Bitter Melon Green Tea Plus 3 More Amazing Bitter Melon Tea Blends

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So you decided to enhance the flavor of your bitter melon tea. I suspect that during your search you have found there are not a lot of bitter melon blends that are really popular out there.

You can, of course, blend your bitter melon tea with whatever you want because it’s your cup of tea and you should personalize it the way you want.  However, there are a couple of bitter melon tea Blends that I think really work to enhance the flavor of the bitter melon tea without overwhelming it.

Read on to find out more about 4 of the most popular bitter melon tea blends that you can craft right now.

Check Out These Great Bitter Melon Tea Blends

Bitter Melon Green Tea

Bitter melon tea makes a great partner for green tea. Neither tea is overwhelmingly strong in its flavor so they tend to complement each other pretty well. Let’s dig into the flavor profile of this wonderful bitter melon tea blend.

The Taste And Aroma Of Bitter Melon Green Tea

The complexity of the flavor profile of bitter melon green tea is somewhat less than many other tea blends. It makes sense that it would be because there are only 2 ingredients and they both have a subtle plant-based flavor. Gress for green tea more of a vegetable flavor for bitter melon tea.

Bitter Melon Green Tea Has A Grassy Flavor

This grassy flavor comes primarily from the green tea, especially if you use sencha green tea as I do for this blend. The level of grassiness will depend on what type of green tea you use and maybe more seaweed or vegetable flavored than grassy in some cases.

This is the biggest contribution of the green tea to this bitter melon blend.

A Little Vegetable Flavor In There As Well

The vegetable flavor really comes from the bitter melon. A vegetable or plant-like flavor is the main flavor of bitter melon tea and it certainly comes through in this blend.

It coexists with the grassy flavor of the green tea in almost perfect harmony. Neither of these basic flavors really getting the upper hand as long as they are equal in measurements for the most part.

A Slightly Sweet Note

Both green tea and bitter melon tea have a little bit of sweetness in them. The sweetness of the green tea is more pronounced I think and that is what I feel you are really tasting in this blend.

A Little Earthy

The earthiness of the bitter melon tea is still present in this blend. Although it is a bit more subdued than it is in its solo outing. The natural sweetness of the sencha green tea really suppresses the earthy flavor quite a bit.

A Smooth Blend

Bitter Melon Green Tea is a very smooth cup of tea provided you don’t over steep it or use water that is too hot. The green tea is delicate and the bitter melon will live up to its name if you let it soak for too long. But when done right bitter melon green tea is a crisp and refreshing cup of incredible smoothness.

DIY Bitter Melon Green Tea Recipe

  • 1 Teaspoon Of The Green Tea Of Your Choice. I like using a nice sencha green tea for this.
  • 2 slices of dried Bitter Melon works great for me, but use as many as suits your personal taste.
  • Steep at around 180°F/82°C
  • A 2 to 3 minute steep is all you need to get the most out of your bitter melon green tea
  • Always steep your tea covered
  • Enjoy

The Bitter Melon Green Tea Finish

If you are looking for a crisp and refreshing way to drink bitter melon tea then look no further. This is an amazing blend that is easy to make and gives you the benefits of the bitter melon tea as well as the green tea.

Be aware that adding green tea into the mix does bring caffeine along with it. This blend might not be suitable for a drink near bedtime or you risk messing up your sleep schedule.

Bitter Melon Ginger Tea

I am of the general opinion that adding Ginger to anything makes it that much better. Unsurprisingly it makes for a great partner for your bitter melon tea.  The ginger brings a whole new level of flavor to the subtle flavor of the bitter melon.

The Taste And Aroma Of Bitter Melon And Ginger Tea

I’m quite fond of only using two ingredients to blend when you’re making a tea blend at home by yourself. Once you start getting into three or four or five ingredients the balance becomes pretty tough to do on a cup by cup basis. You really need to experiment to get the right balance.

What it does do when you only add one additional flavor to a tea is to reduce the complexity of the flavor down to just those two base flavors. So Ginger bitter melon tea is not an overly complex flavor profile but that doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious. Let’s take a look at it right now.

The Ginger Adds A Spicey Peppery Flavor

The ginger brings its unique spicy peppery flavor to this bitter melon tea blend. if you don’t use too much Ginger then you get a nice balance between bitter melon and the ginger without the ginger completely overwhelming the flavor of the blend.

Plus A Little More Earthiness

The bitter melon already has a bit of earthy flavor to it by itself but when you add the ginger and you get that added earthy flavor that you would expect from a root herbal tea. It’s a subtle addition but one that’s pretty noticeable for anyone who is familiar with either one of these herbal teas on their own.

