8 Of The Best Tropical White Teas To Try In The New Year

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Welcome to our look at some of the best tropical white tea blends that are currently available.  With these white tea blends, you’re going to find some traditional tropical flavors like pineapple and coconut, passion fruit and pomegranate.

The key to these wonderful white tea Blends is that they don’t completely overwhelm the very delicate flavor of the white tea. These are white tea Blends not fruit-flavored teas with a little bit of white tea in them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

White tea is often overshadowed by green tea and black tea, but this delightful tea is one that should not be missed. White tea has its own unique flavors and textures.

When you start incorporating a variety of tropical flavors the magic really starts. Let’s look at some of the best tropical white tea blends to try this year.

Buddha Teas – Organic Pineapple White Tea

Buddha Teas has yet to disappoint me with any of their tea offerings. While they are more renown for their extensive herbal tea collection, they do have a few white tea offerings available. Their organic pineapple white tea is one of the best and leads off our look at the best tropical white teas to try.

What Does Pineapple White Tea Taste Like?

The flavor profile for this tea is right there in the title. Pineapple white tea. Those are the flavors that you are going to get when you drink this wonderful little white tea blend.

pineapple on the beach
Pineapple Makes A Great Addition To White Tea

Delicate Flavor Of White Tea

One of the first things that you’re going to notice about this wonderful white tea blend is that the pineapple flavored does not overwhelm the delicate taste of the white tea.

White tea is a very subtle type of tea it doesn’t have the robust maltiness of a black tea or the grassiness of green tea so it can be easily overwhelmed by adding flavors to it if you’re not careful about the amount and potency of the flavor you’re adding.

Robust Pineapple Flavor

As mentioned the pineapple flavor doesn’t overwhelm the taste of the white tea but it is the major fruit flavor of this tea that gives it its tropical essence.

It doesn’t overwhelm the white tea but it is on par with it and because the white tea leaves are infused with pieces of real pineapple you get an authentic pineapple flavor.  It doesn’t have any artificial flavors to approximate the flavor of pineapple.

Smooth With No Bitterness

When you combine the already smooth flavor of a white tea with the fruitiness of the pineapple you get an incredibly drinkable white tea blend that has no bitterness. At least none that I can detect. It’s really a great tea to use to introduce people to drinking tea because it is so smooth and there is no aftertaste to speak up.

The Aroma Of Organic Pineapple White Tea

The aroma of this pineapple white tea is profoundly pineapple. While you can taste the pineapple quite a bit in the actual tea, the white tea still comes through in the flavor profile.

The white tea is less pronounced in the aroma of this tea. The sweet, tropical pineapple aroma is really what dominates the smell once you open up the box and take out one of the white tea bags.

How To Make Organic Pineapple White Tea

White tea tends to be very delicate when it comes to water temperature and steep time. You will need to let your water cool quite a bit before steeping your pineapple white tea.

  • 175°F/79°C is a good temperature to use to ensure you don’t burn the delicate white tea leaves. You can use this handy conversion table for your temperature needs.
  • I recommend a 3-minute steep time. Adjust the time for your personal taste.
  • One pineapple white tea bag should give you enough flavor, but you can use more if you want a stronger cup of tea
  • Always steep your tea covered and use good-quality water to ensure the best flavor

The Organic Pineapple White Tea Finish

This is one of my favorite tropical white tea bag brands.  Buddha Teas has always been a place that I go to for a lot of my herbal teas especially if I’m looking for a bag version of it and this white tea is no exception.

It is smooth it has no bitterness and the pineapple and white tea give you that warm sense of a tropical summer day with its light and Incredibly drinkable texture.

Try Buddha Teas Organic Pineapple White Tea(*affiliate link) for yourself and see if you enjoy the wonderful tropical flavors of this outstanding white tea.

halo tea
Award-Winning Halo Tea
from: Art of Tea

Halo Tea From Art Of Tea

The taste of Halo Tea is incredible but it is the look of the tea bulbs that really makes this an incredibly interesting tea to brew.

These bulbs expand and open when steeped in hot water making for not only a great cup of tea but a fun and interesting process to making it.

What Does Halo Tea Taste Like?

The flavor profile for Halo T is pretty complex. You have a nice fruity Essence from the blueberry and peaches and you have a competing floor flavor from the Jasmine and amaranth flowers. All of this is on top of a wonderful subtle white tea base.

  • White Tea
  • Amaranth Flowers
  • Jasmine Flowers
  • Peach Essence
  • Blueberry Essence

Halo Tea Is Quite Floral

You can’t add amaranth and Jasmine flowers to a tea blend and not expected to have a certain level of floral flavor to it.

