wonderful balancing act that gives you a good citrus flavor while retaining all the other flavors in this complex green tea blend.

Subtle Floral Notes

There is a slight floral note to this tea as well.  The marigold and Jasmine flowers are the reasons that this floral flavor comes through. It acts as a nice Counterpoint to the Citrus flavor of the tea.

It also complements the grassy flavor of the green tea very well as you might expect from something like Jasmine.

It’s really interesting that the Citrus flavor doesn’t completely overwhelm the floral flavors. It’s pretty great that they were able to balance these two flavors out and still retain an iced green tea base.

Grassy Flavor From The Green Tea

At the heart of this tropical green tea blend are two fantastic green teas. Young Hyson and Dragon well green tea are the base for this tropical tea.

These are two of the best green teas out there. You can check out our full profile on Dragon well green tea right here.  But it’s amazing that this tea was able to retain the grassy natural flavor of green tea even while applying all these different floral and fruity flavors on top of it.

It really makes for a wonderful blend and a very nice and refreshing tropical green tea.

Slightly Sweet

It should come as no surprise given the ingredients in this tropical green tea that it does have a very nice bit of sweetness to it.

The green tea itself has a nice natural sweetness to it and then when you start adding in the Citrus flavors in the floral flavors you get a little bit more sweetness in the tea. However, I think it is the pineapple Essence that really imbues the green tea with that extra bit of sweetness that you’re going to taste.

The Pineapple Is Pronounced

Out of all the flavors in this wonderful tropical green tea, it is the pineapple that is most pronounced. I think this is because they use a pineapple Essence to infuse all the leaves and flowers of the various other flavors in the tea.

It means that every aspect of the tea is infused with a little bit of that pineapple flavor. It’s not necessarily A Bad Thing,  as long as you really like pineapple that is.

The real trick here is that pineapple doesn’t completely overwhelm all the other flavors of this green tea.  You can still taste the Citrus flavors you can still taste the grassiness of the green tea but it’s all kind of tied together with this pineapple flavor.

The Aroma

The aroma is distinctly citrusy but you can still detect the green tea aroma at the base of this tea.  However, it is the pineapple that really is the prominent smell, It is infused throughout the steeping process and gives a nice tropical smell from the minute you open the bag to the last drop of tea.

Suggested Steeping Instructions

The convenient bags make steeping this tea a snap. Just be aware of the water temperature as dragon well and young hyson green tea can become pretty bitter at high temperatures.

  • A water temperature of 180°F/82°C will give you a great steep without harming the green tea leaves.
  • 1 tea bag should be enough to get the flavor you want, but you can use 2 or more if you want a stronger cup of tropical green tea, it’s a personal preference.
  • A steep time of about 3 minutes should be ideal, but you can adjust it to taste if you like.
  • Cover your steeping tea and use good-quality water for the best results.

The Finish

The way that Revolution Tea has tied all these flavors together is really pretty impressive. It’s a really delicate balance between overwhelming the green tea and not having enough fruit flavor to really distinguish it as a tropical green tea.

But they do a remarkable job of balancing everything out.  The end result is a wonderful tropical green tea that is incredibly smooth and drinkable and should satisfy just about anyone who decides to try it. You can find Revolution Tea’s Tropical Green Tea Bags(*affiliate link) on Amazon.

pool in hawaii
Does It Get More Tropical Than Hawaii?

Hawaiian Islands Tea Company – Guava Ginseng Green Tea

Hawaiian Islands Tea Company is part of the Hawaiin Coffee Company website. While they may be known for their outstanding Kona coffee their tropical green teas are remarkable as well. Their Guava Ginseng Green Tea(*affiliate link) is a fine example of a tropical green tea.

The Taste And Aroma Of Guava Ginseng Green Tea

This blend is not the most complex flavor profile on our list. The guava is definitely the major flavor here but it combines all of these flavors for a nice and drinkable cup of tea that everyone is sure to love.

The Flavors in this tropical green tea are:

The Tell-Tale Grassiness of Green Tea

Like most of the other tropical green teas on this list, there is a lovely grassy flavor to this tropical green tea. It is really the prominent flavor in most good green teas.

