Discover These 19 Incredible Ginger Tea Blends

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Looking for a refreshing and revitalizing beverage? Look no further than ginger tea! With its invigorating aroma and numerous health benefits, ginger tea has become a favorite choice for tea enthusiasts around the world. Whether you’re a ginger lover or simply curious to explore new flavors, we’ve curated a list of 19 incredible ginger tea blends that are sure to delight your taste buds.

From classic combinations to unique fusions, these blends offer a perfect balance of zesty ginger and complementary ingredients. Join us on this flavorful journey as we dive into the world of ginger tea blends and uncover some delightful surprises. Get ready to indulge in the warmth and goodness of these aromatic ginger tea creations. Let’s sip our way through these 19 incredible ginger tea blends together!

Ginger Tea is one of the most popular herbal infusions that you’re going to find. And it’s very simple to make. Just take a couple of slices of fresh ginger and pop it in some boiling water let it steep for around ten minutes then pour it into your cup. 

But the interesting thing is that you can take that ginger-infused water and add it to any number of herbal infusions to give you a whole new flavor experience with your cup of tea. Here are just some of the most popular ginger tea herbal Blends that you can try right now.

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lemon and ginger tea in a white cup

#1 Ginger Lemon Tea

This is the big one. The ginger tea blend to end all blends, or in our case to start out our list of ginger tea blends. Lemon and ginger tea is the most popular ginger tea blend out there right now. Throw in a little honey and you have one of the most popular remedies for a sore throat as well.

While this tea has a great number of benefits we are here for the taste. It is delightful. The peppery spicey ginger is an almost perfect complement to the acidic citrus flavor that the lemon brings to the proceedings. If you choose to add a little honey the sweetness adds yet another layer to this wonderful herbal infusion blend.

Make a cup of ginger tea with a couple of slices of fresh and add a little fresh lemon juice to it. It is as simple as that. You can also steep dried lemon peel in with your ginger tea for a similar flavor with a little less acidity. You can also find numerous examples of lemon ginger tea bags if you want something a little more convenient.

The problem with these brands is that they tend to add in a bunch of other stuff from hibiscus to fruit pieces so it can be tough to find just ginger and lemon tea. Your best bet is to make it fresh at home.

However, on the rare occasion that I use a bagged lemon ginger tea, it is typically Twinings of London Lemon & Ginger Herbal Tea Bags(*affiliate link), available on Amazon.

Here is a list of flavors for Twinings lemon and ginger tea…

  • Ginger Root
  • Natural Lemon & Ginger Flavours
  • Lemon Grass
  • Linden
  • Lemon Peel
  • Blackberry Leaves
  • Citric Acid

It still has a good flavor but a homemade cup of ginger lemon tea is still the best.

#2 Rosemary And Ginger Tea

fresh rosemary in a bowl

The savory pine flavor of the rosemary set against the spicy peppery backdrop of the ginger tea is really something special. This infusion has an almost soup texture to it, although not nearly as thick. The infusion is incredibly smooth and has only the slightest touch of bitterness.

I have never been able to find a bagged version of this particular herbal infusion so you will have to buy the ingredients separately and make your own cup from that.

  • Infuse your boiling water with a couple of slices of fresh ginger
  • Steep fresh rosemary (you can use dried as well) or rosemary tea bags in ginger-infused water for about 5-10 minutes
  • I recommend using an infuser any time you steep rosemary as it tends to be a pain to strain out at times.
  • Steep covered and enjoy

Overall this is one of my favorite ginger tea Blends. I love Rosemary as a spice and as a tea on its own. When you steep your fresh Rosemary and some ginger-infused water you get an incredibly refreshing and delicious cup of herbal tea.

I think this herbal infusion works at any time of day because it is caffeine-free so you can have it before bed. It has a bit of spice and zip to it they can really get you going in the morning. This is definitely an herbal infusion that may not be quite mainstream yet but it’s definitely one that you don’t want to miss.

#3 Turmeric and Ginger Tea

powdered ginger and turmeric root heaped on spoons and resting in front of ginger root

Turmeric tea is taking the herbal tea world by storm. So it is no surprise that one of the most popular ways to enjoy the health benefits of turmeric tea is by blending it with ginger. It’s a double-root herbal tea that blends the wonderful spiciness of ginger tea with the somewhat pungent turmeric.

Turmeric is much maligned for its taste but when you make a tea out of it it is actually pretty decent with a bit of earthy sweetness. That is where the ginger tea comes in. Ginger smooths out the rough edges of the turmeric tea and makes it palatable for just about anyone. You can find any number of brands that sell premade turmeric and ginger tea.

#4 Cinnamon Ginger Tea

bowl with sticks of cinnamon in it

Cinnamon ginger tea is a bit of a classic and it’s a great day to have around the holiday season. The flavor profile is great for those cold days when you need more than just the natural heat of the tea to warm you up.