It’s a tough call between which is more prominent the flower or the fruit but one thing is for sure you would definitely taste the floral notes of these two wonderful and flavorful flowers.

But Also Fruity

Not to be outdone by the floral flavor is the fruity notes of this tropical white tea. There seems to be a bit of a tug of war between the floral and the fruity in this white tea blend.

But one never gets the upper hand and neither of them completely overwhelmed the wonderful but subtle flavor of the white tea itself.

Halo Tea Is Sweet

Most of the other White T’s on our list this tropical white tea blend is sweet and its own right. Between the fruity flavors of the peach and blueberries and the natural sweeteners of the white tea, you get a nice sweet tea that doesn’t really need any added sugar or honey to make it really a delightful tea to drink for just about any level of tea drinker.

And Incredibly Smooth

It might be a little surprising to find that this tropical white tea blend is as smooth as it is. The main reason I say that is because flower herbal teas tend to be a little bit earthy and have a slightly bitter aftertaste for many of them.

But  Halo Tea is blended in a way that really removes any of the earthiness from the flowers.  the fruit flavors really smooth everything out along with the naturally smooth flavor of the white tea.

Suggested Steeping Instructions For Halo Tea

The Halo Tea bulbs need to be steeped in a glass pitcher for the best results. It is wonderful watching the bulb open when steeped and release its flavorful bounty. You will need about 16 oz of water per bulb so bring a friend or be thirsty when making this tropical white tea.

  • 195°F/96°C Water temperature is what is recommended for this blend
  • 1 bulb for 16 ounces of water
  • steep covered for 3 to 5 minutes. I tend to approach the 5-minute mark when steeping these bulbs. It gives them plenty of time to open and release all the flavor.

The Halo Tea Finish

Halo Tea is one of those teas that everyone should try at least once. And not just drink go to the entire process of making this tea because it is a beautiful experience watching the bulb open and flavor the infusion that you’re crafting. You can find the incredible Halo Tea(*affiliate link) on the Art Of Tea website.

Simpson & Vail – Strawberry Guava Tropical White Tea

Simpson And Vail have created a tropical white tea blend with an interesting group of flavors that are combined together to make a pretty good white tea blend.

There are a good half-dozen different flavors that are all vying for dominance in this white tea blend and for the most part they don’t get each other’s way too much.

The Taste And Aroma Of Strawberry Guava Tropical White Tea

This is a complex tropical white tea. There is are a lot of flavors and a lot going on with this white tea blend. 

The casualty of all these different flavors is that white tea is quite subdued. It’s still there but you have to really hone in on it to get a good taste of it. If you’re new to drinking white tea than you may miss it completely within the incredible amount of other flavors that are present here.

The flavors of this white tea blend are:

  • White Tea
  • Organic Hibiscus
  • Cornflower Petals
  • Marigold Flowers
  • Guava
  • Natural Strawberry Flavors

A Sweet White Tea

Like most of the other blend on our list, this white tea is pretty sweet. It’s something that you kind of have to expect given that the strawberry, guava, hibiscus and the white tea all naturally sweet in their own way.

When you add them together you get a pretty sweet tasting tea.  it’s certainly not sugary but it is a bit sweeter than most of the teas that I’m used to.

A Fruity Tea

The guava and Strawberry flavors are pretty pronounced in this tea. As you might expect since it is called strawberry guava white tea.  Therefore the prominent flavor in this Whitey is the fruitiness of those ingredients.

They do tend to stand out from the rest of the pack especially from the white tea that used as the base of this blend.

With Floral Notes

While the fruity flavor may be dominant it does not completely Wipe Out the floral flavor of the Hibiscus and the cornflower.  These two herbs combine two give the t a nice little floral note that I think compliments the fruitiness of it quite well.

The Hibiscus, in particular, is noticeable because it is so floral and it does having a natural sweetness and a little bit of a tart flavor to it as well that really makes it stand out a little bit more from the rest of the tea.

Suggested Steeping Instructions For Strawberry Guava White Tea

As with most of the other entries on our list, be careful not to use water that is too hot with your white tea or it will burn the leaves and make the tea bitter and astringent.

  • 4 minutes is the recommended steep time for Strawberry Guava White Tea
  • 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf Strawberry Guava White Tea is plenty to get a full-flavored cup of tea
  • A water temperature of 175°F/79°C will do nicely

The Strawberry Guava White Tea Finish

This might be my least favorite white tea blend on this list. And that’s just because I think there’s a little bit too much going on to really put it in the upper echelons of the other teas on this list.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy this tea quite a bit. If it’s on this list all that means it’s a very good tropical white tea blend but of the ones on this list it probably would be closer to the bottom than the top. Simpson & Vail Strawberry Guava Tropical White Tea (*affiliate link) is available on Amazon.

