How To Make Agrimony Herb Tea + Benefits, Side Effects, And Much More

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Hello Everyone, Edward here. Today we are going to dive headfirst into agrimony herbal tea. Never heard of it? You are not alone. It is one of the more underused and unknown herbals infusions.

What is Agrimony Tea? Agrimony Tea is an herbal infusion derived from steeping the agrimony plant into hot water. Agrimony tea has been used for centuries as a traditional medical treatment for a variety of ailments.

Let’s dive a little bit deeper into this underappreciated herbal infusion and see if we can’t answer a few of your burning questions about this tea.

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On to the guide…

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The Great Big Guide To Agrimony Tea

Where Does Agrimony Herb Tea Come From

Agrimony tea is derived from the leaves flowers and stems of the agrimony plant. Agrimony, or Agrimonia, has a dozen or so different species and can be found across the northern hemisphere(source).

It has been used for centuries as a traditional medicinal herb but has only just started to be studied to find out if there is any scientific validity to the uses that have been prevalent in the past.

How To Make Agrimony Herb Tea

Making agrimony tea is pretty straightforward. It’s not delicate like your typical green tea. So you don’t need to really worry too much about the temperature of the water or the steep time.

They still matter but are not going to ruin your cup of agrimony tea if you don’t get it just right.

Proper Water

As with any cup of tea, we need to start right at the beginning with the water. You can make tea out of just about any type of water you want. But the water will affect the taste of the tea and agrimony tea is no exception to that rule.

Most people just pour some tap water into their cattle and let it boil and go from there. Well, that will give you a good cup of tea if you want a great one you want to find water that has a balanced pH and doesn’t have too many or too few minerals in it to affect the taste negatively.

The best water that I found a use for acrimony tea and tea, in general, is bottled spring water or filtered tap water. Personally I use filtered tap water because it’s a little bit easier. You don’t have to deal with all the plastic bottles that can become a problem environmentally.

Using filtered tap water is also probably cheaper in most places. Since you just need to keep the filter relatively new and in working condition. So that is my go-to for not only agrimony tea but just about any cup of tea that I steep it home.

Water Temperature For Agrimony Tea

Like most herbal infusions agrimony is pretty Hardy and it’s very tough to burn it with water that is too hot. You can absolutely ruin a green tea by pouring very hot water over it but that’s not really the case with agrimony tea.

That said I still like to keep the temperature of my water just slightly under boiling when steeping a cup of agrimony tea.  I find a temperature around 205° Fahrenheit is just about right for a nice cup of agrimony tea. That is around 96° Celsius.

I like to use this handy little temperature conversion tool whenever I need one.

Steep Time For Agrimony Herb Tea

Many teas will become incredibly bitter if you steep them for too long. Herbal teas are somewhat resilient to this but they can get overly bitter if you leave them in the hot water for too long.

Agrimony tea would require that you leave it in there for an extended period Of time to really turn it into the bitter messed that over steeping can sometimes be caused.

With that in mind, I like to steep my agrimony tea for about 5 minutes maybe a little bit more. steep time really comes down to Personal Taste and you can go all the way up to 10 minutes if you feel the need to.

I don’t think even at that high-end range that it would really draw out the bitterness in the acrimony tea.  Although keep in mind that agrimony does have tannins which do cause bitterness in tea.

Amount Of Agrimony Leaf

One teaspoon of loose-leaf agrimony herb is going to be just fine for a standard 8 to 10 oz cup of tea.  You can also use and agrimony tea bag if you have one.

For a stronger agrimony tea, you can always add a little bit more agrimony herb to your cup of tea. Personally I like to add just a little bit more than a teaspoon probably closer to a teaspoon and a half.

I know people who put two teaspoons of loose leaf tea for every cup of tea they drink. It really comes down to personal preference but I would start at one teaspoon and work your way up from there.