The spiciness and Incredibly unique flavor of the cinnamon blend perfectly with the peppery spicy ginger to give you a herbal infusion that will warm you from your head to your toes. Typically you see cinnamon added to black tea and even green teas on occasion but rarely do you see it mixed directly with ginger tea.

It’s a shame because it really is an outstanding combination. To make it simply steep your ginger and cinnamon in the boiling water and let it roll until it’s strong enough for your particular taste. It is very tough to over-steep cinnamon and ginger tea because both of these ingredients are very robust and can take the heat and the duration of a long steep unlike some other herbal infusions and most teas, particularly green tea.

#5 Chamomile Ginger Tea

cup of chamomile tea with fresh Chamomile flowers nearby

I would say chamomile and ginger tea is probably the third most popular ginger tea blend on our list. I think it probably Falls just behind lemon ginger and ginger turmeric tea.

 The reason for this is because chamomile tea is such a ubiquitous herbal tea especially when it comes to sleepy-time herbal teas. It tends to be the go-to herbal tea for someone looking to use it as a sleep aid or to get a better night’s sleep in general.

The good news is that adding Ginger doesn’t make it any less of an excellent tea choice for someone who is about to go to sleep. Ginger doesn’t add any caffeine to the herbal infusion. What it does do is bring a real vibrant spicy flavor to the somewhat subdued floral Taste of the chamomile tea.

The reason this herbal infusion is so popular is that many people dislike the flavor of chamomile tea. It has a very earthy,  Bland floral flavor that is appealing to many people.

But when you add in the ginger you get a nice smooth refreshing herbal tea that gives you all the health benefits of the chamomile tea and the ginger tea and helps to make it much more palatable for people who aren’t used to drinking herbal infusions.

  • 2 teaspoons of fresh or dried chamomile flowers
  • A water temperature of around 205°F/96°C should do the trick
  • Infuse your boiling water with fresh ginger then pour it over your chamomile flowers
  • Steep covered for about 5 minutes or to taste and enjoy

You can also use chamomile tea bags with ginger-infused water as a more convenient option.

The last option is to find pre-made bags of chamomile ginger tea and go for the ultimate inconvenience by just popping one bag into a cup of hot water and making a cup of tea the old-fashioned way.

One of the best examples of chamomile ginger tea is Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger with Chamomile Herbal Tea(*affiliate link) is a fantastic example of chamomile ginger tea. You can find it on Amazon.

#6 Clove and Ginger Tea

pile of cloves against a white background

I had never tried clove and ginger tea before I discovered it when researching this article. I had tried clove tea once and it was pretty good, but usually, I just used cloves as a flavoring for more complex teas, like Russian tea.

But here we are with a ginger and clove tea blend that turns out to be pretty nice on its own. The warm spicy flavor of the ginger is an almost perfect complement to the strong and sweet flavor of the clove.

It only takes a few cloves, about a teaspoon, to get the full flavor of them in a tea so be careful with how many you use. The amount of cloves is going to come down to personal taste for the most part.

The cloves themselves bring a very spicy and flavorful taste to this blend. The best way that I have found to make this tea is to boil fresh ginger and cloves in a kettle and then just pour a cup of tea from that instead of steeping it individually, although that is also an option. If you do steep a single cup I would take at least 10 minutes to get the flavor out of the gloves and ginger, even 15 minutes might be better.

#7 Fennel Seed Ginger Tea

jar of fennel seeds spilled on a table

Fennel seed and ginger tea are some of those herbal infusions that may take you by surprise. It is not hugely popular and the flavors might not seem to mesh at first glance. The peppery and spicy flavor of the ginger might not look like a good fit for the smooth licorice flavor of the fennel seed. But nothing could be farther from the truth.

The fennel seed adds a nice texture to the ginger fennel tea and brings a wonderful, slightly sweet licorice flavor that helps tame the robust ginger flavor a bit. Another spice rack tea that is fantastic at any time of day.

#8 Peppermint and Ginger Tea

kettle with fresh peppermint sticking out of the top

I’m not sure there is a more compatible blend than Ginger and peppermint tea. It is a wonderfully refreshing tea that you can drink any time of the day because neither of them has caffeine in them. But the caffeine-free and all the benefits you get pale in comparison to the absolutely fantastic taste of this ginger tea blend.

The peppermint brings its distinct minty pepper flavor to the already robust peppery and spicy flavor of the ginger and these two flavor combinations complement each other almost perfectly. To make this blend you can use fresh peppermint to dry peppermint or peppermint tea bags and simply steep it in ginger-infused water.

You can also use peppermint tea bags and ginger tea bags and just add a little bit more water and make multiple Cups of Tea and you have a quick refreshing cup of herbal tea that is going to be smooth enough for just about anyone even people who aren’t used to drinking herbal teas.