The great thing about this blend is that the guava does not completely overwhelm the grassy flavor of the green tea. They complement each other nicely although the guava flavor does tend to be a little more dominant in this particular blend.

A Little Earthy

The ginseng root brings a little bit of an earthy flavor to the tea. It is very subtle and may not be detectable to many drinkers but I think it is definitely there. A lot of the time the flavor of a tea is subjective and that may be the case here but I absolutely taste a little earthy note in this tropical tea blend.

Guava Ginseng Green Tea Is A Bit Sweet

Between the natural sweetness of green tea and the natural sweetness of the guava, this tropical green tea blend has a very nice natural sweetness to it.

I don’t feel like it’s an overwhelming sweetness but it is one that you will notice from your first sip. The sweetness kind of lingers on your lips and on your tongue after you take a sip much the same as it does with a cup of good green tea.


I really don’t know how else to describe this flavor note. It tastes like guava. The guava flavor makes a nice compliment to the green tea but I cannot think of any other way to describe what guava tastes like, maybe this will help.

The Aroma

From the minute you open the packing and remove the teabag the overwhelming Aroma is that of guava. It really permeates the entire tea and the entire steeping process.  The guava flavor certainly carries over into the taste but is not nearly as potent as it is in the smell.

Suggested Steeping Instructions

  • A water temperature of around 180°F/82°C will do nicely
  • A 2-3 minute steep is all you need to draw out the flavor of this tropical green tea
  • 1 tea bag is enough for a normal size cup of tea, but more is fine if you want a stronger cup of tea
  • Steep covered

The Finish

Don’t let the website fool you. The Hawaiian Coffee Company website has some great teas through the Hawaiian Island Tea Company. Their Guava Ginseng Green Tea(*affiliate link) Is one of the best they offer as well. They don’t have a huge selection but what they do have is top-notch and really worth your time.

Meyer Lemon Green Tea From Art of Tea

Meyer Lemon Green Tea from the Art of Tea is an incredibly refreshing tropical green tea blend that would be right at home on any beach or summertime getaway. In fact, Meyer Lemon Green Tea was awarded the Best Blended Green Iced Tea and the World Tea Expo. Let’s see what makes this tropical blend such a wonderful green tea.

The Taste And Aroma Of Meyer Lemon Tea

This tropical green tea blend has a pretty complex flavor profile. This is to be expected given the 5 ingredients in this interesting green tea.

This flavorful tropical green tea blend includes:

  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Green Rooibos
  • Organic Lemongrass
  • Organic Orange Peel
  • Organic Rosehip

Meyer Lemon Tea Has A Grassy Base

It is the green tea that provides the grassy base to this entire blend.  It is a remarkable balancing act that the art of tea has done here by adding and all these interesting flavors without overwhelming the delicate grassiness of a great premium green tea.

Some people might describe the grassiness as a seaweed-type flavor but in this case, I tend to think of it more as a grassy flavor. The best way I can explain it is the smell of grass on a nice dew-covered morning you get this really nice clean smell and that is what I think the grass is of a good green tea really tastes like.

This is the flavor that you would expect from a good green tea and Meyer Lemon tea delivers it in abundance.

The Citrus Notes Are Front And Center

I think the Citrus notes are really going to be one of the things that most people taste in this green tea. They are pretty pronounced but not overwhelming to the point where the green tea is completely wiped away.

They form a nice balance between the grassiness of the green tea and the Citrus of the orange peel and lemongrass to really make a refreshing Citrusy green tea that is smooth and drinkable for just about anyone.

Meyer Lemon Tea Has A Subtle Sweetness To It

Meyer Lemon Tea(*affiliate link) Has a very nice subtle sweetness to it. Green tea is going to bring its own sweet flavor to the tea. When you start adding in naturally sweet herbal infusions like rosehip or green rooibos tea,  it only adds to the natural sweetness of this tea.

When I talk about green tea being sweet I’m not talking about it being sugary. There’s a very distinct difference between sugary and sweet.  If you’re drinking a lot of sugary fruit juices or sodas then the sweetness of green tea may be tough to pick up. I always recommend not drinking any really sugary drinks before drinking green tea or any tea for that matter.

