What Does Passion Flower Tea Taste Like?

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Sometimes you expect the flower herbal infusion to taste one way and it just completely surprised you. It can be either good or bad depending on what your expectations were in the first place. So that’s where we’re at today we’re going to be looking at the flavor of passionflower tea.

What Does Passion Flower Tea Taste Like? Passionflower tea has a very mild taste that doesn’t really taste anything like the flower smells. There’s a slightly grassy, floral flavor to it and a little bit of an earthy note, but other than that I would characterize passionflower tea as pretty bland.

The Flavor Of Passion Flower Tea

Passionflower tea is a strange one. I think that it should be pretty clear from the introduction. It really doesn’t taste like anything else. But that uniqueness doesn’t necessarily make it a great herbal infusion. So I’m going to take a look at five aspects of the flavor of passionflower tea. Not necessarily the individual flavors because there are very few and it’s a somewhat limited herbal infusion. But I’ll try and give you the overall feel of this herbal tea.

Passion Flower Tea Is Mild

This isn’t really a flavor note so to speak. But I felt it important to put this out as the first reaction that I got from drinking passionflower tea. This is an incredibly mild tea. I steeped two or three cups at different times just to be sure that I was getting the most out of these flowers when I went to make a cup of tea with them.

It just turns out that this tea is incredibly mild and there’s no other way around it. There are certain little flavor notes that I’ll get into in a minute. This is one of the blandest herbal teas I’ve tried in a long time. And probably one of my least favorite flower herbal teas that I’ve had lately.

With A Slightly Grassy Flavor

I would say that the overall flavor of passionflower tea is most influenced by its grassy flavor. This is somewhat of a vegetable flavor similar to what you would find in green tea except not nearly as pronounced or as refreshing, in my opinion.

A little bit surprising that this grassy flavor kind of overtakes what you would expect to be a much more potent floral flavor. But that seems to be the modus operandi of passionflower tea. It’s just a surprising tea.

Passion Flower Tea Has A Little Floral Flavor

Just behind the grassy flavor is the floral or flowery flavor of passionflower tea. This feels like it should be the predominant flavor in the tea. When you smell the dried leaves they certainly have a floral sweet sense about them. But that simply does not translate into the infusion itself.

With all that said you do get a slight, very mild floral Flavor.   Unfortunately, this seems to be the recurring theme in the overall flavor of passionflower tea. Everything is just subdued and Mild. If that’s what you’re looking for as a cup of tea right before bed or something that relaxes you then this might be right up your alley. I just find it a little bit too bland and uninspiring for my tastes.

An Earthy Note

As with many of our flower herbal infusions, you can find some of our favorites right here, there’s a mild or slight earthy flavor to passionflower tea. Like most of the other flavors in this particular herbal infusion, it’s not very pronounced. It can be kind of tough to detect but I felt like there was just enough of that earthy bitterness that I could really include it in the overall flavor profile.

Passion Flower Tea Is Pretty Bland

Of course, this is all just my individual opinion of what I taste when I drink passionflower tea. So you may feel very differently about this particular aspect of the flavor. I find this tea to be incredibly Bland and not very enjoyable to drink. It’s a very relaxing tea to drink and is very mild and very unoffending to your taste buds.

But it just does not do it for me and I don’t really see any way to make it something I would really enjoy on its own. Now you could blend it with some other teas or flavors and you might have something there. But as for the general flavor of passionflower tea, I think it’s one of the weakest herbal infusions I’ve had in a long time.

What Does Passion Flower Smell Like?

The smell of the flowers might be one of the reasons why I’m so disappointed with the overall taste of the passionflower tea. The dried flowers smelled absolutely fantastic. They had a very pleasant floral scent to them.

It wasn’t overpowering like, say, a rose or lavender but it was very nice and made me think that the tea was going to have a flavor very similar to the smell. There was also a very sweet smell to the flowers and again I thought this was going to translate into the herbal infusion, which did not. The flavors are all present but they are so subdued once you steep your tea that it becomes a pretty bland affair.

Making Passion Flower Tea Taste Better

The good news about passionflower tea is that is a prime candidate to blend with other flavors or other teas. Because it’s so mild it’s not going to overpower any tea but it’s still going to bring a little bit of flavor to your other herbal infusion. Here are three of the best flavors that, I think, work well with passionflower tea. Bear in mind that you can mix it with just about anything and really get a good flavor tea out of it.

But just be aware that the other tea is going to overpower most of the time.

  • ChamomileChamomile really Blends well with just about any tea.  Passionflower and chamomile work well together because they’re both fairly mild teas and they complement each other pretty well. The only downside is that you won’t have tons of added flavor when you mix the two because they are so mild.
  • Hibiscus — Hibiscus might be my favorite thing to blend passionflower tea with. Bearing in mind that it’s a limited list of what I’ve mixed with it. But the floral and fruity flavor of hibiscus really makes the passionflower tea that much more appealing. And you don’t need a whole lot of hibiscus tea to add that flavor to it.
  • Honey — Honey is a great flavor to add to passionflower tea. it’s actually a great flavor to add to any tea if you want a little added sweetness. Personally, I like to keep my Beverages and teas calorie-free so I tend not to add sweeteners. But in this case, honey does really bring a lot to the table when we’re discussing passionflower tea. Just be careful not to put too much into it or you just have a cup of sugar water.

Closing Thoughts On The Flavor Of Passion Flower Tea

Now I know I’ve been a little bit harsh on passionflower tea. It’s by no means a bad herbal infusion it’s quite good if you like that type of mild tea or infusion. Just as a personal preference I tend to like my tea A Little Bit Stronger and that’s where passionflower tea really falls down for me.

The other issue I have is that the smell of the flowers was absolutely fantastic and it did not translate into the flavor of the tea. I felt a little bit disappointed and that may have skewed my overall opinion of it just the sheer level of disappointment that it wasn’t going to taste exactly as it smells.

But these things happen sometimes you’ll see from time to time that the smell of a flower or of the tea leaves doesn’t translate directly into the flavor of the steeped tea. It’s just the nature of how dunking plants in hot water works out sometimes. I will say that this tea is a prime candidate for blending with other teas, however.

There are a lot of benefits you get from passionflower tea so even if you add a little bit to your cup of black tea or added to a mug of chamomile tea right before bed.  You were going to get a lot of those benefits from passionflower tea and help to alleviate some of the flavor issues that I personally had with this herbal infusion.

And so that’s my take on the flavor profile of passionflower tea. It’s not a tea that ain’t had before or that I have much experience with. And as mentioned I was a little disappointed.

But that’s the beauty of tea, something that I may not enjoy you may love and the only way you’re going to find out is to try it yourself. You might find another flower herbal tea that you really like, you can find some other ideas for a flower herbal infusion right here. This is just to, hopefully, give you a general idea of what to expect when you take your first sip of passionflower tea.

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