What Does Thyme Tea Taste Like?

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Today I wanted to take a look at another very flavorful and interesting herbal tea but one that might not be the most mainstream herbal tea option out there.

What Does Thyme Leaf Tea Like? Thyme tea has a pretty complex flavor profile. In my opinion, there’s a grassy almost vegetable base to the flavor with some Savory elements as well as a slight bitterness and an undertone of earthiness to this herbal tea.

Now that we have a baseline of what time a tea should taste like let’s dig into each flavor component to see what the overall flavor profile of this interesting herbal tea truly is.

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There’s also a quick recipe for making time to eat from loose leaf ingredients at the end of this article. So keep an eye out for that and let’s get into the flavor profile of thyme leaf tea.

cup of thyme tea with an infuser resting in the water

Thyme Tea Is A Savory Herbal Tea

I find thyme leaf tea to be a little bit savory. This is a direct result of the flavor of the time.

It’s typically used as a cooking ingredient and something to use to spice up soups or fish dishes in particular. When you want some added spice but you don’t want to overwhelm the flavor of the food itself.

That mild savory flavor certainly comes through in the herbal infusion.  It can give the flavor of the tea something that resembles a cup of soup because of what we are typically used to when we drink a cup of tea.

With A Grassy Flavor At Its Base

The Savory flavor that I mentioned previously might be the foundation of the tea and it was brought to the Forefront by the base flavor of the time leaf tea. That flavor is the grassy almost vegetable type of flavor.

This is really the dominant Taste of the tea. When you put the savoriness and the grass in this together you really start to get a pretty complex flavor.

It starts with that savory flavor at the beginning of your sip and then hits you with those grassy notes before moving on to the other flavor aspects that we’ll talk about in a minute, mainly the bitterness and the earthy finish.

The Slightest Hint Of Bitterness

I find that there is the slightest bitterness to time leaf tea. It’s certainly not an overwhelming bitterness especially compared to some of the other herbal teas out there but I do detect a little bit and if someone is new to tea drinking they may notice a little bit more.

Bitterness tends to be the most off-putting thing when people begin to drink herbal teas or tea in general. So even the slightest bitterness is probably going to be detectable until you get used to drinking a lot of different types of tea.

And A Bit Of Earthiness In There For Good Measure

As with many herbal teas, especially flower herbal teas, there is a bit of Earthiness to the flavor of the tea. With thyme leaf tea it’s not overwhelming and it is certainly pushed to the background by the vegetable or grassy flavor that really dominates this herbal tea.

But there is that earthy aftertaste that will linger for a few seconds after you take a sip of this herbal tea. 

Personally, I find the earthy flavor adds to the overall flavor profile but it may throw some people off if they’re not expecting the finish of the tea to have that earthy flavor.

The Aroma Of Thyme Leaf Tea

There is a distinct grassy Aroma to thyme tea. This might itself have a bit of a Savory grassy Aroma and when you steep it in water it retains a lot of that smell.

The one thing I did notice is that it was quite pungent. Even when I was removed by a couple of feet from the cup of tea there was quite a bit of that  grassy almost vegetable aroma from this particular herbal tea

A Quick Cup Of Thyme Leaf Tea

You can use fresh thyme or dried thyme for your cup of thyme tea if you go the loose leaf route. There are even packaged bagged versions of thyme tea if you just want a quick convenient cup in a traditional teabag.

You can find a great packaged thyme tea with Buddha Teas Organic Thyme Leaf Tea.

For the DIY tea lover here is a quick thyme tea recipe…

  • 2 teaspoons of thyme (dried or fresh)
  • About 10 oz of spring water (filtered tap water works well also)
  • Steep for about 5-10 minutes in 205°F/95°C water
  • I like to use an infuser as the thyme tends to stick to the sides of your cup
  • Steep you tea covered and enjoy

Its a simple refreshing cup of herbal tea. As always you can sweeten it to taste and add milk or cream as well.

Just keep in mind that sugar and cream add calories and carbohydrates to your herbal tea so adding sugar or milk may not be great for certain diets.

One last thing I will add if you are using loose leaf ingredients there will be quite a bit of the thyme leaves that escape your infuser regardless of how good tea infuser is.

I mention this because having little bits of leaf in your tea is going to be off-putting for someone who’s not experienced with these types of herbal teas.

You almost always have little bits of leaf or flowers in a cup of your loose leaf tea.  It’s just something to be accepted and it’s nothing that should really concern you.

In fact most of the time you’ll just drink the floating leaves with every sip of the tea and really not notice it.

The Thyme Tea Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at the flavor profile of thyme leaf tea.  I have to admit that this is not my favorite herbal tea. Degrassi Savory flavor just doesn’t do it for me as much as I say a rosemary tea or a Basil Leaf Tea.

That doesn’t mean I don’t like thyme leaf tea I just think that there are better options out there.  However, it does make a nice herbal tea to blend with other herbal teas.

I found rosemary thyme tea to be quite delicious. The Rosemary really taking control of that particular brew and taking it to new levels of flavor.

 but I do recommend that everybody give this a try because you may just like it quite a bit more than I did.

It’s very simple to make and it can be a great option if you are looking for something new and a little bit more Savory than your typical green tea or similar type of tea.

Looking for other great herbal infusion options, then check out Buddha Teas’ amazing selection of herbal teas.

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