Fennel Tea: Fasting Friend or Foe? Will Fennel Tea Break A Fast?

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Fasting has become a popular health trend in recent years, with many people embracing its potential benefits for weight loss and overall well-being. But what about fennel tea? This aromatic herbal beverage has gained attention for its various health properties, but does it have the potential to break a fast? Let’s dive into the world of fennel tea and explore whether it can be a fasting friend or a fasting foe.

Will Fennel Tea Break A Fast? Fennel Tea should not pull you out of your fasted state. It has no measurable calories which makes it a good occasional replacement for water during intermittent fasting.

Water should be the main beverage during your fast but adding fennel tea or another herbal or true tea to your fasting repertoire has some great benefits read on to find out what makes fennel tea such a great option for fasting.

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a pile of fennel seeds on a brown table. does Fennel Tea break a fast

Does Fennel Tea Break A Fast?

Fennel Tea Has No Calories

The most important requirement for finding something to drink for fasting is that it has no calories. A true fast means that you will be taking in as close to zero calories during your fasting window.

I say as close to zero as possible because there are negligible calories in just about everything, including your own saliva. So while there may be trace calories in a cup of fennel tea it should not interfere with your fasting.

May Help Suppress Hunger

Thee is some evidence that fennel seed tea helps suppress hunger(source). This makes it an incredible tool to use during your fasting windows.

After you’ve been fasting for quite some time hunger pangs are really not much of an issue for the most part. They still pop up from time to time but they’re not as prevalent as someone who is just starting out.

Fennel tea can help alleviate some of those hunger pains, especially for beginning fasters. But it is also going to help anyone who has a little bit of trouble at the end of their fasting window. 

A quick cup of fennel tea can help push you through to the end of that window and into your feeding window which makes all the difference when it comes to not giving up on your intermittent fasting lifestyle.

No Caffeine In Fennel Tea

This might be a plus or minus depending on where you come down on the caffeine debate. There are certainly some benefits to caffeine as well as some negative side effects like Jitters and keeping you awake at night.

But there is some evidence that shows that caffeine can be beneficial for people who are fasting(source). But as mentioned it can also affect your sleep patterns so it’s not a great idea to drink caffeine-laden beverages right before you go to bed.

This makes fennel tea a great option to drink just before bedtime. Typically people are already a couple of hours into their fasting window when they are about to go to bed so drinking a nice not break your fast but it will also help soothe your stomach and the digestion of whatever meal that you had a few hours before.

Just be wary about the amount of fennel tea that you drink right before bed because while it won’t keep you awake you will be up using the bathroom often if you drink a good amount of it.

If you’re having a cup of tea first thing in the morning it might be best to try something like green tea or even a black tea because you might want that caffeine to get you going in the morning. This is where fennel tea might not be the best option for a fasting window.

Related Questions

Here we have a couple of questions related to fennel tea in general. Hopefully, they will shed a little extra light on fennel tea in general and fennel tea as it related to fasting.

Where Can I Learn More About Fennel Seed Tea In General?

Funny you should ask that because we happen to have an article detailing just about everything you would want to know about fennel seed tea.  It goes into depth on how to make a good cup of fennel seed tea as well as some of the wonderful benefits that you get from drinking this incredible herbal infusion.

It also delves into what to expect when you take a sip of fennel tea for the first time. There are also a few fennel seed tea blends that we discuss to add a little flavor to your fennel seed tea, and the good thing is that the blends work for fasting as well.

Fennel seed and anise seed tea are one of the more popular fennel tea blends, you can check out our article here.

Can You Make Fennel Tea Out Of Fennel Seed From A Spice Rack?

I don’t see why not. Someone asked me this a while back and I tried it and it seemed to work just fine. One thing I would be wary of is the age of the fennel seed on your spice rack.

The older it is the less flavor it probably is going to have. I recommend getting some fresh fennel seed for your tea. After you taste a good cup of fennel seed tea you won’t have to worry about it getting old.

My favorite loose fennel seed for making tea is Starwest Botanical Organic Fennel Seed(*affiliate link). It has always made a great cup of tea for me.

Final Thoughts On Fennel Tea And Fasting

That wraps up our look at fennel tea and fasting. These two go great together as is often the case with a lot of these herbal teas,  as well as true teas like green tea.

The big difference between the two is that herbal teas tend not to have caffeine which makes them great options for bedtime tea as well as midday to use when you don’t want the Jitters of caffeine during your fasting window.

The bottom line is that you want to make sure that water is the primary beverage that you drink during your fasted state but it’s always a great idea to introduce a cup of tea during those fasted periods So that you can have a little bit of extra flavor as well as all the health benefits and hunger suppression benefits that teas sometimes bring.

That’s all I have for you today thank you for visiting and have a wonderful day.