What Does Sencha Green Tea Taste Like?

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Welcome to our look at the flavor profile of sencha green tea.

One of the most popular green teas and its native Japan and around the world, Sencha green tea is probably the green tea that you get served when you order a kind of non-specific type of green tea.

It’s for lack of a better word, the “generic” green tea.  But there is nothing generic about the flavor of sencha green tea.

What Does Sencha Green Tea Taste Like? Sencha Tea is a variety of green tea. It should have a grassy, slightly sweet and vegetable flavor to it. When prepared properly it should not be overly bitter.

Read on to find out an in-depth look at each of the individual flavor notes that are found in a good cup of sencha green tea.

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The Flavor Profile Of Sencha Green Tea

Sencha green tea has a complex flavor profile that has a refreshing overall taste. The one thing that’s important to remember about sencha green tea is just how easy it is to mess up the taste of it.

Green tea is notoriously delicate so you have to be very careful with the water temperature and the amount of time that you steep it or you will turn what is a wonderfully refreshing beverage into an astringent bitter tasting cup of nothingness.

The one other factor that you have really have to be conscious of is the quality of the green tea leaves themselves. 

If you were using a load quality sencha green tea then you will have a low-quality flavor. It tends to be a little bit too grassy and vegetable.

You want a certain amount of grassiness to the flavor but when it’s overwhelming it means that the quality of the leaves is subpar.

Let’s dive into each flavor note so you know what to expect from this wonderful green tea.

Sencha Green Tea Has A Grassy Flavor

I think the most noticeable flavor know that you’re going to detect in your cup of sencha green tea is the grassy flavor. Some people describe this is a seaweed flavor but I tend to think it is a little bit more grassy and its flavor texture.

Although I can’t see the comparison with seaweed because the grassy flavor is a bit like a damp early morning dew-covered grassy field. That’s about the best way that I can describe the grassy flavor of sencha green tea.

It’s very refreshing and very relaxing and satisfying. However, it is pretty crisp and the caffeine content means that you can have this wonderful green tea in the morning without having to worry about your energy levels.

There Are Vegetable Notes To Sencha Tea

I think the vegetable flavor of sencha green tea is different enough from his grass in this that I included as its own flavor no.

They complement each other very well but the vegetable flavor has a bit more of a crispness to it than the damp grassy flavor.

I wouldn’t say it any specific vegetable just said it taste like a green leafy vegetable. Which makes sense because sencha tea is indeed made from a green leafy plant. 

I think the oxidization of the tea leaves plays into just how vegetables the flavors going to be.

While I think there’s a slight vegetable flavor in just about every green tea it is a little bit more pronounced in the sencha green tea.

Sencha Green Tea Is Slightly Sweet

Such a green tea has a delightful slight sweetness to it. It makes me tea so much more drinkable and enjoyable.

When steep properly it is really one of the most incredible flavors that you’re going to find in a sencha green tea.

It’s not a sugary flavor by any stretch of the imagination. I think most people are used to drinking sugary drinks when I find this to be sweet at all.

But once you drink enough of this type of green tea you start to really get in tune with the small little flavor details and the sweetest really starts to come through.

I would recommend not eating anything sweet right before drinking your sencha green tea or while drinking it just so you can really get a sense of that nice grassy vegetable sweetness that is sencha green tea.

Sencha Tea Shouldn’t Be Too Bitter

Being too bitter is one of the biggest complaints that I hear about sencha green tea. But I just do not Taste it.  I’m sipping on a cup of green tea right now as I write this and there is almost no bitterness to it.

I would say that there’s not any bitterness in this at all. I steep the tea in cooling water that was nowhere near the boiling point.

I didn’t get an accurate temperature reading because I do this by feel at this point. And steep it covered for about a minute and 15 seconds.

It turned out perfectly with no bitterness and it is just one of the most enjoyable Cups of Tea that you can possibly have.

In fact, I’m going to take another sip of it right now I’ll be back in just a second. 

Delightful. And we’re back.

The Flavor Shouldn’t Be Overwhelming

This is an interesting thing that I think needs to be said about sencha green tea. It should not be overwhelmingly flavorful.

You should definitely taste the grassiness, the vegetable notes, you should definitely taste the slight sweetness of the sencha green tea.

But it should not be overwhelming especially not the grassy flavor. They can point to a low-quality sencha tea and that can make all the difference in how you view that say.

A very good quality since she is going to have a subtle flavor. It’s going to be very flavorful but not overwhelmingly so.

A little bit tough to describe but I think once you try enough sencha green tea as you understand the difference between a good quality leaf and a lower quality one.

The Aroma Of Sencha Green Tea

The aroma sencha tea is very similar to The Taste of the finished beverage. There’s a wonderful grassy and vegetable aroma to the sencha tea.

You can even smell a little bit of the sweetness in the tea. I actually Aroma is a little bit stronger than the taste. This happens quite often with t where the aroma will be a little bit more pronounced and when you drink it.

Overall the aroma is wonderful and kind of reminds me of a very fresh clean dew-covered morning, it is refreshing and relaxing.

The Sencha Tea Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at the flavor profile of sencha green tea. I think it’s important to differentiate between the different types of green tea because they can vary so much in their flavor.

Even among sencha teas, there is a little bit of a range of flavor. So this is more of a general flavor profile for sencha green tea. The quality of the sencha tea really matters and can influence the flavor greatly.

A poor quality sencha or one that is improperly steeped can really ruin your impression of this excellent green tea. 

Give sencha green tea and hopefully, this flavor profile will inspire you to seek out a good quality sencha green tea and try it again.

Sencha green tea is the most popular green tea in Japan(source) for a reason and well worth your time to try a cup of this verdant delight.

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