6 Of The Best Brands Of Bitter Melon Tea

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Welcome to our look at the best bitter melon tea brands that you can pick up right now to try this wonderful herbal infusion.

Despite its name bitter melon tea is not all that better. It’s actually I quite refreshing and drinkable herbal infusion that has a host of wonderful benefits.

While it might not be the most popular herbal infusion around its quickly becoming a favorite among herbal tea drinkers especially those with diabetes, as there is evidence that suggests that it can help with that terrible ailment.

So let’s have a look at the best bitter melon tea brands for you to try this year.

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The Best Bitter Melon Tea Brands

#1 Buddha Teas Organic Bitter Melon Tea

  • Origin: Asia
  • Packaging: Teabags
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Naturally Sugar-Free

Buddha Teas is one of my favorite places to find herbal teas. Typically most of their teas are bagged versions but they do have a few loose-leaf options to try.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I found they had a bitter melon tea bag available for herbal tea drinkers like myself.

I find the packaging of Buddha teas organic bitter melon tea to be very good. It is also produced without any flavoring, additives or artificial ingredients.

The teabags are bleach-free and biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about any chemicals seeping into your tea from poorly manufactured tea bags.

So what you get from the Buddha teas organic bitter melon tea is a refreshing full-flavored bitter melon tea that has the wonderful vegetable flavor of this herbal infusion.

I’m not really on the teabag vs. loose leaf tea bandwagon. A lot of people kind of turn their nose up at tea bags and will only even consider loose leaf tease. I just want the tea to taste great and if it comes from a bag so be it.

And that’s the bottom line with Buddha teas bitter melon green tea. It just tastes great. Does a loose-leaf bitter melon tea taste better?

Not in my opinion.

In fact, if I had to pick a bitter melon tea to suggest anyone it would be this one.

There are quite a few loose leaf teas on our list but for convenience and flavor Buddha teas organic bitter melon tea is my top recommendation.

Try Buddha Teas Organic Bitter Melon Tea(*affiliate link) for yourself.

#2 Hamyang Organic Bitter Melon Tea

  • Origin: South Korea
  • Packaging: Teabags
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Naturally Sugar-Free

This 100% organic bitter melon tea is produced in the Jiri Mountains in Hamyang, South Korea.

These tea bags are 100% bitter melon, so you don’t need to worry bout any tea blends masquerading as true bitter melon tea.

I like the packaging of this brand. The bags are solid and appear to be bleach-free and the box itself has a nice appearance, which doesn’t really matter but I always like a nice looking box to have in my cabinet.

The flavor of this tea is as good as everything else on my list. In fact, I would place it at the top next to Buddha Teas offering.

For whatever reason, these two bagged offerings really did it for me. The loose-leaf is great but I really liked the flavor of Hamyang and Buddha Teas just a little bit more.

You can find Hamyang Organic Bitter Melon Tea(*affiliate link), available on Amazon.

#3 T-Shin Dried Loose Bitter Melon Tea

  • Origin: China
  • Sun-Dried Loose Leaf
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Naturally Sugar-Free

This bitter melon tea comes in a resealable can. It is not my favorite packaging and overall this is probably my least favorite tea on this list because of the packaging primarily.

The flavor of the tea is still great and on par with everything else on this list, I just don’t like the plastic jar it comes it.

T-Shin suggests a 3-5 minute steep for their loose bitter melon tea, which is much more in line with how I prepare mine.

Some of the other producers suggest up to a 15-minute steep but I just find it too long for a cup of bitter melon tea.

You can try T-Shin Dried Loose Bitter Melon Tea(*affiliate link) for yourself, available on Amazon.

#4 Coconut Tree Brand Bitter Melon Teabags

  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Teabags
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Naturally Sugar-Free

This brand of bitter melon tea is another convenient bagged option. I still find the flavor of the bitter melon to be just fine when using bitter melon tea bags.

It is an outstanding option for someone who doesn’t want the hassle of dried loose bitter melon. The downside is that it makes bitter melon blends a little more unwieldy.

This bitter melon tea is produced in Vietnam by Luckyshing Co. LTD.

I really enjoyed this bitter melon tea brand. All the flavor was still there, the packaging was fine and the convenience of the teabags was wonderful.

You can find Coconut Tea Brand Bitter Melon Teabags(*affiliate link) on Amazon.

#5 Liwening Organic Bitter Melon Tea

  • Origin: Shandong China
  • Sun-Dried Loose Leaf
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Naturally Sugar-Free

Liwening’s Bitter Melon tea offering originates in China. It is naturally sun-dried and 100% organically grown. They used no chemicals or artificial processes to dry these wonderful slices of bitter melon.

Liwening suggests a 10-15 minute steep for their bitter melon tea, but I find this much too long for bitter melon.

Experiment to find your sweet spot but I recommend starting at around 3 minutes and then moving up until you find that balance for your cup of tea.

Try Liwening Organic Bitter Melon Tea(*affiliate link) for yourself, available on Amazon

#6 EidolonGreen Sun-Dried Bitter Melon Tea

  • Origin: China
  • Dried Loose Leaf Bitter Melon
  • Caffeine-Free
  • Plantation Grown
  • Naturally Sugar-Free

EidolonGreen Bitter Melon tea is another great option for anyone looking for a loose-leaf bitter melon option.

Originating in China this tea comes packaged in a moisture-proof bag to help prolong its shelf-life and is organically grown on plantations. It is sun-dried without the use of chemicals or artificial interference.

I find the flavor to be on par with the other teas on this list. The loose-leaf and bagged flavors are very close in strength with the loose-leaf maybe just a tiny bit ahead.

A 5-15 minute steep time is what is suggested. I tend to be on the low end of this range to get the most flavor with the least amount of bitterness.

EidolonGreen Sun-Dried Bitter Melon Tea(*affiliate link) is available on Amazon.

Final Thoughts On These Wonderful Bitter Melon Tea Brands

That brings us to the end of our look at some of the best bitter melon tea brands currently available.

Bitter melon tea is not a hugely popular herbal infusion and therefore your options when you go to find it in stores is going to be a little bit limited.

Especially when you compare it to some of the more popular herbal teas. However, the health benefits of bitter melon tea are really starting to push it more and more into the mainstream, especially its potential for helping out people with diabetes.

So you should expect more and more options to become available as time moves forward.

However, you don’t have to wait because of these excellent examples of bitter melon tea or just waiting for you to try them.

You can also take these wonderful bitter melon teas and blends them with some other favorites like green tea and craft new flavor experiences that complement the bitter melon.

So find a bitter melon tea that suits your fancy and then create some of your own bitter melon tea blends to really tailor this wonderful herbal infusion to your specific tastes.

Thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day.