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Harney & Sons – White Peach Tea

This is the first of two of our white peach teas on this list.  Peaches a popular flavor to add to white tea because it is subtle in its own right and doesn’t completely overwhelm the white tea while still adding a nice fruit flavor to the tea.

The Taste And Aroma Of Harney & Sons White Peach Tea

The flavor notes in this tropical white tea are:

  • Mutan White tea
  • Peach Flavor
  • Natural vanilla Flavor

A Subtle Peach Flavor

There’s a nice Peach flavor to this white tea blend. But it is very much a background flavor to the white tea. It never overwhelms the white tea or really takes away from her in any way. It complements the white teen adds a nice fruitiness to the tea and a little bit of sweetness.

Vanilla Adds a Layer Of Smoothness

I really enjoy that they added a little bit of vanilla to this blend.  Vanilla can be very potent and strong if you let it get out of control but if you add the proper amount it really makes for a smooth addition to any company.

Given that white tea is pretty smooth on its own this really makes it an enjoyable and drinkable cup of tea when you combine the vanilla the white tea and the peach flavor.

Crisp Mutan White Tea

Last but not least we have the white tea itself. This acts as a base for the entire flavor of this blend. This is not a real complex tea blend and as such the white tea is really the dominant flavor that you’re going to get.

Of the peach and the vanilla add to the white tea but don’t really Vie for the dominant flavor of this particular tropical white tea blend. The end result is you still get the incredibly crisp and Lively yet light flavor of the white tea.

The Aroma Of Harney & Sons White Peach Tea

When smelling the aroma of this tropical white tea blend you get a good sense of the white tea at the base of this blend but you also get a good whiff of the peach that is infused in this tea.

For the aroma of this tea, I would say the peach is probably the thing that you’re going to notice the most.

Suggested Steeping Instructions For Harney & Sons White Peach Tea

  • 175°F/79°C Water temperature seems to be the standard for these white tea blends
  • One sachet of Harney & Sons White Peach Tea gives you plenty of flavor, but you can add more if you want a stronger cup of tea
  • A 2-4 minute steep will give you great results
  • Cover While steeping and Enjoy

The Harney & Sons White Peach Tea Finish

I really enjoy this tropical white tea blend. I think it sets itself apart from other Peach Blends by adding a little bit of vanilla into the mix which helps smooth out the tea even more.

I also like that the peach flavor is incredibly subtle and does not overwhelm the white tape. Instead, it just compliments it and makes for a very crisp and delicious white tea blend.

You can get some of the fantastic Harney & Sons White Peach Tea(*affiliate link) for yourself on Amazon

White Coconut Creme Tea - Award Winning

White Coconut Creme Tea From Art Of Tea

Art Of Tea is back with another interesting tea blend. These guys are really mad scientists when it comes to blended tea. I think they may have gone a bit overboard with the coconut flavor on this one but it is still pretty good.

The Taste And Aroma Of White Coconut Creme Tea

This is an interesting flavor profile. I really don’t taste much of the safflower or cornflowers. There are hints but the coconut is really the dominating force in this tropical white tea blend. This tea does contain artificial flavors so avoid if that is a problem for you.

  • Organic White Tea
  • Organic Coconut
  • Organic Safflower
  • Cornflowers

A Creamy Tea

I think the thing that stands out the most with his tea is that it is a pretty creamy T. This obviously comes from the coconut that’s in it. It almost has a texture of having a little bit of milk in it.

This is going to be a little bit different than most of the other teas on this list with not only the flavor but the overall texture of the tea.

Coconut Flavored

Out of all of the tea on our list, I think this one has probably the least amount of white tea flavor in it. This is very much a coconut flavored tea. you can still taste a little bit of the white tea but it is very much a background flavor in this tea. As I mentioned in the top I really can’t taste much of the flowers that are part of the ingredient list of this tea.

You make it a hint of one every now and again but for the most part I really only taste the coconut and the white tee to a certain extent.

Suggested Steeping Instructions For White Coconut Creme Tea

The steeping instructions for this white tea are pretty straightforward. They are pretty standard for any white tea so you don’t have to really worry about it too much for you already know how to steep white tea properly.

