What Does Lady Grey Tea Taste Like?

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Hello Everybody, Edward here and today I would like to bring you a taste profile of one of the smoothest and most drinkable black teas around. Please welcome Lady Grey Tea…

What Does Lady Grey Tea Taste Like? Lady Grey Tea tastes like a more subtle and citrusy version of earl grey tea. Lady Grey was created by the Twinings Tea Company by adding orange and lemon peel to their earl grey tea.

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Now on to the flavor profile of this wonderful black tea.

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The Flavor Profile Of Lady Grey Tea

The overall flavor profile of Lady Grey tea is pretty complex. It takes the already interesting Earl Grey tea and stacks a few layers of citrus flavor right on top of it. The result is an incredibly smooth and citrusy black tea that is really a joy to drink.

A More Mellow Black Tea Blend

The first thing I think most people will notice about Lady Grey tea is that it is not as malty as a traditional earl grey tea. It is a lighter black tea that reduces the bitterness in black tea to almost none.

This is a combination of the black teas used and the added citrus flavors but it is a remarkably enjoyable cup of black tea for everyone including non-tea drinkers.

Lady Grey Still Has That Bergamot Oil Flavor

The basis for the wonderful flavor of Earl Grey tea is the Bergamot oil that is infused into the black tea itself. The same is true of Lady Grey tea. The types of black tea might be different and a little bit milder but the Bergamot oil still brings this wonderful citrusy flavor to the lady Grey tea.

The Bergamot oil is not as pronounced as it is in Earl Grey tea because of the added Citrus flavor of the lemon peel and the orange peel, which we will get to in a minute.

It’s not pushed out of the picture completely and in fact, it forms the Citrus base of the entirety and it complements the added citrus lemon and orange flavors.

With A Bit Of Orange Peel

There are two distinct flavors that make lady Grey different from Earl Grey. The first one is the orange peel that is added to the Earl Grey tea to bring an orange Citrus tea flavor to the T and really help smooth out the black tea a little bit more.

The orange peel is distinctively different from the Bergamot oil.  I think the orange peel compliments the Bergamot oil by bringing that refreshing orange flavor to the t a little bit.

It’s almost like taking the peel of an orange and breaking it and you get that little mist of orange peel oil,  that’s really the best way to describe the orange flavor that this brings to Lady Grey tea.

And Lemon Peel Rounding Out The Flavor

The second flavor that is added to Earl Grey tea to create the wonderful Lady Grey tea is the lemon peel. The orange peel that spoke about earlier as a nice little bit of flavor to it but the lemon peel is the one that you can really taste in the lady Grey tea.

It’s really almost like adding lemon juice to your tea. All of that not that acidic. You get all of the flavors of the lemon right there in the tea bag or in the loose leaf tea that you would normally have to add from a fresh lemon or bottled lemon juice.

What it does though is make the lemon flavor part of the oils that make up the lady Grey tea. When you add a little bit of lemon juice to your tea it kind of breaks up the flavor a little bit and that’s not the case with the lemon peel built into the flavor experience of Lady Grey tea.

One Of The Smoothest Black Teas

Lady Grey tea is one of the smoothest black teas that I have ever tried. Typically a black tea will have a little bit of bitterness from the production methods used to create the black tea.

Teas like Earl Grey are mixed with Bergamot oil to help reduce the bitterness and give it a citrusy flavor and the same can be said about lady grey but the added lemon peel an orange peel take that Citrus flavor to a whole other level. 

and it says Citrus flavor that helps smooth out the black tea to the point where there is literally no bitterness left in the entire cup of tea and it is one of the best experiences that a new tea drinker can have with black tea.

Aroma Of Lady Grey Tea

The aroma of the lady Grey tea is very similar to The Taste. I think the lemon peel is really the Citrus flavor that you’re going to notice most when you smell the tea. Even if you take a whiff of the bag before you make the tea it is the lemon peel that really sets the base for the Citrus flavor in the lady Grey tea.

The Lady Grey Tea Finish

I’m a huge fan of Earl Grey tea. I think it’s one of the best black teas that you can possibly drink.

But lady grey is up there as well.

It is a proprietary blend of the Twinings Tea Company which,  so unlike Earl Grey tea there aren’t a lot of different brands that have this particular flavor.

I think it’s a bit unfortunate because it is such a wonderful tea blend that I would like to see other companies try and make their own interpretation of this wonderful black tea blend.

But for the moment you have to buy either the twinings bag version or they’re loose leaf offering for your lady Grey tea.

You can also try and make your own by using a loose-leaf earl grey black tea and adding in lemon peel and orange peel and then steeping that as your cup of homemade lady Grey tea.

I think Lady Grey tea might be the perfect black tea to introduce to someone who is not a traditional tea drinker.  A lot of times it is the bitterness and harshness of black tea that really makes people not want to drink it.

That’s why something like green tea is a little bit more popular because it is smoother due to the oxidation process not being nearly as long as it is for black tea.

But when you add in the Bergamot oil the orange peel the lemon peel and the very mild blend of black teas that are used to create lady Grey tea you have one of the smoothest and most drinkable and least bitter black tees currently on the market.

It’s a wonderful experience and I urge everyone to try it at least once and see what you think about it.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.