What Does Elderberry Tea Taste Like? A Tart And Tangy Herbal Infusion

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In my Everlong quest to find interesting herbal teas to try, I have often overlooked berry herbal teas. They are not as popular as root herbal infusions, like ginger tea. And they are typically well behind the mainstream flower herbal teas like chamomile or hibiscus.

But one berry tea, in particular, is forcing its way into the mainstream consciousness like few other herbal infusions. Elderberry tea. Touted for its ability to aid the immune system this herbal infusion is experiencing a renewed focus on its benefits and its taste.

What Does Elderberry Tea Taste Like? Not to be confused with elderflower tea, elderberry tea has a smooth crisp flavor with some tangy and tart notes supported by a slightly sweet and earthy base. The finish is reminiscent of berries.

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Join us as we take a deeper look at the flavor of elderberry tea and be sure to check out the FAQ to discover even more about this wonderful herbal infusion.

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The Flavor Profile Of Elderberry Tea

Elderberry tea has a fairly complex, although not unexpected flavor profile. It is a fruit tea so it is dominated but a fruit or berry flavor with a nice natural sweetness. The nuance of the flavor is really what sets it apart from other fruit herbal teas.

Keep in mind that taste is always very subjective. So take this as a general guide of what to expect from this herbal tea as it is only my interpretation of the flavors that I taste.

Elderberry Tea Is Tart And Tangy

Tart and tangy are the first flavors that come to mind when drinking a cup of elderberry tea. It is a berry tartness similar to cranberry but not nearly as potent as a glass of cranberry juice.

As with most fruit teas they fall behind the flavor of the fruit juice because you are removing all the sugar and much of the flavor by simply steeping the berries instead of juicing them.

However, you still get the tangy and tart flavor as the foundation for this particular herbal infusion. The other flavors compliment this tart and tangy base and build a complex flavor profile for the tea in general.

With Slight Natural Sweetness

You will probably also notice a slight natural sweetness with this tea. It is important to make a distinction between sweet and sugary. If you are expecting something along the lines of fruit juice you will be disappointed.

The natural sweetness is similar to green tea, although I think a nice sweet sencha might be a little bit sweeter all things considered.

The point is that this is a subtle natural sweetness that can be easily overlooked if you are new to drinking tea or you drink a lot of sugary drinks leading up to your cup of tea.

And A Bit Of Earthiness

Like most herbal teas there is a touch of earthy flavor attached to it. It is not nearly as pronounced as some root herbal teas or even flower herbal infusions, but the dirty earthy flavor can still be tasted a little bit in this otherwise smooth herbal tea.

Finished With A Hint Of Berry Flavor

Finishing everything off is the berry flavor. This is also a pretty subtle flavor that is reminiscent of tart cranberry, in my opinion. This is the flavor that lingers on the lips and tongue after a sip of this delightful brew.

I think this is the expected flavor of the overall tea and it is the one that you will remember along with the tart and tanginess.

It might come across as a little medicinal for newer drinkers and it can have a bit of a cough medicine flavor at times, or so I am told. I don’t really detect the medicinal flavors but some of my compatriots mentioned it so I thought I would put it in for completionist sake.

The Elderberry Tea Aroma

Elderberry tea has a pretty strong aroma all things considered. I think the smell is quite a bit earthier than the actual tea. You can still get a sense of the berry flavor and a slight hint of sweetness in the smell. Overall the taste and the smell are pretty similar, with the smell being a little more earthy and pungent.

Elderberry Tea FAQ

Does Elderberry Tea Have Caffeine?

Elderberry tea does not contain caffeine. It is not a true tea, like black or green tea, and is derived from elderberries and not the Camellia sinensis plant that all true tea is made from. Adding a real tea to your elderberry tea will add some caffeine. The exact amount depends on the type of tea.

Does Elderberry Tea Have Calories, Carbohydrates, or Sugar?

Elderberry tea is naturally calorie-free. It also has no carbohydrates or sugars as long as you are not eating the berries themselves. For most packaged elderberry teas, like Buddha Teas Organic Elderberry Tea, you can find a nutrition label that will give you the low down on what to expect from this herbal infusion.

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Is Elderberry Tea Keto Or Fasting Friendly?

It should be just fine for anyone practicing intermittent fasting or on a keto diet. As mentioned above it has no calories making it great as a fasting option. It also has no carbs which make it an ideal candidate for a ketogenic diet.

Whether it is right for your specific diet or lifestyle is something you will have to decide for yourself but there is nothing to exclude it from low-carb diets or fasting in general.

The Elderberry Tea Finish

That wraps up our look at the flavor profile for elderberry tea. I enjoy the flavor of this herbal infusion but I don’t really consider it one of my favorites. I prefer green teas and herbal flower tea over most fruit teas. Although I am a sucker for any tea with pineapple in it.

I think that anyone who enjoys a good fruit tea will probably enjoy this herbal infusion on some level, especially if you enjoy berry teas. Even berry leaf teas, like raspberry leaf tea, would give you a good indication of whether or not to try elderberry tea.

Overall this is yet another solid and flavorful herbal tea to try. It may never end up in your pantheon of great teas but it is certainly worth your time for the great elderberry benefits alone.

If you enjoy the flavor it can easily become a part of your tea drinking routine. It also makes a great base for blended tea. Finding flavors that complement this herbal infusion is not difficult and can help you experience new and interesting flavors.

Some of my favorites blends are hibiscus elderberry tea, ginger elderberry tea, and elderberry and chamomile tea. But you can blend it with whatever suits your fancy to create your own unique herbal tea flavor.

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