Tea Steeping Instructions Quick Recap
  • 1-2 Teaspoons Of Loose Leaf Agrimony Or 1 Agrimony Tea Bag
  • Good Quality Filtered Tap Water Or Bottled Spring Water
  • Steep At A Water Temperature Of 205°F/96°C
  • A 5 To 10 Minute Steep Time Will Give you All The Flavor You Want
  • Always Steep Your Tea Covered
  • Add Any Sweeteners Or Blends And Enjoy

How Should Agrimony Herb Tea Taste?

The flavor of agrimony tea I think that the overwhelming flavor note is going to be the bitterness of it. There is a very slight sweetness and the fruity apricot flavor is quite nice but this is a very bitter tea and is probably the reason why it hasn’t really caught on in the mainstream.

  • Agrimony Tea Is Quite Bitter
  • It Has A Subtle Almost Apricot Fruit Flavor
  • Very Subtle Natural Sweetness
  • An Earthy Undertone

Most people that drink agrimony tea are going to sweeten it with honey or sugar which will make it more palatable but also adds calories sugars carbohydrates and all that other stuff that you don’t need in your beverages.

For a more in-depth look at each of the individual flavor notes of agrimony tea please check out our full flavor profile for this herbal infusion.

Aroma Of Agrimony Tea

The aroma of the agrimony tea is very similar to the overall flavor of the herbal infusion. Obviously the bitterness is going to be reserved mostly for the taste but the apricot flavor that many people detect is really the overwhelming smell of the agrimony tea.

The Best Benefits Of Agrimony Tea

The benefits of agrimony tea are similar to the benefits you would get from the agrimony herb without steeping it.

Making agrimony into a tea can really benefit sore throats and digestive issues. Here are some of the best benefits for agrimony herbs and tea.

Agrimony has long been used as a traditional medicinal herb but its true significance has yet to be thoroughly studied, although some study has been performed on the agrimony herb(source), to determine its overall effectiveness as a medicinal herb.

  • Soothe A Sore Throat
  • Aids With Digestion
  • Agrimony Is Loaded With Antioxidants
  • May Help Alleviate Indigestion
  • Tannins In Agrimony May Help Alleviate Diarrhea(source)
  • Can Be Used As A Detox
  • May Improve Liver Health(source)
  • It Has Been Used For Centuries As A Wound Healer
  • May Help Support Healthy Liver Function(source)
  • Might Aid In Weight Loss
  • Breathing In The Steam Can Help Clear Sinuses

Weight loss is one of the biggest reasons why people turn to herbal teas. Research is still needed to really see what effect it has on weight loss.

One thing that is certain, however, is that swapping a calorie-free tea out for a calorie-filled soda or fruit juice is going to lower your overall caloric intake.

That in itself can have a profound effect on your ability to lose weight. Simply drinking fewer calories.

Side Effects Of Agrimony Herb Tea

Agrimony tea is considered a relatively safe herb to drink. Always drink herbal teas in moderation and check with your doctor if you have any allergies or issues that might interact with agrimony tea.

Allergies are the most common issue. Make sure you are not allergic to agrimony or its related plants.

Pregnant women should always check with a doctor before drinking any herbal infusion.

Related Questions For Agrimony Tea

These are some of the most frequently asked questions about agrimony herbal tea,  Not including questions about the benefits as we’ve touched on those earlier in the article.

Does Agrimony Herb Tea Contain Sugar?

Agrimony herb tea is naturally sugar-free. Agrimony tea does have a slight bit of natural sweetness it tastes somewhat like an apricot but overall it is not the sweetest of herbal teas that you’re going to find an is quite bitter and astringent so many people do add sugar or honey to it. However, if you are looking for a no-sugar option and agrimony tea is going to be a great beverage for you.

Does Agrimony Herb Tea Have Carbs?

Agrimony tea is naturally carbohydrate-free.  As mentioned it contains no sugars which are a huge source of carbohydrates for many foods and drinks.  Being carb-free opens up this herbal infusion to a wide range of low carbohydrate or no carbohydrate diets and is a great substitute for water occasionally for people looking to limit their carbohydrate intake.

Does Agrimony Tea Have Calories?

