Does Lemon Ginger Tea Break A Fast?

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Hello Everyone, Edward here and today we will be looking at the wonderful lemon ginger tea blend and how it fits into a fasting lifestyle.

Does Lemon Ginger Tea Break A Fast? Lemon Ginger Tea does not break your fast. As long as you don’t add sugar or cream to your lemon ginger tea there are no calories which makes it a great option as an occasional replacement for water during a fast.

If you are simply looking for a convenient lemon ginger tea to try while fasting, I recommend Art Of Tea – French Lemon Ginger Tea(*affiliate link).

With that said read on if you want to learn more about why lemon ginger tea is a great beverage to drink during your fasting window.

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What Makes Lemon Ginger Tea Great For Fasting?

Lemon Ginger Tea Is Calorie-Free

The biggest reason that lemon ginger tea makes such a great beverage for anyone who is practicing intermittent fasting is that it is practically calorie-free.

When you are fasting you must not take in any calories, within reason. There are trace amounts of calories in just about everything but fasting requires that you do not take in a measurable amount of calories during your fasting window.

That means that most beverages are off-limits. Teas, like lemon ginger tea, coffee and especially water are your main drinks for fasting.

Even sugar-free beverages that are artificially sweetened and have no calories are frowned upon during a fast(source).

No Carbohydrates

Another great thing about lemon ginger tea is that it has no carbohydrates. Carbs are fine if you choose to include them in your diet during your feeding windows.

But low carb diets work wonderfully with fasting because lowering your carbs helps you get into a fasted state quicker. This is why keto diets and fasting are often used in conjunction with each other(source).

So drinking lemon ginger tea in your feeding window instead of a sugary drink is a great idea even if it doesn’t directly affect your fasted state.

Don’t Add Milk Or Cream

Lemon ginger tea only works well for fasting when it is just lemon ginger tea. You cannot add milk or cream or any other additive that has calories to your cup of tea or it will negate your fasting.

That also includes sugar and honey.

Tea can be a tough drink to swallow for many people because of the state and bitterness that many teas have. As a result, many people tend to add milk and sugar or honey to their tea to help smooth out the taste.

This is simply not an option during your fasting window. My advice would be to find a tea blend that you enjoy and can drink without having to add any sweeteners or milk.

Lemon ginger tea can work in this capacity for many people since it is a very smooth herbal tea. Much smoother than many of the flower herbal teas that tend to have a bit of earthy bitterness to them.

Plus You Get Some Great Lemon Ginger Tea Benefits

Here are some of the best lemon ginger tea benefits that add to the allure of drinking this wonderful herbal blend during your fasting window.

  • May Help Relieve Nausea
  • Helps With Indigestion
  • May Aid In Weight-Loss
  • High In Vitamin C
  • High In Vitamin A
  • Loaded With Anti-Oxidants
  • May Help Promote Hair Care
  • Promotes Healthy Skin With Vitamins And Anti-Oxidants
  • May Help Strengthen Your Immune System
  • Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

These are a few of the best lemon ginger tea benefits(source). There are many others but more scientific data is required to really get an idea of the overall benefits of this herbal tea blend.

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Related Questions About Lemon Ginger Tea

Here are just a few related questions about Lemon Ginger Tea in general and how it relates to fasting specifically. Hopefully, they give you a little bit more insight into this wonderful herbal tea blend.

Does Lemon Ginger Tea Have Caffeine?

Lemon Ginger Tea is naturally caffeine-free. The data on caffeine and fasting seems to be all over the place. For some people, it keeps them from being hungry during their fasting windows.

For others, the negatives outweigh the positives when it comes to caffeine(source). If you want a little caffeine in your lemon ginger tea you can always blend it with green tea or black tea.

However, keeping it caffeine-free means you can drink it any time of day, especially right before bedtime. This is great because most people end their feeding window a few hours before bedtime and having a cup of lemon ginger tea before bed can really keep the hunger pains away overnight.

Is Lemon Ginger Tea Ok For Keto?

I touched on this briefly earlier in the article as it relates to fasting, but lemon ginger tea is perfectly fine for anyone on a keto diet whether that are practicing intermittent fasting or not.

The key factor here is the lack of any measurable carbohydrates in a cup of lemon ginger tea.

Can You Drink Other Ginger Tea Blends While Fasting?

Absolutely. Ginger tea blends are a green addition to any fasting lifestyle provided they are blended with other calorie-free teas. Be aware that blending with teas like black tea and green tea will introduce caffeine into the equation.

Lavender ginger tea is a great alternative ginger tea blend for anyone who wants a little added minty and floral flavor for their cup of ginger tea. You can, in fact, simply add lavender into your ginger lemon tea and have a more complex herbal infusion.

But blending them with other herbal infusions will keep your ginger tea blends calorie and caffeine-free. You can check out some of the most popular ginger tea blends in our article here.

Final Thoughts Lemon Ginger Tea And Intermittent Fasting

Water should always be your go-to drink when you are in a fasted state. But every now and again it is a great idea to replace a cup of water with something that has a little bit of flavor to it.

You have limited options when it comes to drinking during a fasted state. No fruit juice or milk or soda, but a nice cup of tea can fill that void nicely.

And lemon ginger tea is a very refreshing and flavorful water replacement for anyone who practices fasting as part of their lifestyle.

The science behind fasting is really starting to show signs that it is a great lifestyle choice(source). When you combine it with the natural benefits of lemon ginger tea you can really start to see just how powerful a combination fasting and lemon ginger tea can be.

That is all I have for you today. Lemon ginger tea is a great option for faster and it is one of the smoothest herbal teas out there which means that it will appeal to both dedicated tea drinkers and people who are just beginning to find out about the wonderful benefits and overall joy of having a nice cup of ginger lemon tea.

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