I just think you get a better experience with the flavor of the tea if you don’t have all the sugar from the previous drink.  It also means that adding sugar to your tea is going to make it a bit more sugary than sweet and you could cover up the natural sweetness of the tea if you add too much sweetener to it.

If you steep your tea properly there’s really very little reason to add sugar to it other than personal preference.  And of course, personal preference is the only way to drink your tea. Because it is your tea.

Light Floral Notes

I also taste a little bit of some light floral notes in the Meyer lemon green tea. These are most likely from the rose hips but they are very subtle and I don’t know if everyone is going to really pick up on them because they are so light.

The Aroma Of Meyer Lemon Tea

The Aroma of this tea is fantastic as well. You really smell the grassiness of the green tea but the lemongrass and orange peel make a real impression when you first open the bag.

The citrusy smells are front and center during the steep as well. They never overwhelm the grassy green tea aroma but complement it in an almost perfect balance.

Suggested Steeping Instructions

Steeping a green tea blend like this is always a little tricky. Green tea needs a lower water temperature and a short steep time to ensure minimal bitterness. The herbal ingredients typically require longer and hotter steeps, but that is just not possible with this blend.

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf Meyer Lemon Green Tea
  • A water temperature of 180°F/82°C is ideal for this green tea blend
  • Steep for 2 to 3 minutes to ensure the smoothest possible taste
  • Always Use a high-quality spring water
  • Cover your tea while steeping for the best results

The Finish

For just pure drinkability it’s tough to beat the Meyer Lemon Green Tea(*affiliate link) from the Art of Tea. they really took a great green tea at the base of this blend and then added some very interesting and unique flavors that really complement the grassy green tea.

They’re not revolutionary flavors because lemon and orange peel are two very common things that you would blend with a green tea but when you put it all together with the Rubio’s in the rose hips it really makes for an enjoyable and satisfying drink that is very smooth and quite refreshing.

It also makes a fantastic Iced Green Tea.  You can Brew some and then store it for later and have a really refreshing tropical summertime drink anytime you want one.

Buddha Teas – Organic Lemongrass Green Tea

Our old friend Buddha Teas makes its first of 2 appearances on our tropical tea list. While this might not be as blatantly tropical as some of the other teas on our list I think it earns a place with its lovely citrus flavor on top of the wonderful green tea taste. Their Lemongrass Green Tea does not disappoint on any level, in my opinion.

The Taste And Aroma Of Organic Lemongrass Green Tea

The flavor of this green tea is a classic example of you getting exactly what you expect. There are really no surprises with this lemongrass green tea. You get the flavor of the lemongrass and you get the flavor of the green tea and you don’t get anything else. It makes for a very simple but very elegant flavor profile.

A Bit Citrusy With A Touch Of Pepper

The lemongrass brings a wonderful Citrus flavor to the green tea. It was not an overwhelming Citrus flavor like you would get if you were adding lemon juice to your tea but it is very nice and a good addition to green tea.

The interesting thing about lemongrass is that there is a slightly peppery flavor that comes through as well. It’s not what I would describe as spicy but it does bring a nice warmth to the green tea that really makes it refreshing and enjoyable to drink.

Grassy Notes From the Green Tea

The sencha green tea at the base of this tea has a wonderful grassy flavor that compliments the lemongrass perfectly. The grassy flavor is not as pronounced as it is in the aroma but it still makes its mark on the outstanding flavor of this tropical green tea.

The Aroma

The aroma of this green tea is pretty straightforward. There’s a grass in this that comes from both the lemongrass and the natural Aroma of the green tea and a bit of a citrus note that comes from the lemongrass. There really are no surprises when it comes to the aroma and when you get to the taste of the tea it’s very similar to how it smells.

Suggested Steeping Instructions
  • 1 Organic Lemongrass Green Tea Bag
  • 180°F/82°C works well for water temperature
  • A 2-4 minute steep is what I like to use for this tea
  • Steep covered and enjoy

The Lemongrass Green Tea Finish

One could argue that this is simply a green tea blend and not really a tropical green tea. But I think the citrusy flavor of the lemongrass gives it enough tropical characteristics to be included on this list. This is a subjective list after all.

The flavor is certainly not as complex as some of the other teas on our list but it is still a refreshing and delicious option for a tropical green tea. Try Buddha Teas’s wonderful Organic Lemongrass Green Tea, available on Amazon for yourself.

