9 Of The Best Teas For Energy Without Caffeine

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Hello everyone and welcome back for another look at some great varieties of our favorite beverage. Today we will be taking a look at some of the best herbal teas for energy without caffeine. That eliminates all the true tea (black, green, white, and oolong) as well as any decaffeinated versions of those venerable teas because decaf still has some amount of caffeine in them.

So it’s up to the herbal teas to come through with some flavorful and eye-opening infusions and lends that can get you started without a hint of caffeine. Let’s jump right to it.

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#1 Peppermint Tea

peppermint leaves in a white cup

The flavor of peppermint tea is more pepper than mint, in my opinion. But it is that very pepper flavor that really makes it a great tea for energy without caffeine.

The peppery spicy flavor of the peppermint is not overwhelming but adds enough spicy flavor to get you going when you need it to.

Because it is not overly powerful it makes a great candidate for blending with other teas. Peppermint licorice tea, for example, is a great example of a unique blend that might just boost your energy even more.

Naturally caffeine-free and calorie-free peppermint tea is great during a fasting window or as a morning brew to get you started for the day.

The Peppermint Tea Finish

Peppermint tea is a great energy tea and you won’t need to worry about the issues with caffeine if you are trying to avoid it. This flavorful herbal infusion has enough kick to wake you up in the morning or give you that mid-day second wind you need to keep operating at peak levels.

#2 Elderberry Currant Hibiscus Tea

elderberries ina tin pot on a table with elderberry juice in the background

Fruit flavored is how I would describe this blend. Each ingredient brings its own unique fruit flavor and more to the herbal infusion.

The hibiscus brings a tangy fruity flavor with a touch of floral notes that help balance out the natural sweetness. The currants bring their own fruity flavor that tastes quite strong and has a hint of berry about them. There is also a tangy note as well.

The elderberries bring a slightly sweet and tart flavor to this herbal blend. It helps round out the infusion quite nicely. As you can see the flavor profiles are somewhat similar between these ingredients. They all have a fruit flavor and a bit of tanginess to them.

The dominant flavor will be determined by the balance of the ingredients you choose to make the tea with. You can find a great packaged example of this tea with Culinary Teas Elderberry Energy Herbal Tea(*affiliate link)

The Elderberry Currant Hibiscus Tea

You really have to enjoy fruity tea to appreciate this blend I think. All the flavors have a fruit taste to them and it turns out to be quite a naturally sweet taste.

A three-tea blend is about the most that I like to make for myself but when they are in a packaged form I don’t worry too much about the number of different tea flavors that get put in as long as they are well-balanced.

With the right balance, you can taste each unique flavor of the currants, hibiscus, and elderberry in this fantastic herbal blend that is full of energy.

#3 Ginger Tea

ginger tea with a slice of lemon and a piece of ginger root next to it

Good old reliable ginger tea is next up on our list of energy teas with no caffeine. This venerable favorite makes our list for its spicy peppery flavor that is always a hit. Ginger tea is often blended with other flavors to create some of the best teas around and rest assured we will have some blends on this list with ginger at the heart of them.

Ginger tea is found just about anywhere, dried, bagged, fresh you name it. I still feel that a couple of fresh slices of ginger makes the best ginger tea but many of the packaged brands are very nice as well.

The Ginger Tea Finish

It’s spicy, it’s refreshing and it can be the caffeine-free energy pick-me-up you need at just about any hour of the day. Invigorating and warm, you simply cannot go wrong with a cup of this classic.

#4 Art Of Tea Feel Better Tea

Art Of Tea Is known for their incredibly complex blends and we will have a few on our list here but the first one is quite a doozy all by itself.

It boasts 11 flavors, including some energy tea favorites like elderberry and chili pepper.

The extensive ingredient list is as follows.

  • Organic Green Rooibos
  • Organic Fennel
  • Organic Orange Peel
  • Organic Raspberries
  • Organic Licorice Root
  • Organic Neem
  • Organic Linden Flower
  • Organic Cinnamon
  • Organic Elderberries
  • Organic Echinacea
  • Organic Chili Pepper

It can be quite difficult to pick out some of the individual flavors in such a robust blend, but many of them do shine through. The spicy chili peppers and cinnamon are what really bring the energy to this tea along with the tangy elderberries and raspberries.

The floral flavor from the linden flower is pretty subdued but they bring some great benefits to the infusion if not a huge added amount of flavor. The fennel and licorice bring a nice natural sweetness and smoothness to the herbal infusion removing most of the bitterness that might pop up in an herbal infusion like this one.

The Finish

There is not much else to say about this blend other than it would be incredibly difficult to get the balance right for this tea at home.

You can certainly try it but I expect it would take quite a few tries to get it right and that is a lot of ingredients to track down only to have to remake the blend over and over again.

Still, it might be worth a try to make it yourself if you really dig this Art Of Tea blend. To get a taste of this amazing energy tea you can find the Art Of Tea Feel Better Tea(*affiliate link) here.

#5 Black Peppercorn Tea

pile of black peppercorns on a table

This energy-boosting tea is a bit of an acquired taste. It is simply black peppercorns steeped in hot water. However, it is not as peppery as you might expect. There is a spicy pepper flavor to be sure but it is quite subdued while drinking this cup of tea.

The tingling peppery flavor that lingers on your tongue after a sip is what really puts it into the energy tea category. Making it can be as simple as dropping a couple of teaspoons of peppercorns into your hot water. I like to use an infuser for this tea to keep the peppercorns together but you can let them float loosely if you choose.