There are a few brands of excellent peppermint and ginger teas that you can pick up if you want a more convenient option. I like Celebration Herbals Ginger Peppermint Tea(*affiliate link) for a premade boxed version, it keeps it simple and puts the peppermint and ginger front and center.

#9 Ginger Green Tea

cup of green tea being poured from a kettle

Blending a cup of green tea with ginger gives you an incredible flavor combination that will really brighten up your day. The sweet grassy flavor of the green tea Blends almost perfectly with the spicy pepper flavor of the ginger.

This is a wonderful tea to drink in the morning where the caffeine from the green tea can do its magic and the eye-opening aroma and taste of the ginger will get you going the minute you step out the door. Simply replace your regular water with ginger-infused water and steep your green tea as usual.

One thing to keep in mind when you are making your ginger green tea is to let the water cool for a while before steeping your green tea. You can easily burn your green tea if the water is too hot and this will make it very astringent and bitter.

The temperature depends on the type of green tea you are using for this ginger tea blend. Each variation of green tea tends to have its own temperature requirements so double check to make sure you get the right heat for your cup of ginger green tea.

If you are interested in a boxed version of this outstanding blend, I recommend Traditional Medicinals Organic Green Ginger Tea(*affiliate link), available on Amazon.

#10 Lime Ginger Tea

slices of fresh lime on a wooden cutting board

While not as popular as lemon ginger tea, lime ginger tea brings a lot of the same properties to this herbal blend along with the unique flavor of the lime itself. You can add a bit of fresh lime to your cup of ginger tea or even steep lime zest or dried lime peel in with your ginger tea to get a refreshing citrusy infusion that is wonderful at any time of day.

The citrus flavor of the lime compliments the ginger quite well, but you need to be careful not to overdo it or you run the risk of overpowering the ginger tea with the powerful flavor of the lime. Lemon ginger gets all the publicity but lime ginger is every bit its equal and should be tried at least once just for comparison’s sake.

#11 Oregano Ginger Tea

I had not even thought about oregano ginger tea before researching this article. The result is interesting, to say the least. I am sure just how big a fan I am of this herbal infusion but It is certainly something different.

Basically, you take some fresh oregano (dried works as well) or oregano teabags and steep it in ginger-infused water. It is simple and straightforward. Oregano tea brings a whole host of benefits from skin benefits to immune-boosting effects(source) to this ginger tea infusion so it makes it worthwhile to try just to see if you like it.

The flavor blends the savory oregano with the spicy ginger into a unique herbal tea. I think with a few more cups it might grow on me but as it stands I would not put it at the top of my list of favorite ginger blends.

#12 Orange Peel And Ginger Tea

orange peel being removed from and orange against a black background

Orange peel and ginger tea is another great citrus ginger blend reminiscent of lemon and ginger tea. I get a distinct Lady Grey Tea vibe from this herbal blend. The natural oils from the orange peel give the tea a citrus punch. The peppery ginger blends well with this orange citrus flavor and the orange peel helps to make this one of the smoothest blends on our list.

Steeping dried orange peel or adding a little orange zest to your ginger tea is the best way to make a cup of this fun and refreshing herbal infusion.

#13 Parsely And Ginger Tea

a sprig of parsely in front of some clear jars next to a window

Yep, parsley tea is a thing. Add a little ginger and you have our next entry on the list. Just steep a little fresh parsley and some ginger-infused water and you have a whole new flavor combination that quite frankly very few people probably ever thought about.

You can also use dry parsley well just take a couple of teaspoons and drop it into your infuser play sit in your ginger tea and there you go another wonderful T combination right off your spice rack. About a 5-minute steep is just what you need to make a cup of this herbal infusion. But of course, you can sleep as long or short as you want as long as it’s to your liking.

In addition to making a fresh cup of ginger parsley tea, you can use parsley tea bags and stick them in the ginger-infused water. All in all, this is a Savory and refreshing cup of herbal tea. The ginger and the parsley work surprisingly well together and make a very warm and flavorful herbal tea.

#14 Pear Ginger Green Tea

Pears might not be the first thing you think of when deciding what fruit to add to your ginger green tea. Typically it is the classics like lemon, lime, or orange.

But adding a little pear brings the refreshing, unique flavor of the pear to the ginger green tea. When you add the pair to the grassy fresh flavor of the green tea and the spicy peppery ginger you get a very smooth and complex tea that can send your tastebuds into overdrive.

Adding dried pair into an infuser with loose-leaf green tea is going to help the flavors mingle and then steep in ginger-infused water and you have yourself a wonderful and flavorful blend. For a convenient bagged version, I suggest Tazo Ginger Green Tea(*affiliate link), available on Amazon.