Hawaiian Islands Tea Company – Hibiscus Honey Lemon Green Tea

Another tropical tea offering from the fine folks at the Hawaiian Islands Tea Company makes out the list. Their Hibiscus Honey Lemon Green Tea is a sweet addition to any tropical green tea list and really differentiates itself from the floral aspect of the hibiscus.

The Taste And Aroma Of Hibiscus Honey Lemon Green Tea

This tropical green tea is a fairly complex blend of some very interesting flavors that work together to make I really drinkable and refreshing cup of green tea.

I think the Hibiscus really works well with the lemon and the green tea to really give to you a nice floral flavor while still maintaining the tropical essence of the tea itself.

The flavors in this tropical green tea are as follows:

  • Natural Lemon Flavors
  • Natural Honey Flavors
  • Hibiscus Flowers
  • Green Tea

Citrus Flavors

The natural lemon flavors bring their tell-tale citrus flavor to the green tea. It adds a nice familiar tropical vibe to the tea but doesn’t overwhelm the main flavors of the green tea and the hibiscus flower.

A Lovely Floral Note

There’s a nice little subtle floral note that permeates the T. This is from the Hibiscus flower which has a much stronger smell than the one that you’re going to get from the taste of the tea itself. However, it is still noticeable and it does add a nice little bit of complexity to the overall flavor of this green tea.

A Tangy Note From The Hibiscus

In addition to the floral notes, the Hibiscus brings a nice tangy flavor to the overall experience. The tangy flavor is a nice counterpoint to the added sweetness of the honey and the natural sweetness of green tea in general.

That helps balance out the tea and makes it a much more enjoyable experience I think as without the tanginess the sweetness would be a little bit overwhelming.

Natural Sweetness

There is a strong natural sweetness to this tropical green tea. Between the sweetness of the green tea itself and the slightly sweet hibiscus, you have nice natural honey added to the tea that really takes the sweetness up a level.

I don’t think the added honey really makes it a sugary sweetness but it does bring the amount of sweetness in the tea up quite a bit. This may be great for people who like a little bit sweeter tea and for those of us who like just the natural sweetness it doesn’t overwhelm it to the point where it becomes undrinkable.

The Aroma

This tropical green tree has a lovely aroma.  You can really smell the Hibiscus when you smell the tea bag and as it steeps you get a real sense of the floral hibiscus aromas. You can also detect the lemon and a bit of the honey although it’s not as pronounced in the smell as it is in the flavor.

Suggested Steeping Instructions

Your standard green tea steeping instructions do very well for these tropical tea bags.

  • Water Temperature Should Be Around 180°F/82°C
  • A 1-3 minute steep should be just right
  • 1 tea bag will do fine for a full-flavored cup of tea
  • Steep covered

The Finish

I really enjoy this particular tropical green tea mainly because of the Hibiscus that they’ve infused into the green tea. I’m a big fan of hibiscus tea,  you can check out our full flavor profile of hibiscus tea right here.  And the way they Blended in with the lemon and honey really makes for a smooth and drinkable green tea. 

Typically I don’t like adding honey to my tea but it’s done in such a subtle way here that it’s not distracting from the flavor of hibiscus and the green tea. You can try this wonderful Hibiscus Honey Lemon Green Tea(*affiliate link) for yourself at the Hawaiian Islands Tea Company website.

pomegranates on table
Pomegranates Make For A Nice Tropical Green Tea Blend

Green Pomegranate Tea From Art Of Tea

Art of Tea finds another place on our list with their Green Pomegranate Tea(*affiliate link). They walk the line and balance out the green tea with the fruit flavors in a way that makes for a refreshing and clean tropical green tea that is not overwhelmed by the fruit flavors.

The Taste And Aroma Of Green Pomegranate Tea

The flavor profile of this tropical green tea blend is not quite as complex as some of the others on our list. The fruit flavors are front and center without killing off the lovely green tea flavor. Let’s dig into this wonderful tropical green tea and find out what makes it tick.

