Curious About Oregano Thyme Tea? 2 Amazing Flavors In One Cup!

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If you are in the mood for a refreshing and savory cup of herbal tea then I might just have what you are looking for. It might not be the most popular herbal infusion around but it is worth your time to try a cup of this interesting flavor blend.

What Is Thyme And Oregano Tea? Oregano Thyme tea is an herbal infusion that combines both herbs in near-boiling water. Steeping these ingredients produces a savory herbal brew that takes on the characteristics of both oregano and thyme tea.

Let’s dive in a little deeper and see how to make a cup and what it should taste like when you try this wonderful infusion.

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A Closer Look At Thyme Oregano Tea

How To Make Oregano Thyme Tea

Thyme oregano tea is a very straightforward cup of tea to make. In fact, if push comes to shove you can just stroll over to your spice rack and measure out a teaspoon of each ingredient drop it in some hot water and you have a quick cup of herbal tea. However, I do recommend you use fresh thyme and oregano when you can but dried tastes great as well.

DIY Thyme And Oregano Tea

  • 1 teaspoon oregano (dried or fresh) or 1 oregano teabag
  • 1 teaspoon Thyme (dried or fresh) or 1 Thyme teabag
  • Use about 10 oz of quality bottled spring water or filtered tap water
  • Water Temperature Should be around 205°F/96°C
  • I recommend using an infuser when steeping this herbal tea
  • Steep for 5 to 10 minutes (longer or shorter depending on personal taste). Always steep your tea covered.

And Enjoy. That is all there is to it. Most people probably have never considered trying this type of herbal tea but I think that you will enjoy a nice refreshing cup.

What Does Oregano And Thyme Tea Taste Like?

Thyme and oregano are very similar in their overall flavors and as a result, they make a pretty flavorful tea when you combine them.  Let’s break down what the flavor profile is in general terms and keep in mind that any flavor profile is going to be very subjective for the person who is drinking it.

The flavors that I experience might be very different than the ones you do so this is just my interpretation of the flavor profile of oregano thyme tea.

Fresh And Grassy

In my opinion, the biggest flavor that you’re going to get from your time oregano tea is a grassy flavor. It’s not the same type of vegetable or grassy flavor that you get from green tea.

This one is a bit less sweet and a little bit more Savory but it is a very refreshing and flavorful grassy flavor that works as the foundation for this herbal infusion.


There is a distinctively Savory flavor to this herbal infusion. Most teas are not what you would describe as Savory.  In fact, this tastes very little like what you would expect tea to taste like. Whether it’s green tea, black tea, or an herbal floral tea, Thyme oregano tea has a very distinct flavor that sets it apart from these other types of tea.

The big reason for this is the savory flavor that you get from these herbs. These are typically used as cooking herbs so you would expect them to have this type of flavor because they are used to season Foods. I would say that the flavor of the tea is a lot more delicate than you would expect it to be given that these herbs can be quite pungent when you put them on your food. However, when you steep them they do lose a bit of their potency which makes for a smoother cup of tea.

A Little Natural Sweetness

The oregano and the time bring their own little bit of natural sweetness to this herbal infusion. In my opinion, it’s not nearly as sweet as a sencha green tea or a hibiscus herbal tea just for two examples.

This is a very subtle sweetness but it’s definitely detectable I think it probably comes a little bit more from the thyme than the oregano but that could just be my interpretation of the flavor. What the sweetness does bring to this tea is a nice smoothing sensation that really wipes away any hints of bitterness.

Very Smooth

When you add everything together, the savory, grassy flavor of thyme and oregano and the natural sweetness that both of them bring to the herbal infusion you get an incredibly smooth drink that isn’t really that overwhelming when it comes to its overall flavor profile.

Bitterness is really the big issue that a lot of people have with tea and herbal teas in particular. So something like oregano thyme tea is a great introductory tea for people who have a lot of problems with bitterness in tea. so if you have a friend or family member who’s looking to try a new herbal infusion but wants to get something that’s not overly better maybe make them a nice cup of oregano thyme tea and see how they like it.

The Aroma Of Oregano Thyme Tea

The aroma is much more pungent than the actual flavor of the tea.  When you’re measuring out your oregano and your time and popping it into your tea infuser to make your tea use the proper amount and try not to think of the aroma of the ingredients because that will sway you to use a little bit less because it is so pungent.

Ideally, you want to use about 2 teaspoons of oregano and Thyme combined and that is going to have a very pungent smell to it a very grassy herbal spice aroma that is going to translate to the tea but not in the same veracity.

Oregano Thyme Tea-Related Questions

Does Thyme And Oregano Tea Have Caffeine?

Oregano thyme tea is naturally caffeine-free. This means that you can drink it at any time of day without worrying about it keeping you up at night. Keep in mind that if you blend it with a black tea or green tea then that will introduce caffeine into the infusion. But otherwise, this is a great tea to have if you are trying to limit your caffeine intake.

Is Thyme Oregano Tea Good For Fasting?

Thyme oregano tea should be just fine for fasting. Both of these herbal infusions are naturally calorie-free meaning they shouldn’t interrupt your fasting window and is a great replacement for water on occasion. Keep in mind that you want to make sure that water is your primary beverage when fasting.

Where Can You Buy Thyme And Oregano Tea Bags?

Finding a package version of oregano thyme tea is probably going to be pretty tough. It’s not the most popular herbal infusion so most companies won’t package tea bags up and sell them as their own product. You can find more complex herbal infusions that have both Thyme and oregano in them but those have a lot of other flavors that completely change how that herbal infusions going to take.

If you do want convenient tea bags you can buy oregano tea individually and thyme tea individually in tea bags. Just use a bit more water when you combine both of these tea bags and you have a quick cup of thyme oregano tea.

What About Loose Leaf Thyme And Oregano For Tea

Loose-leaf oregano and Thyme for making tea are a little bit easier to come by than the bag versions. You can use your spices although that might not be the freshest option. Or you can pick up some loose-leaf ingredients that are designed to be used as tea.

I like to use Starwest Botanicals Organic Oregano Leaf(*affiliate link) and Starwest Botanicals Organic Thyme Leaf(*affiliate link). These should give you plenty of herbs for quite a few cups of tea.

Can You Use Dried Spices For Thyme Oregano Tea?

You can use dry Thyme and oregano for your cup of tea.  In fact, that’s probably the best way to do it long-term since keeping fresh oregano and fresh thyme on hand all the time is going to be a bit of a logistical problem unless you are constantly buying it every time you hit the store.

You can use the spices directly off your spice rack. I’ve tried it before and it seems to work just fine. But you can find these bulk herbs that are a little bit better for tea because they’re going to be fresher than a bottle of spice that’s been on your rack for 2 years. As long as the are food-grade spices it should be just fine.

With all that said I still think that using fresh ingredients gives you the best flavor for this particular herbal infusion. It just might not be the most practical way to go about it.

The Thyme And Oregano Tea Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at oregano thyme tea. This is a Savory herbal infusion that I think many people will Overlook because of the ingredients. Typically oregano and Thyme are just cooking herbs and not used for much else.

But as we’ve discovered they make a wonderful cup of tea. It’s certainly something different than your typical cup of green tea or a citrusy Earl Grey but it has its place in the pantheon of herbal teas.

And it’s one that I don’t think you want to overlook for much longer because it is such a wonderful breath of fresh air for a tea drinker to try these new herbal infusions. Plus you get all of the great benefits of both of these herbs in one delicious cup of tea.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.