There Are Still Vegetable Notes

If you get the balance of the ginger and the bitter melon just right you can still taste the wonderful vegetable flavor of the bitter melon. There is a tiny bit of natural sweetness in the bitter melon, I feel. The sweetness comes through as well even with the very pungent flavor of the ginger added to it.

Still Smooth With A Bit Of Bite

I’ve always found it bitter melon tea to be an incredibly smooth tea to drink and adding Ginger to it does not change this in the least. What it does do is give the overall flavor a little bit of bite a little bit of that spicy kick that Ginger is really known for. But it doesn’t add any bitterness or aftertaste that really affects how smooth this blend is.

The Aroma of Bitter Melon And Ginger Tea

In my opinion, the ginger Aroma really dominates the overall smell of the bitter melon ginger herbal infusion. You can still smell hints of the vegetable like aroma from the bitter melon but the ginger is really what is dominant in the aroma. Less so in the taste of the tea, however.

Bitter Melon And Ginger Tea Recipe

  • Add 2-4 slices of fresh ginger to a pot of boiling water and let the ginger steep for about 7 or 8 minutes
  • Let the ginger-infused water cool to around 200°F/93°C
  • Pour The Ginger water over 2 to 3 slices of dried bitter melon or 1 bitter melon tea bag
  • Cover and let it steep for around 3 minutes or to personal taste
  • Enjoy

The Bitter Melon Ginger Tea Finish

Ginger seems to make everything just a little bit better no matter how good it was, to begin with. Bitter melon tea is a pretty good herbal infusion on its own. But when you add Ginger to it you really get a nice spicy smooth herbal infusion that is a fantastic one to drink just about any time of day.

Chamomile Bitter Melon Tea

Chamomile is one of the most popular flower herbal infusions around.  It’s also one of the most divisive. A lot of people don’t like how chamomile tea tastes so they’re always looking for something to blend it with to make it a little bit more powerful. The best thing about this blend is that you get the benefits of both the Bitter melon tea and the chamomile tea.

The Taste Of Chamomile Bitter Melon Tea

It turns out the bitter melon is a pretty good compliment to the chamomile tea. Both of the flavors are pretty subtle so neither one of them really dominates the other and it makes for a nice decently smooth cup of tea.

Slightly Floral

The camomile brings its slight floral flavor to the bitter melon tea blend. The floral flavor in chamomile often pales in comparison to that of many of the other flower herbal teas out there.

But in this case, it is actually for the better since there’s very little risk of overpowering the bitter melon by overdoing it with the chamomile. It’s still possible, mind you, but you’d have to add quite a bit of extra chamomile flowers to really kill off the bitter melon flavor.

Pretty Earthy And Herbal

Chamomile tea is a prettier The herbal blend and it has a bit of a medicinal flavor to it, in my opinion. That medicinal flavor and the earthiness are still present when you blend it with the bitter melon tea. In fact, the bitter melon tea has its own subtle earthy flavor that gets enhanced by the earthy flavor of the chamomile tea.

The medicinal or herbal flavor is there is kind of an aftertaste it can be off-putting for some people but if you really want to get rid of it you can add a tiny bit of honey or sugar to your bitter melon tea blend and smooth it right out.

Vegetable Notes

The vegetable notes that are the dominant flavor of the bitter melon tea are still there and still in the Forefront. I would say they’re probably balanced out pretty well with the floral flavor of the chamomile as long as you keep the balance between the two flavors in check.

The Aroma Of Chamomile Bitter Melon Tea

The bitter melon aroma is the dominant one here I think. The vegetable smell of the bitter melon combines with the slightly medicinal aroma of the chamomile but never really relinquishes its dominance.

How To Make Chamomile Bitter Melon Tea

  • A water temperature of 205°F/96°C Is just about ideal for this blend
  • 1 teaspoon of chamomile flowers for about 10oz of water
  • 2 slices of dried bitter melon
  • Steep the chamomile and bitter melon for about 4 or 5 minutes. Any longer and you risk making the tea too bitter.
  • Cover while steeping and enjoy

The Chamomile Bitter Melon Tea Finish

This probably won’t be the most flavorful tea blend you have ever tried. Both chamomile tea and bitter melon tea are pretty mild all things considered. But that means that they won’t destroy the flavor of the other when you blend them. And what you get is a nice smooth drinkable tea with all the goodness of the chamomile and the bitter melon.