The flavors in this tropical green tea blend are:

  • Organic Green Tea
  • Organic Black Tea
  • Organic Rosehips
  • Organic Raspberries
  • Essence Of Pomegranate

Green Pomegranate Tea Is Slightly Sweet

A lot of the ingredients in this tropical green tea blend have quite a bit of natural sweetness to it and that really comes through in the flavor of the tea.

Sometimes these fruit tea blends can really ratchet up the sweetness with the natural sugars in the fruit that they put in the mix and I think that takes away from the wonderful taste of the green tea at times.

However, the sweetness here is kept in check and while it is a bit sweeter than a regular green tea it’s still not overwhelmingly so.
The added black tea I think helps balance out the sweetness a little bit.

Green Pomegranate Tea Is A Bit Tart

Another thing that keeps the sweetness in check is the tartness of the fruits that are added to the mix here.  The raspberries and the pomegranates to a certain extent give a nice tart or even sour flavor that compliments this sweetness and keeps it from becoming completely overwhelming in the tea.

It’s these types of little additions that really can make it break a tea blend.  Without the raspberries added in, I think the tea would be too sweet and really not that appealing, for me anyway.

Mild Fruity Flavor

As you might expect there is a pretty sizable fruit flavor to this green tea. The key thing here is that it never really completely overwhelms the flavor of the green tea. Even when you add in the black tea flavor you can still get a sense of the green tea at the base of this wonderful tropical blend.

I think this is the key to making this tea as good as it is.  A lot of times the fruit flavor of these fruit tea Blends just completely overpowers the tea at the base of the blend. Whether that’s green tea or white tea or even black tea the fruit flavor can at times completely negate the flavor of the tea.

For a lot of these teas, I think that’s kind of the point because a lot of times fruit teas are made for people who don’t actually enjoy a cup of tea. They just want the benefits of green tea without having to taste it.

 So it’s nice to find a fruity Blended is actually going to be enjoyed by tea drinkers.

Clean and Refreshing

When you add all these flavors together what you get is a very smooth and refreshing fruit-green tea blend.  there’s literally no bitterness in the tea especially if you steep it properly.

All the fruit flavors conspire to keep this tea as clean and fresh as it could possibly be. This means this tea can be enjoyed by just about anyone even people who aren’t used to drinking a lot of tea in general.

The Aroma Of Green Pomegranate Tea

I think the aroma of this tropical green tea can really be described as fruity.  You get a little bit of the aroma of the green tea and the black tea but the predominant smell is the pomegranate Essence and the raspberry. 

There might be a slight hint of floral Aroma with the rose hips but it’s not that pronounced and really overwhelmed I think by the fruit smells.

Suggested Steeping Instructions

Another fairly routine steeping process for this tropical green tea blend. Always err on the side of caution when steeping green tea blends to ensure you don’t burn or over steep the green tea leaves.

  • 1 teaspoon of loose leaf Green Pomegranate Tea
  • 185°F/85°C Water temperature should provide the best drinking experience
  • A solid 3-4 minute steep will give you all the flavor without over-steeping your tea and turning it bitter
  • Cover your tea while steeping to get a consistent temperature and help trap the flavor in the tea.

The Green Pomegranate Tea Finish

I am not a huge fan of fruit teas in general.  I think oftentimes the blend is too fruiting and it really takes away from the delicateness of the green tea and at times overwhelms it.

That’s not the case with Art of Tea’s Green Pomegranate Tea(*affiliate link). It’s balanced enough to where you still get a nice flavor from the green tea as well as the fruity flavor from the essence of pomegranate and the raspberries.

Even if you’re not a fan of fruit green tea Blends you might want to give this one a try. It could just change your mind about them.

The Big Finish: Tropical Green Teas For All

That brings us to the end of our look at these wonderful tropical green teas. Green tea, in general, is such a versatile and wonderful beverage that it’s no surprise that you can get such a wide range of flavor combinations that are going to appeal to just about anyone,  tea Drinkers and non-tea drinkers alike.

If you want to get one of your friends or family to start drinking green tea one of these delicious tropical tea blends might just be the way to do it.

These teas retain the wonderful flavor of green tea and add in some other familiar flavors that make the tea more palatable for people who aren’t used to drinking a lot of tea. It really is a win-win for everyone involved. Find your perfect green tea and enjoy a little taste of the tropics with each sip.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our article and I hope to see you back here soon.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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