  • 1 to 2 teaspoons of loose-leaf White Coconut Creme Tea
  • Water Temperature should be around 175°F/79°C
  • Steep for around 2 minutes or to personal taste
  • Use good water and cover while steeping
  • Enjoy

The White Coconut Creme Tea Finish

While this is not my favorite tea on the list it is a pretty good white tea blend. As I mentioned at the top, I think that the coconut flavor is a little bit too overwhelming for me to really enjoy this tropical tea blend as much as I should.

But I think this is going to have a huge appeal to a lot of people who aren’t maybe traditional tea drinkers. There’s a lot of flavor here and it’s a very smooth and drinkable tea. Try Art Of Tea’s White Coconut Creme Tea(*affiliate link) for yourself, you can find it on the Art of Tea website.

Art Of Tea – White Peach Tea

Here we have another white tea blend from Art Of Tea. They have gone for a minimalist approach, at least by there standard, in crafting this blend. The crispness and delicateness of the white tea is front and center in this peachy tropical blend.

The Taste White Peach Tea

While not overly complex the flavor profile of the white peach tea is still very good.  there are only a few flavors added to the white tea but they blend in such a way that they really complement the delicateness of the white tea itself.

Here are the flavors of White Peach Tea

  • White Tea
  • Organic Marigolds
  • Natural Peach Flavors

White Peach Tea Is Slightly Fruity

As you would expect from a tea called white peach tea there is a  fruity flavor that permeates the entire tea. However, unlike many of the other teams on this list is not a really dominant fruit flavor. It’s very subtle and never overwhelms the wonderful flavor of the white tea.

And Very Delicate

Because the fruit flavor is not completely overwhelming the delicate flavor of the white tea is really front and center in this tropical white tea blend.

You really get a sense of what a good white tea can taste like even with the peach and Marigold flavor in the background of this tea.

White Peach Tea Is Crisp And Smooth

The fruit and the delicate nature of the white tea combined to create this incredibly crisp tropical white tea blend. It really had a little bit of snap to it. It’s tough to describe a crisp flavor profile but this definitely has it. 

It’s very fresh and very light.  And just a wonderful beverage to drink really any time of the day except maybe right before bed because of the caffeine intake.

Suggested Steeping Instructions For White Peach Tea

Standard white tea steeping applies to this blend. Watch the temperature and keep it well below boiling to craft this wonderful tea.

  • 175°F/79°C is a great temperature to steep your white tea blends in
  • 1-2 teaspoons of White Peach Tea for a standard 8oz cup of tea
  • Cover your steeping tea and use good quality water
  • A 2 minute steep should be enough, but use your personal taste to find your sweet spot.

The White Peach Tea Finish

This White Peach Tea just goes to show you that you don’t need an incredibly complex flavor profile with four or five different flavors vying for dominance to have a wonderful and flavorful tropical white tea blend.

The restraint and delicate balance of this white tea are pretty remarkable and it makes it one of my favorite White teas on this list. Try this White Peach Tea(*affiliate link) for yourself and see what you think of it.

Kusmi Tea – Tropical White Tea With Mango and Passion Fruit

This is the first tea that I have had from Kusmi so I don’t have a lot of experience with them. They have been around for quite a while, I just have not had much exposure to them. However, if their Tropical white tea is any indication then I need to dig a little deeper into this company.

What Does Tropical White Tea Taste Like?

Kusmi Tea’s Tropical white tea has a pretty straight forward flavor profile. The mango and passion fruit combine with the delicate white tea to make a wonderful and flavorful tropical tea.

  • White Tea
  • Mango Flavor
  • Passionfruit Flavor

A Bit Fruity

The work of the passion fruit and mango is what gives this white tea blend its fruity flavor. They are strong but not overwhelming in their flavor. You can still taste the white tea with every sip.

And Sweet

The mango and passion fruit also brings a nice bit of added sweetness to the white tea. White tea has its own natural sweetness and these fruits enhance that without making the tea overly sweet. It is a good balance that never seems to overdo it.

Delicate White Tea Flavor Is Still There

Most importantly the flavor of the white tea is still there with every sip. I hate it when a blend erases the main tea flavor that is at the base of the blended tea. Fortunately, that is not the case with this tropical white tea.

Suggested Steeping Instructions For White Mango and Passion Fruit Tea

  • A 3 minute steep should be just what you want to get the most out of your tea.
  • The water temperature should be around 175°F/79°C
  • 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf tropical white tea or 1 tropical white tea bag is perfect for a standard cup of tea
  • Cover while steeping and enjoy.