Hibiscus Bitter Melon Tea

I came across this little hibiscus and bitter melon tea blend by accident really. I only have a small amount of hibiscus tea left so I just decided to chuck them into my bitter melon tea and the rest is history. It turned out pretty well, but it is probably an acquired taste.

The Taste Of Hibiscus Bitter Melon Tea

I think if you want to be completely accurate about bitter melon hibiscus tea  Then I would call it a hibiscus tea 1st and a bitter melon tea second.

The flavor of the hibiscus tea is just on the edge of being overwhelming for the bitter melon tea. But as long as you keep the amount of each tea balanced you should be able to get a nice flavor from each of the ingredients.

Hibiscus Bitter Melon Tea Is Slightly Sweet

Hibiscus has a natural sweetness to it that really comes through in the herbal infusion. It’s certainly not a sugary-sweet but it is a very nice subtle sweetness that really helps smooth out the floral Taste of the hibiscus tea. And it’s very much present in the bitter melon hibiscus tea blend.

I think it helps smooth out the tea even more and make it a little bit more drinkable and a little bit more flavorful.

A Nice Floral Note To It

I think the most noticeable flavor in this entire herbal tea blend is the floral flavor from the Hibiscus itself. It really becomes the dominant flavor of this blend and if you’re not careful it can wipe out the entire flavor profile of the bitter melon tea for the most part.

When done properly though the floral flavor compliments the vegetable nature of the bitter melon and makes for a smooth floral and slightly sweet tea blend that is really refreshing.

But Still Has A Vegetable Flavor

There’s still a nice vegetable flavor from the bitter melon in the Hibiscus bitter melon tea blend. But you have to be very careful about the amount of hibiscus you add to the blend or you risk overshadowing the flavor of the bitter melon almost completely.

A Little Tangy After Taste

I’ve always found hibiscus tea to have a little bit of a tangy flavor note to it. And that is certainly true in the bitter melon hibiscus tea blend.  I think it might be a little bit more subdued than it is in a full cup of hibiscus tea but it’s still there and it’s still a nice little exclamation point To every sip of this wonderful little tea blend.

The Aroma Of Hibiscus Bitter Melon Tea

I find that the Hibiscus really dominates the aroma of this particular bitter melon tea blend. There’s just no getting around at the floral Aroma of hibiscus is pretty strong and its own right and the bitter melon tea really doesn’t have the pungent smells to fight back against it so it gets overtaken pretty quickly by the hibiscus aroma.

A Quick Hibiscus Bitter Melon Tea Recipe

  • 1/2 teaspoon of loose leaf hibiscus, you can always add more if you want a stronger hibiscus flavor but it will pretty easily overwhelm the bitter melon of you get too heavy-handed with it.
  • 2 to 3 slices of bitter melon for a standard 10oz cup of tea
  • You can also use bitter melon and hibiscus tea bags just use one bag of each and double the water. It essentially makes 2 cups so come thirsty, not that kind of thirsty…
  • Water temperature should be around 205°F/96°C
  • No more than a 5 minute steep for this herbal flower blend. 5 minutes is really on the lower end of the steep time for hibiscus flowers but it should be long enough to draw out a good amount of flavor without ruining the bitter melon.
  • Cover your steeping tea and enjoy

The Hibiscus Bitter Melon Tea Finish

I think this blind really demonstrates why bitter melon tea isn’t used a lot in tea blends. If the tea that you are blending with a tea that has a very strong flavor profile it can easily just wipe away the taste of the bitter melon.

For some people, this might be the whole idea you want to try to cover up the bitter melon taste because maybe you don’t like it.

But for most people that drink these teas for the enjoyment of it they want to taste the tease themselves and mixing it with something that’s going to completely kill the flavor of it is not always a great idea. It is a balancing act with hibiscus tea, just don’t overdo it and you should get the flavor of both the bitter melon and the hibiscus flower.

The Best Bitter Melon Teas

Because I only had four Blends for bitter melon tea I’ll throw this little section in just to help people figure out where the best place to buy their bitter melon tea is. Here are my 2 favorite bitter melon teas, one bagged and one loose and where to buy them.

The Big Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at some wonderful little bitter melon tea blends. As you can tell there isn’t a whole lot of them that are really popular.

These are the four that I personally tried and that’s why I decided to make a list about them.  I tried to find other people’s Blends online and could only come up with bitter melon green tea and bitter melon ginger tea for the most part.

So I added the two others that I have tried and thought worthy of inclusion.  the great thing about it is you can craft your own blends with bitter melon tea and find one that’s going to be just right for you.

I wish you luck in your experimentation and thank you for stopping by.

As always have a wonderful day.