What Does Agrimony Tea Taste Like? Too Bitter?

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Welcome to our look at the taste profile of agrimony tea. It is way down there on the popularity list of herbal infusions. A lot of that has to do with its overall flavor which we will dive into in this article. For now, though here is a brief look at the taste of agrimony tea.

What Does Agrimony Tea Taste Like? Agrimony tea is a pretty bitter and astringent herbal infusion that use the flowers and leaves to make the agrimony tea. There is also a little bit of a fruity flavor note that tastes like an apricot although with not quite the sweetness of an actual apricot.

Because agrimony tea is not well-known most people won’t know what to expect when they decide to try it. That’s where this little flavor profile can help. Read on to dive a little bit deeper into the flavor profile of Agrimony Tea…

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If Only Agrimony Tea Were As Pleasent As The View

The Flavor Profile Of Agrimony Tea

I don’t consider agrimony tea to have a really complex flavor profile. There’s not a whole lot going on and as we dive into the individual flavor components you’ll see that it’s basically just earth, bitterness, and sorrow that make up this herbal infusion.

I think ultimately it is this basic, astringent flavor profile that’s going to keep it from ever really becoming a popular herbal infusion.

Agrimony Tea Is Bitter And Astringent

The overwhelming flavor that you will probably notice with agrimony tea is that it is pretty bitter. It is one of the more bitter herbal infusions that I’ve had recently. New paragraph. I don’t typically add sugar or milk to my tea so there’s really no way for me to cut through the bitterness when it’s as potent as it is in agrimony tea.

However, if you do add milk or sugar to your agrimony tea you can mitigate some of the bitterness in the tea but I think it’s so strong that it would still come through unless you really up the amount of sugar. There are ways to make some teas taste better without sugar, but agrimony tea is a tough one to crack.

I think the bitterness of this tea also doesn’t lend it well to be blended with other teas. You would need a pretty strong tea or a bit of a balancing act to get the bitterness to subside and not affect the flavor of the tea that you were blending it with.

I think a strong black tea might work well as an agrimony tea blend and possibly a very floral herbal tea like a rose tea and maybe a lavender tea although I think the bitterness would really upset the balance in the lavender tea flavor.

Ultimately it is going to be this bitter and astringent flavor that really keeps agrimony tea from ever reaching the mainstream level of acceptance. Most of the herbal infusions that really take hold in the mainstream are pretty smooth and drinkable or they are very subdued in their flavor profile.

When you look at something like chamomile tea you’ll notice that it doesn’t have an overwhelming flavor to it and it can easily be mixed with other teas to mitigate the earthy, slightly flowery flavor of chamomile tea. That way you get the benefits of a specific herbal tea without having to deal with the flavor of that tea.

For agrimony tea, though, the bitter flavor is so pronounced that it’s going to be tough to mix it with anything so you’re going to have to figure out a way to enjoy the agrimony tea in order to get the benefits that it can bring.

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And A Little Earthy

Another aspect of the flavor profile of agrimony tea is that it does have a bit of an earthy flavor to it. Earthy flavor is pretty common among herbal infusions you find it in flower herbal infusions and in root herbal infusions primarily but it’s pretty common in just about all herbal teas.

When I describe something in the earthy it doesn’t really mean it tastes like dirt but there is that kind of hint that it has this freshly tilled soil flavor to it. It’s not really that noticeable in the agrimony tea but it is a component of the flavor that you will probably notice.

With A Bit Of A Fruity Flavor

The last little flavor note that’s in this herbal infusion is that it is a little bit fruity. The fruity flavor tastes a little bit like an apricot. That’s how it’s often described although I bracelet that a little bit because I think it doesn’t have that level of fruitiness than apricot wood.

The apricot flavor is pretty subdued and it’s much more noticeable in the overall Aroma of the agrimony tea. Which we will get into right now.

The Aroma Of Agrimony

As mentioned the overwhelming aroma of the agrimony and agrimony tea is the fruity apricot aroma.  It’s very interesting that that fruitiness isn’t the major flavor that you’re going to taste when you steep your cup of agrimony tea.

This happens every now and again with herbal infusions where the smell of the urban flower or root is very different from what the tea flavor ultimately is.

I think passionflower tea is a really good example of this the flower smells very flowery and floral but the tea itself is pretty bland.

And that’s kind of what we have here the African Aroma is much stronger than the flavor of the tea although there is still quite a bit of fruitiness in the tea itself.

Closing Thoughts Of Agrimony

That brings us to the end of our look at agrimony herb tea. To call this tea unpopular would be a bit of an understatement. Agrimony tea has not even begun to breach the mainstream consciousness when it comes to herbal infusions and I don’t think it will very soon because of the bitter flavor of the tea.

You can always blend it with something to try and taper the bitter taste a little bit but there are so many other herbal teas that don’t have the level of bitterness that agrimony tea has.

As a result, I think that this will be a very specific herbal infusion for tea enthusiasts and not for mainstream drinkers.

But that doesn’t mean the tea is without its merits. If you aren’t bothered by a little extra bitterness in your tea then you might just enjoy this mildly fruity herbal infusion.

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