What Does Calendula Tea Taste Like?

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Calendula Flower Tea might not be the first tea that comes to mind when you think of herbal teas. In fact, many people have never heard of it at all.

But it is a wonderfully flavorful and beneficial tea in its own right. As it becomes more popular in the day-to-day lives of many people I thought I would add it to our series of tea-tasting articles.

What Does Calendula Tea Taste Like? Calendula Tea has a pretty complex flavor to it. It has an earthy flavor at its base with a slight bitterness to it. The other prominent flavors include a hint of spiciness and pepper flavor. Overall it is a fresh, light, and very drinkable cup of tea.

Each flavor note weaves its way through the tea to create the entire tapestry of flavor that makes Calendula tea such an interesting and wonderful tea to drink. Find out more on Calendula tea in our flower herbal tea guide right here.

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The Earthy Base

As ever it is difficult to convey the flavor of a tea to someone who has never tried it. But I will do my best as always. So let’s get into the bulk of the flavor profile. Starting with the base flavor the earthy undertone.

The earthy flavor is pretty neutral. I liken it to the smell of freshly tilled soil. It is not overwhelming, in fact, Calendula Tea as a whole is pretty light.

But the earthy notes give the tea a little bulk to the experience. Still light but hearty enough that you know the flavor right when you taste it.

Of all the flavors I have to describe in these types of articles the earthy one is my biggest nightmare. The flavor is just there without really tasting anything.

Calendula Tea
The Calendula Tea Is Just About Ready

A Bit Bitter

Often when the tea is bitter it means that it was probably steeped too long. Especially teas like green tea, see our favorites here. Steep them too long and too hot and they become undrinkable.

But that is not always the case. Some herbal infusions are just naturally bitter to some extent. Calendula has that slight bitterness to it. Ever steeped perfectly it is still detectable. The bitterness is just part of the flavor profile.

I would describe it as an extension of the earthy flavor. Don’t let this bitter note throw you though. It comes into full focus when the other flavor notes come into play. This forms a great complimentary taste for the overall tea that is really interesting and unique. On to the next flavor…

A Little Pepper Note

This is why it is so difficult to break down the flavor profile for these wonderful teas. When you say bitter, people think the worst oftentimes. But taken as a whole experience the bitterness simply makes the peppery flavor that much more appealing.

They are not competing with each other, but the peppery flavor helps to cut into the bitterness and together they form their own unique taste that sits just on top of the earthy tones.

Spice Things Up

The pepper flavors add spiciness to the entire experience. It is not a hot spicy but can be a bit of a jolt if you are not expecting it. Many herbal teas are light and smooth and, some would say, bland.

Not calendula though. The flavor is not bland at all. And interestingly there is almost no floral flavor to it, even though this is very much a flower herbal tea.

Still Fresh And Light

Don’t let the peppery spice scare you off. This is still a light and fresh cup of tea. It really has an air of a damp morning. Light, Bright, and a little spicy.

Then you get a little kick from the spicy pepper flavor and the bitterness. It all combines into a really interesting experience.

Of course, if you need to add a little sweetness a couple of drops of honey will do just fine. The tea itself is not very naturally sweet at all.

Flavor Notes: The Recap

  • An Earthy Base Flavor
  • Slightly Bitter
  • Peppery Notes
  • A Little Spicy
  • Still A Fresh and Light Cup of Tea

I like to add these types of lists in for the flavor notes, in case someone is just scanning the article. That way they can get some of the info presented quickly.

calendula flower closeup
The Calendula Flower Looks Wonderful

The Aroma

I view the aroma of the tea as my first taste of it. Before the liquid hits your mouth you get a preview of what is to come. Most of the time the tastes are somewhat similar. But occasionally they are not. Calendula falls into the latter category, in my opinion.

The fragrance is actually pretty sweet. It smells much like a fresh sweet flower would. Almost not of that sweetness is noticeable in the tea. The aroma makes the taste of Calendula tea that much more surprising when you finally get to drink it.

The Flower Behind The Tea

There are quite a few different species of Calendula, as many as 20 individual species(source). They come in a variety of colors, yellow and orange being the most common ones for tea.

These flowers are used in cooking. They are particularly popular in the Mediterranean regions and in the middle east, where they are often added to food dishes there.

The flowers have been used for centuries for a variety of applications, from medicinal uses to ceremonies and rituals of ancient cultures.

Steeping Instructions for Calendula Tea

These are just suggested guidelines. Experiment to find your ideal cup of tea. Everyone has different tastes.

  • The Water Temperature Should be near Boiling, about 212°F. Depending on elevation.
  • The steep time should be a bit shorter than other herbal teas. I like at least 7 minutes for a covered steep.
  • Use Fresh Spring water or filtered tap water and about 1.5-2 Teaspoons of flowers to get that perfect cup of Calendula Tea.

Related Questions For Calendula Tea

How do you make calendula tea?

Using the steeping instructions above you simply add the dried flowers to the boiling water and let them steep for a certain amount of time. You can grow and dry the flowers yourself for this type of herbal tea.

Can dogs drink calendula tea?

They can as it acts as an anti-inflammatory. You can also use the tea as an application for skin conditions in some instances.

Does calendula tea taste good?

This is always going to come down to individual taste, but I think it tastes pretty good. I don’t drink it a lot. And it is certainly not my favorite herbal infusion. But I think it tastes good. Give it a try and see what you think of it.

Is Calendula good for the skin?

Because the flower has antiseptic properties it can help soothe some skin conditions. However, always check with your doctor before using these types of herbal remedies for ailments.

The Finish

Another flavor profile in the books. I hope you have enjoyed this little look into Calendula tea. I have certainly enjoyed bringing it to you.

Remember this is just what I taste and what I think the flavors resemble. You may have very different opinions on the overall taste of Calendula tea. We are, all of us, right in our assessments.

I hope you come back and check out some of our other profiles in flavor or any of our other content. If you want to stick around for a while check out some of our related articles below.

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