The Kusmi Tea Tropical White Tea Finish

This is a subtle and flavorful white Blended tea. The fruit flavors never overwhelm the white tea and the result is a very smooth and drinkable but fruity tea that is just as crisp and delicious as you would expect a good white tea to be. You can find both loose leaf and bagged versions of Kusmi Tea Tropical White Tea(*affiliate link) on Amazon.

blueberry pomegranate
Blueberry Pomegranate
from: Art of Tea

Art Of Tea – Blueberry Pomegranate Tea

The last key on our list is another incredible white tea blend from the masters at The Art of Tea.  It really is remarkable how they’re able to take all these different flavors and blending together with a white tee and not completely cancel out the flavor of the white tea.

What Does Blueberry Pomegranate Tea Taste Like?

This is a pretty complex tropical white tea blend.  I think it’s the pomegranates that really give it the tropical essence. although I think some people would argue that this is more of a regular white tea blend in a tropical white tea blend but I think that it has enough tropical character to be included on this list. Let’s have a look at the flavors of this tea.

The flavors in this tropical white tea blend are:

  • White Tea
  • Organic Dried Blueberries
  • Organic Licorice Root
  • Organic Cornflowers
  • Natural Pomegranate Flavors

Dominant Fruit Flavor

The most recognizable flavor know that you’re going to pick up on with this white tea is the fruit flavor, I think.  The blueberry and pomegranate flavors really make up the base of this white tea. You can still taste the subtle flavor of the white tea underneath everything but the fruit flavor is going to be the most predominant flavor note.

Subtle Licorice Flavor

After the fruit flavor, I think the licorice that’s added into this tea is the next most notable flavor note. It’s not overwhelming which leads me to believe there is not a whole lot of licorice in it because licorice can be quite strong and dominant if you add too much into the blend.

Hear it settles into a complimentary note with the fruit flavors and adds a little bit of sweetness to the overall taste of the tea.

A Sweet White Tea

Just about everything in this tea has its own level of natural sweetness. From the fruits to the licorice to the white t itself there’s a little bit of sweetness in each one of them.

When you add them all together what you get is a very nice sweet and smooth white tea blend that is incredibly drinkable. Don’t confuse sweet with sugary however because if you’re expecting something like a soda level of sweetness then you’re going to be disappointed.

A Tart Finish

The last little flavor note that I want to mention is a bit of a tart finish to the tea.  It’s not a sour note or a tart flavor that’s going to make you pucker up but it is there and it does give the t a little bit of an edge. I suspect this comes from the pomegranate flavor as they tend to have a little bit of a tart bite.

The Aroma Of Blueberry Pomegranate Tea

The aroma of the tea is pretty pungent. You get a real sense of the fruitiness of the TV from the aroma. When you open up that bag the first thing is going to hit you with a blast of fruity smells from the blueberry and pomegranate essence. I was also a bit of the licorice aroma and the white tea but they are very much in the background in my opinion.

Blueberry Pomegranate Tea Steeping Instructions

Steeping Blueberry Pomegranate Tea is similar to steeping regular white tea. Watch the water temperature carefully to make sure you don’t burn the white tea.

  • 1-2 teaspoon of loose leaf Blueberry Pomegranate Tea
  • A 1-3 minute steep is recommended, I like to steep around 1.5-2 minutes to get the best flavor without over steeping.
  • The ideal water temperature should be around 175°F/79°C
  • Use good water and always steep your tea covered

The Blueberry Pomegranate Tea Finish

I’m not really sure how the Art Of Tea does it but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite places to get some interesting tea blends. 

Typically I’m not a huge drinker of fruit teas but this Blueberry Pomegranate Tea Is an outstanding example of what you can create when you are disciplined about how you add the flavors to your tea and are careful not to over-do it.

You can pick up some of the Art Of Tea’s Blueberry Pomegranate Tea(*affiliate link) at their website.

The Tropical White Tea Finish

You have to be incredibly careful with white tea. The flavor is very delicate and subtle and if you start adding a bunch of flavors to it in the wrong proportions you can really overwhelm the white tea and cancel it out completely.

All the tropical white tea blends on this list do a pretty good job of keeping the white t front-and-center while still having a very nice combination of other flavors to it.

If you decide to craft your own white tea Blends then just keep in mind that you’re going to need to experiment a little bit in order to get the balance right between the white tea and the flavors that you are going to mix with it.

That goes for any of the flavors not just tropical flavors like the fruits that you have on this list. There are plenty of great flavors that you can mix in with white tea to really give it its own unique flavor for each blend.

While white tea might not be as popular as green tea or black tea it certainly deserves some of your tea drinking attention. It is a wonderful tea and one that blends well particularly with these magnificent tropical flavors.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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