Unlocking the Perfect Tea: Exploring the Power of Clove and Fennel Tea. 2 Great Flavors To Experience!

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Hey there tea lovers! If you’re on the lookout for a new and exciting tea flavor to delight your taste buds, look no further than clove and fennel tea. This amazing blend combines the warm, aromatic notes of cloves with the refreshing, slightly sweet taste of fennel.

Together, they create a truly incredible tea experience that is sure to leave you craving for more. So grab your favorite mug and join us as we explore the flavors and benefits of clove and fennel tea. Get ready to sip, savor, and discover a whole new world of tea enjoyment!

What Is Clove And Fennel Tea? Fennel clove tea is an herbal infusion derived from steeping fennel seeds and cloves in very hot water for a few minutes.  This creates an herbal tea with a unique and warming flavor profile.

If you are looking for a nice fennel tea to add some cloves to I recommend Heather’s Tummy Teas Organic Fennel Tea(*affiliate link), available on Amazon.

Let’s dig a little deeper and find out what to expect when you try your first sip of fennel clove tea and how to make a quick cup. We also have a selection of clove fennel tea-related questions for your approval.

How To Make Fennel And Clove Tea

Fennel and clove tea is a pretty straightforward herbal blend. You don’t need to worry too much about the ratios of each of the ingredients. I like to keep them at about 50/50 split between the fennel and the cloves. 

You can, of course, adjust the numbers to whatever you feel comfortable with even if it’s simply a fennel tea with a couple of cloves in it. If that’s your taste then that’s how you should absolutely make your work fennel seed and clove tea. So let’s have a look at exactly what we need to make this interesting and accessible herbal tea.

DIY Clove And Fennel Tea

  • 1 teaspoon of Fennel seeds (or fennel teabag)
  • 1 teaspoon of cloves
  • I like to use an Infuser because fennel seeds tend to stick to the side of the cup.
  • Use Quality Bottled Spring Water or filtered tap water.
  • The water temperature should be around 205°F/96°C. Pretty typical for herbal teas
  • I like to steep for around 7 or so minutes and recommend at least a 5-minute steep but that is a personal choice. Experiment a bit to find your sweet spot.
  • Steep covered and enjoy

What Does Clove And Fennel Tea Taste Like?

Clove and fennel seed tea is a pretty basic herbal infusion. The flavors complement each other pretty well and aren’t at odds with each other as can be the case with some herbal infusions.

I think the clove flavor is a little bit more pronounced but they both are very noticeable and add to the delight of this little herbal blend.

The Cloves Are A Bit Spicy

Cloves have a sensational flavor profile. It’s a bit spicy. The spiciness is similar to Ginger although the flavor is very different.  you can almost feel the spiciness of the clove tea. When you take a sip it will Linger on your tongue and on your lips a little bit.

If you’ve ever eaten a clove or at least the very top flower part of it you’ll know that there is a tingling sensation that it produces in your mouth and especially on the tip of your tongue. That is very similar to what you get from the clove portion of fennel clove tea.

The Fennel Adds A Subtle Licorice Flavor

The main flavor note for fennel tea is that wonderful licorice flavor.  That is the major flavor component that it brings to this herbal blend and it is fantastic. It serves as a nice counterpoint to the spicy flavor of the cloves.

After you take a sip of this wonderful herbal blend you will have the tingly sensation of the clothes on your tongue as well as the slightly sweet licorice flavor of the fennel on your lips.

And A Bit Of Natural Sweetness

The fennel seed brings a bit of natural sweetness to the herbal blend. Cloves have a little bit of sweetness as well but it is the fennel seeds that really shine through with their wonderfully subtly sweet flavor.

This Is A Very Smooth Tea

One of the Hallmarks of fennel CT is that it produces a very smooth Herbal tea because of the licorice flavor that it possesses. It brings that same smoothness to the fennel clove tea which helps to alleviate any hint of bitterness that the tea may have.  

Bearing in mind that clove tea is pretty smooth and in its own right when you bring them together you get a very drinkable tea that is going to appeal to even non-tea drinkers.

The Aroma Of Fennel Clove Tea

The best way that I think I can describe the aroma of fennel clove tea is festive. The clove Aroma really pushes to the Forefront and gives it that holiday appeal that clothes are pretty ubiquitous within the United States at least.

There is a slight Aroma of the fennel seed that comes across as a bit of a licorice smell but it’s very subdued in the overall smell of this herbal infusion.

tea infuser with Clove And Fennel Tea

Related Questions For Fennel And Clove Tea

Does Fennel Clove Tea Have Caffeine?

Both of our ingredients in Fentanyl and clove tea are caffeine-free naturally. So when you blend them together you still have a caffeine-free beverage. Keep in mind that if you blend it with black tea or green tea then you will be adding caffeine into the equation. Sometimes it can be a good thing, especially in the morning if you want an extra kick in your herbal tea blend you can put a little bit of green tea or black tea into it.

Can You Add Other Flavors To Clove Fennel Tea?

Absolutely. Some of the most common flavors to add in are ginger, cinnamon, anise seed, licorice root, and cardamom. Not all at once necessarily although if you got the balance right that could be a very nice cup of tea. Experiment with your fennel clove tea and see what really speaks to you when you introduce a new flavor.

Where Can You Find Fennel Teabags And Clove Teabags?

Both of these herbal teas are pretty popular and therefore you can find bag versions of them add various stores across the web. Finding a package version of fennel clove tea already mixed together might be more of a challenge because as a blind it’s not sure popular at least as far as mainstream tea drinkers go. 

You can find cloves and fennel in some larger blends that include 6 or 7 flavors but they are not the same thing really since the clove and fennel flavor is not the dominant taste. As for clove teabags, they are pretty tough to find and I much prefer using dried cloves. Even a couple of cloves dropped into a cup of fennel tea will give you a new layer of that wonder clove taste.

You can use your typical spice rack cloves or pick them up in bulk specifically for tea. Starwest Botanicals Organic Cloves(*Affiliate Link) is a great option if you plan on using them quite often.

Does Fennel Clove Tea Break A Fast?

Neither fennel tea nor clove tea has any calories so when you combine the two you still have a wonderful calorie-free beverage as long as you don’t add anything like sugar sweeteners or milk and cream to this herbal blend. Because it is calorie-free it would make a great option as an occasional replacement for water while you are in your fasted state.

The Fennel Clove Tea Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at fennel and clove tea. This is a very flavorful and interesting herbal blend but not one that is really going to be well known or ever hit the mainstream I think.

The main problem is that closed or typically thought of as holiday spices and not as something that you can create a cup of tea out of. Likewise, fennel is not often used in teas although it makes a wonderful herbal tea all by itself. But just because something isn’t mainstream doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it as tea drinkers.

This is a great little cup of tea that you can have in the evening on a cold night to really warm your body up because the spiciness of the closed and the smooth licorice flavor of the fennel create such an inviting flavor tapestry for you to enjoy.