Acrimony tea has a negligible amount of calories in it.  There may be Trace Amounts of calories in the tea but it is not something that going to be included on most nutritional labels because the calorie count is so low and ultimately it can be considered calorie-free because of the negligible amount of calories in it.

Does Agrimony Tea Have Caffeine?

There is no caffeine in agrimony tea.  As with most herbal infusions they are caffeine-free.  keep in mind that if you blend it with a real tea like a green tea or a black tea then you will be introducing caffeine into the mix.

Will Agrimony Tea Keep You Awake?

However,  because agrimony tea is caffeine-free it can be drunk at any time of day without worrying about interrupting your natural sleep rhythms. You can drink it right before bedtime and not have to worry about it keeping you up as a regular green, white, or black tea would.

Is Agrimony Tea Ok For Fasting?

As mentioned agrimony tea is calorie-free. This makes it a wonderful choice for anyone who is practicing intermittent fasting.  During your fasted State you want to drink water for the most part but occasionally swapping out water for a calorie-free tea is a great idea to help suppress any hunger that you might have during those fasting periods.

Is Agrimony Tea Keto Friendly?

Keto diets Are among the most popular low carbohydrate diet around. The good news is that agrimony tea fits perfectly into a keto diet. It’s carbohydrate-free so you can use it for any low carbohydrate diet including keto which is essentially an extremely low carb diet bordering on a no-carb diet.

How Much Agrimony Tea Per Day

There is no hard-and-fast rule for how much agrimony tea to drink during any given day. Typically you want to always drink these herbal teas with a bit of moderation but a cup or two a day isn’t really going to be much of a problem.

Where To Buy Agrimony Tea Bags

Bagged versions of Agrimony tea are not that easy to find. I don’t typically use bagged agrimony tea but when I do I find this TerraVita Agrimony Tea Bags(*affiliate link) to be one of the best around. It is available on Amazon.

Where To Buy Loose Leaf Agrimony Herb Tea

Loose-leaf agrimony is a bit easier to find than its bagged counterparts. The best I have found is from one of my favorite places to get my loose-leaf herbal tea. StarWest Botanicals Organic Loose-Leaf Agrimony(*affiliate link) is my go-to.

Does Agrimony Tea Make You Sleepy?

While agrimony tea will certainly relax you after a long day there’s really nothing in it that is going to make you drowsy. It does not have caffeine so it may not pick you up and is an iced tea to have right before bed. It might help improve your sleep but it won’t put you to sleep is probably the best way that I can describe it.

When Is The Best Time To Drink Agrimony Tea?

There is no best time to drink agrimony tea. It’s really up to the individual when they want to make time to have this herbal infusion. I wouldn’t classify it as a sleepy time tea necessarily. Although you can certainly drink it right before bedtime. For me when I do drink agrimony tea, and it’s not all that often, I like to have it in the middle of the day,  an hour or two after lunch.

The Agrimony Herb Tea Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at agrimony herbal tea. This is far from the most popular herbal tea out there and I don’t think it’s going to be worming its way into the mainstream Consciousness anytime soon.

The major reason for this is that it is a pretty bitter tea that is not really palpable for someone who’s not comfortable drinking herbal teas.

The herbal teas that you see becoming really popular are pretty subtle they have a bit of flavor but there’s nothing overwhelming and they are not really bitter. They are drinkable and smooth and palatable for people who aren’t natural tea drinkers.

Teas like lavender and chamomile. Peppermint tea and even more exotic ones like artichoke tea have a much better chance of reaching a mainstream saturation point than acrimony tea.

That doesn’t mean you should completely overlook agrimony tea. It’s got some great health benefits and can be an enjoyable cup of tea if you blend it with something else.

It’s not a tea that I drink often and it’s not a tea that I would consider drinking every day or every week for that matter. But from time to time a  cup of agrimony tea is not the worst thing in the world.

If that’s not a ringing endorsement for agrimony tea than I don’t know what is.

Thank you for your visit and as always have a nice day.