Ginger and pear make a great blend for white tea as well. They are delicate enough not to overpower the white tea and the result is a nice refreshing cup of tea. Tea Forté Organic White Ginger Pear Tea(*affiliate link) is a great example of a white tea ginger blend. It is available on Amazon.

#15 Pineapple And Ginger Green Tea

pineapple submerged in water

The ginger pineapple green tea flavor is straight from the tropics. It is refreshing sweet and loaded with that distinct pineapple flavor that you love. Add the spicy ginger and the sweet and grassy green tea and you have a delightful tropical green tea that you can enjoy year-round.

I have never had much luck with making my own dried fruit teas. You need to balance the amount of fruit and make sure it has no added sugars or it can really overpower the flavor of the tea. So when it comes to blends like ginger pineapple green tea I tend to just buy it premade and save myself the headache.

For a great example of this herbal green tea, you can’t do much better than the Republic Of Tea Pineapple Ginger Green Tea(*affiliate link), available on Amazon. You get all the benefits of ginger tea and green tea along with the wonderful benefits of pineapple all rolled into one delicious package. One thing to keep in mind is that green tea has caffeine so this is not a caffeine-free herbal tea like many others on our list.

# 16 Rooibos Ginger Tea

man drinking a cup of red tea

Rooibos ginger tea should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. Rooibos, often called red tea in the west, Has quickly become one of the more popular herbal infusions around.

It’s derived from the African red bush and when you mix it with ginger you get a nice refreshing version of the incredibly popular red tea. Rooibos tea  Has an earthy slightly sweet flavor to it that works well with the spicy and peppery flavor of the ginger.

I have found that if you add too much ginger to the water then you can overpower the taste of the red tea somewhat.  So it’s just something to think about when you are making this tea you might want to carefully monitor how much Ginger you’re adding to your water.

The easiest way to make a cup of rooibos ginger tea is to steep a bag of red tea in ginger-infused water. You can also find Ginger rooibos tea bags that are even more convenient. I recommend Biedouw Valley Rooibos and Ginger teabags(*Affiliate Link) for a convenient and tasty premade version of this ginger blend. You can find it on Amazon.

#17 Sage And Ginger Tea

metal ladle full of fresh sage leaf

The sweet, somewhat mild taste of sage tea makes a wonderful base for this ginger tea blend. Like other entries on our list, you need to be careful not to use too much ginger or you run the risk of overpowering the delicate sage flavor. You can make a quick cup of sage ginger tea by adding sage to your ginger-infused water.

  • 2 teaspoons of fresh or dried sage leaves
  • 1 1/4 inch slice of fresh ginger, boil in the kettle
  • Pour the ginger-infused water over your sage and steep for around 5-10 minutes or to your personal taste.
  • Always steep covered and enjoy.

I didn’t have much luck finding a boxed version of sage ginger tea so this is a do-it-yourself job for the foreseeable future. You can use sage tea bags in place of fresh or dried sage.

#18 Star Anise Ginger Tea

star anise pods scattered over a wooden table

Star anise and aniseed are two separate herbal ingredients although they do have a similar taste. For this blend, we are using a star anise. Star anise brings a subtle licorice flavor to the ginger tea. It helps to smooth out the spicy peppery flavor of the ginger while still complimenting the smooth flavor of the star anise. Simply boil some fresh ginger then steep some star anise for about 5-10 minutes to get a nice cup of this herbal blend.

A Few Other Ginger Tea Blends To Try

These are some lesser-known ginger teas that I have not tried but they came up in my research for this article. I don’t want to go too in-depth with them since I don’t have any experience with how they taste or the particulars of how to make them. So I will list them here and add them to the article proper as I try and evaluate them.

  • Moringa And Ginger Tea
  • Saffron And Ginger Tea
  • Nettle Ginger Tea
  • Jasmine Ginger Tea
  • Ginger Garlic Tea
  • Elderflower Ginger Tea
  • Elderberry Ginger Tea
  • Dandelion Root Ginger Tea
  • Dandelion Flower Ginger Tea
  • Lemongrass And Ginger Tea

That’s A Wrap For Ginger Tea And Friends

That brings us to the end of our look at the fantastic ginger root herbal tea blends. The star of the show is definitely the lemon and ginger tea. It’s by far the most popular and it’s one of the most well-known home remedies for a cold or a cough.

Chances are your mother made it for you at some point in your childhood in order to get rid of that cough.  add just a little bit of honey and you have a sweet refreshing cup of tea that just about anybody is going to like.

But let us not neglect the dozens of other fantastic ginger tea blends that are on our list. They’re all very simple to make by just pouring ginger-infused water over the new ingredient to create a whole new flavor experience. And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Technically you can make ginger tea and blend it with just about anything.

The resulting tea may or may not be very drinkable but it’s always worth it to give it a try and see if you can create a new herbal infusion that will quickly become your new favorite cup of tea.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day

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