Hibiscus Lavender Tea Is A Tangy, Refreshing Cup Of Tea

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Hello, everybody Edward here and today I’m going to be bringing you a look at a neat little tea that blends the wonderfully tangy hibiscus flower with the slight minty floral flavor of the lavender flower.

What Is Hibiscus Lavender Tea? Hibiscus lavender tea is an herbal infusion using the flowers of both the hibiscus plant and the lavender plant.  steeping both of these flowers in hot water will give you a delightful cup of herbal tea that combines the great flavors of each flower.

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close up of a red hibiscus flow on a black background

The Delightfully Tangy Hibiscus Lavender Tea

How To Make Hibiscus Lavender Tea

Making a hibiscus lavender tea is pretty straightforward. Basically you just want to use equal parts hibiscus flowers and equal parts lavender flowers and then steep as you normally would for an herbal infusion.

You can also use teabags of lavender or hibiscus tea. If you choose teabags I recommend using a little bit more water because an individual tea bag is designed for about 10oz of water so if you use two then you might want to double the water or you will get a very strong cup of tea.

Typically this is why I like to use loose leaf ingredients when I create my own tea blends.

Another option and one that I use most is to blend the teas ahead of time.  basically, take equal parts of each flower and mix them into a tea tin and then let it sit until I’m ready to use it.

At that point, I just use two teaspoons of the blended mix to steep a regular cup of tea.

The big benefit of this is the flavors and Aromas really get a chance to mingle and mix while they’re in the can.

Use The Right Water

One of the most important aspects to getting a great cup of tea is using a good type of water. You typically want to avoid using unfiltered tap water, mineral water, or distilled water. Those were almost always negatively affect the overall flavor of the tea.

With herbal tea the effect on the flavor of the water isn’t as powerful as it would be with a green tea or a white tea but it is still something you really need to consider when you’re steeping your tea.

Ideally, you want to use filtered tap water or bottled spring water for your tea. The difference in flavor and taste is really profound at times especially if you aren’t used to drinking your tea with good quality water.

DIY Ginger Lavender Tea

  • 1 teaspoon of loose leaf hibiscus flowers
  • 1 teaspoon loose leaf lavender
  • Water Temperature around 205°F
  • Steep for 5-10 minutes or to taste
  • Always steep your tea covered and enjoy
  • You can also use hibiscus and lavender tea bags but I recommend using a bit more water if you go that route

What Does Hibiscus Lavender Tea Taste Like?

The overall taste profile of lavender hibiscus tea is pretty complex. This is because hibiscus and lavender tea on their own have a pretty interesting flavor profile, to begin with.

When you mix them together they blend pretty well as long as you keep your amounts relatively even so that one doesn’t overwhelm the other. The resulting blend gives you the best of both worlds without diluting either the Hibiscus or the lavender flavor.

Floral Is The overwhelming Flavor

As you might expect the overwhelming flavor note for hibiscus and lavender tea is a very flowery, floral base.   both of these flower herbal teas have a pretty distinct flowery flavor in their own right and when you mix them together the floral flavor is really what comes through the most.

 It’s not a single flowery flavor, however. The lavender brings its own unique floral flavor in the Hibiscus does as well along with all the smaller more subtle flavors that each ingredient brings to this herbal tea blend.

The bottom line here is if you do not like flower herbal teas then you’re probably not going to enjoy this one either because that is exactly what you’re signing up for when you blend these two flower herbal infusions.

Hibiscus Brings A Tangy Note

What are the most unique flavors for hibiscus tea is the slightly Tangy or tart undertone that the herbal infusion has. It’s almost a cranberry-like Flavor. Fortunately, when you blend it with lavender tea it does not lose this wonderful Tangy flavor no.

So you get the wonderful flower flavor of the Hibiscus along with the floral flavors of the lavender with a touch of Tangy almost cranberry-like fruitiness that really makes for a refreshing cup of tea.

Hibiscus Lavender Tea Is Slightly Earthy

As with most flower herbal infusions, there is a bit of an earthy flavor to this particular flower herbal blend.

It’s nothing that’s really off-putting and it’s a very slight earthiness but it is going to still be there along with a slight bitterness that’s common among flower herbal teas.

With A Little Minty Note

There’s always a slightly minty flavor with lavender tea. Lavender is, of course, part of the mint family just like spearmint or peppermint(source). But it’s much more subdued. The Hibiscus lavender tea blend has a tiny bit of this minty Edge to it but it might not be as noticeable as you would think.

If your experience with herbal teas and you might pick up on it pretty well but for casualty drinkers, it might just blend in with the tanginess of the hibiscus flower.

Hibiscus Lavender Tea Is Pretty Smooth

The overall feel of the lavender hibiscus tea blend is that it is pretty smooth. It’s not the smoothest herbal infusion and it can get a little bit bitter if you are not used to drinking herbal teas particularly herbal flour infusions.

Still, the earthy flavor and bitterness don’t really overwhelm the tea that much. And I think it’s a good herbal tea for just about anyone even people who aren’t herbal tea drinkers for the most part.

The Aroma Of Hibiscus Lavender Tea

In my opinion, the lavender Aroma really overwhelms the Hibiscus for the most part when’s talking about the smell of the tea.

The flavor is much more balanced but the aroma is definitely weighted to the lavender to the point where it smells almost like a regular lavender tea instead of a lavender hibiscus tea blend.

The Hibiscus Lavender Tea Finish

And that just about wraps up our look at the wonderfully delightful hibiscus lavender tea blend. 

I think this is one of the more interesting herbal tea Blends that I’ve tried in recent years. You get the best of both worlds without one of the other really overwhelming the entire herbal tea.

You also get a great herbal tea blend that doesn’t rely on green tea or black tea which introduces caffeine into the mix. 

As a result, you get a great herbal tea that you can drink any time of day and combine all the benefits of hibiscus tea with the benefits of lavender tea and the wonderful flavors of each.

It’s a delightful refreshing Tangy and floral-herbal tea that will have you coming back for more.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.