What Does Astragalus Tea Taste Like?

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Astragalus tea is probably a middle of the pack herbal root tea in terms of popularity. But it does seem to be growing in popularity especially as an herbal tea to use in a blend.

What Does Astragalus Tea Taste Like? Astragalus Tea has an earthy base with a mild slightly bitter note on top of it. There’s also the slightest hint of Sweetness in this herbal infusion.  The flavor is not overwhelming And could be considered Bland by some drinkers.

Read on as we delve into each flavor note to give you an in-depth picture of what to expect when you try this interesting herbal root tea.

Astragalus Root Makes A Mild Drinkable Herbal Infusion

The Flavor Profile Of Astragalus Root Tea

Let’s dive in a little deeper to each flavor note in the overall flavor profile of astragalus tea.

It’s not an overly complex flavor for this root herbal infusion but as astragalus tea becomes more popular I think it will become something that people will want to blend with other more flavorful and complex teas.

Astragalus Root Tea Has An Earthy Base

As with many other root herbal teas, astragalus tea has an earthy base that forms the foundation of the flavor profile for this herbal infusion.

The earthiness is a bit of a dirty flavor but not that it tastes like dirt. It’s a very natural flavor that is really inevitable when dealing with herbal teas. Flower herbal teas have this earthy base as well, or at least many of them do.

With a lot of the root herbal teas, you get an earthy base and maybe another couple of flavor notes and that’s about it and some of them. Astragalus is one of those types of root herbal teas.

The earthy base is really front and center and there are a few other flavors notes that really are detectable individually from the earthy flavor.

A Hint Of Sweetness In Astragalus Tea

Because astragalus tea is such a mild tea every flavor profile is pretty subdued. And that goes for the slightest hint of Sweetness in the infusion.

This sweetness is going to be detectable by people who aren’t used to drinking really sugary drinks. If you are someone who drinks a lot of sugary drinks are fruit juices these subtle little sweet notes can simply pass you by.

This light sweetness helps balance out the tea a little bit and makes the whole experience a little bit smoother than some other root herbal teas that don’t have a slightly sweet note to them.

A Slight Bitterness As Well

The next flavor note that I think most people will detect is the slightest touch of bitterness in the overall flavor of the herbal infusion.

Like everything else in astragalus tea it is very subdued and very mild and really shouldn’t interfere with your enjoyment of the tea. Provided you like the mild flavor of the tea, to begin with.

The only slight bitterness does make the tea quite a bit more drinkable especially for someone who’s not used to drinking herbal infusions.

A lot of times the bitterness can really overwhelm new tea drinkers if they aren’t expecting an herbal infusion to be that bitter.

The good news is this tea can be consumed without adding a lot of sugars or sweeteners to it because the bitterness just isn’t there to interrupt your enjoyment of this root herbal tea.

The interesting thing about this slight bitterness is that it doesn’t really come from improperly steeping your tea.

If you over steep a sencha green tea, for example, it can turn it into a really astringent and bitter brew that is just undrinkable.

This happens sometimes with herbal infusions but typically they tend to be a little bit more forgiving when you steep them.

In terms of astragalus tea, the bitterness is just a natural occurrence in the tea and if so slight that it really won’t be that noticeable for most drinkers.

Astragalus Tea Is Mild

I think my mild is a generous way to describe astragalus tea. 

This happens sometimes with herbal infusions.  The flavors just aren’t complex and they are very subdued which makes the overall team mild and I dare say a little bland.

So if you’re looking for a strong robust herbal infusion or something along the lines of a nice multi black tea then you’re going to want to look elsewhere because you will not find it with astragalus tea.

What you will find is a nice subtle, easy to drink, and mild herbal infusion that offers a lot of benefits for those who drink it.

The Aroma Of Astragalus Root Tea

The aroma of astragalus root tea is very similar to the taste of it. There’s an earthy smell to the tea and not a whole lot else.

As with the flavor profile, the aroma is pretty subdued although I think that it is a little more pronounced than it is when you taste it.

Overall there’s nothing really deceptive about the smell it is exactly the same as the taste. At times with some herbal infusions, the smell can be a little misleading in regard to how the tea is going to taste.

The root itself whether it’s fresh or dried has basically the same Aroma as the steep tea which of course is the same as the taste.

Just about everything involving astragalus tea is subdued and Mild whether you talking about the flavor of the tea or the smell of the root.  

 it’s just not a very exciting herbal infusion, to say the least.

The Astragalus Tea Finish

And that brings us to the end of our look at the flavor profile of astragalus tea. As you can see this is not a very complex herbal infusion.

The flavors are minimal and they are very basic. Earthy with a bit of sweetness and maybe a tiny bitterness to the entire tea.

That doesn’t mean it’s without its merits. There’s a lot of good things about astragalus tea including a ton of benefits for drinking it.

What the balanced and Mild flavor profile does do is make it an excellent candidate to blend with some other more robust tease.

To me, it’s a little bit like chamomile in that regard although I think I’m going to have a little bit more flavor to it. But the point is it forms a nice base for adding other flavors to it.

So if you wanted to make an astragalus cinnamon tea blend you’re going to get a lot of benefits of astragalus tea along with the great flavor of the cinnamon tea and you get really the best of both worlds without having to really strong flavor profile competing for dominance

Don’t let the mild flavor deter you from trying this herbal infusion. It’s definitely something that you will want to try and you may find yourself really enjoying it because of the mild flavor of astragalus tea.

Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day.

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