It can be quite difficult to find a packaged version of black peppercorn tea, but I always prefer a fresh cup anyway. However, Culinary Teas Napa Valley Pepper Blend(*affiliate link) Incorporates black pepper and other spices for a great option with a more diverse flavor profile than just plain black peppercorn tea.

The Black Peppercorn Tea Finish

I enjoy a cup of black peppercorn tea every now and again. But it might not be your thing. I always like to try new things and introduce new teas to everyone who comes by my site here.

So whether you end up liking this interesting herbal infusion or not, I really hope you give it a try and see how you like it.

#6 Lemon Rosemary Ginger Tea

fresh rosemary and slices of fresh ginger

I love ginger tea. I love rosemary tea and I love a little lemon in both. So what is not to like about this flavor energy-boosting tea. An easy way to make this blend is to simply make a cup of rosemary ginger tea and then drop a little lemon juice into it.

However, a better way to make it is to use lemongrass or lemon verbena and steep it with ginger and rosemary all at once. I think this gives the lemon involved and subtle flavor instead of the quite acidic flavor of lemon juice or freshly squeezed lemon. But that is personal preference, of course.

Here is how I like to make it.

  • 2 pieces of fresh ginger, about 1/4 inch thick
  • a teaspoon of rosemary(fresh or dried is fine)
  • a teaspoon of lemongrass(usually dried)

Boil the ginger with the water to infuse the flavor. Then steep the lemongrass and rosemary in the ginger infusion for about 5-10 minutes. Always steep your tea covered for best results and enjoy this invigorating energy tea crafted by your own hands.

The Lemon Rosemary Ginger Tea Finish

This might just be my favorite energy-boosting tea on our list. It is flavorful and complex and of course caffeine-free.

My love for this blend is due in no small part to the rosemary. It makes such a delightful cup of tea whether alone or blended. The ginger and lemon add to the experience and create one of the best midday pick-me-up teas out there right now.

#7 Cayenne Pepper Tea

bowl of red cayenne peppers

This little gem of tea is not for the faint of heart. We are not dropping a few flakes of cayenne pepper into a glass of water, we are infusing it with cayenne pepper and steeping a proper cup of tea with it. Don’t expect a natural sweetness, expect an energy-filled cup of tea that will leave an impression on your mouth for a while after you sip it.

It is fantastic, in my estimation. You can use flakes or powders just keep in mind that powder is not going to dissolve so be sure to stir it frequently. I would put no more than a half teaspoon of cayenne ingredient in your first cup and then experiment to get the heat level just right for you.

The Cayenne Pepper Tea Finish

This is not starter tea but if you like a little bit of heat this might just be the energy-boosting tea you are looking for. Cayenne pepper tea is energy-boosting and wonderful on its own it also makes a great blend for just about any tea.

You can always add 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper to your cup of tea to bring the spice level up a few notches. So get out there and experiment a little bit with your cayenne pepper tea and see what types of herbal infusions and herbal Blends you can create with this wonderful and spicy flavor.

#8 Italian Blood Orange Tea

close up image of a blood orange

This herbal blend from Art of Tea Italian Blood Orange Tea uses citrus instead of outright spice to build its flavor profile and create a unique energy tea for this entry on our list.

Like many Art of Tea blends, this one has quite a few flavors in it.

  • Organic Rooibos
  • Organic Honeybush
  • Organic Orange Peel
  • Organic Safflower
  • Organic Hibiscus

The hibiscus flower flavor is slightly sweet and tangy. The honeybush and rooibos bring their own sweetness to the proceeding and the Rooibos also brings a slightly smoky flavor as well.

But it is the orange peel that really brings the entire tea into sharp relief. The citrus flavor of the orange peel adds a refreshing flavor to the tea that will boost your energy any time of day.

The Italian Blood Orange Tea Finish

I enjoy citrusy teas, like Earl Grey for example, and this one falls into that category I believe. The other flavors play their part but it is the orange peel that I really notice in this infusion.

Your experience may differ of course, so I can only go on what I felt the dominant flavor was. Still, this is one energy blend that does citrus justice and should be given a fair try by all true tea lovers.

#9 Wild Cherry Bark Tea

Wild Cherry Bark is one of the more bitter teas on our list. This may make it a little less palatable for new tea drinkers or people not experienced with herbal teas but it should be fine for most everyone else.

With that said there is a distinctive sweet and tart flavor that makes up the bulk of the flavor profile for this tea and really helps to cut through the bitterness that comes with wild cherry bark tea. And it is this tanginess that really makes it a great energy tea and of course, it is caffeine-free to boot. A nice tart kick is just the thing to get you going

The Wild Cherry Bark Tea Finish

I am not sure this delightful and energetic tea is going to be on everyone’s radar. Bark herbal teas have not found the mainstream acceptance that flower or root herbal teas have.

But that shouldn’t dissuade you from trying this interesting herbal tea the next time you need a little midday burst of energy without all the caffeine, plus a bonus of some other great benefits.

The Big Finish

That just about wraps up our look at some of the best herbal teas for boosting your energy without caffeine.  Whether you’re looking for a jolt of citrusy goodness or a straight-up spicy affair they are well-represented on our list.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of tea combinations that will give you that boost of energy you need to get going in the morning or as a pick-me-up in the middle of the day.

 The great thing about these herbal teas is that they are calorie-free, carbohydrate-free and of course caffeine-free. So you can drink them on just about any type of diet or lifestyle.

They work great for keto diets they work great for anyone who practices a fasting lifestyle. And I can give you that jolt of energy you need without the complications that sometimes come along with caffeine.

Get out their experiment with your teas and Find the Perfect Blend that’s going to give you the energy you need to be at your best at any hour of the day.

 So thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.