What Is So Great About Lemon And Elderflower Tea?

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Hello everybody and welcome back for or look at one of the more popular herbal blends of late. I am talking about lemon and elderflower tea. Elderflower tea is becoming very popular because of its health benefits but its flavor is not for everyone, so adding a little lemon to it really makes it more appealing for just about everyone.

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What Is Lemon And Elderflower Tea? Elderflower Lemon Tea is a herbal infusion that uses elderflower as its base and then adds a lemon flavor to the blend to create a citrusy floral-herbal infusion. There are many different ways to achieve the lemon flavor in this blend, from lemon peel to lemongrass they all can be used to add lemon flavor to your elderflower tea.

Let’s dive in and take a look at exactly what makes this wonderful herbal blend tick. We’ll look at the overall flavor profile as well as answer some of the most popular questions about this herbal tea.

Elderflower Syrup in glass jar
Elderflower Can Be Used In A Variety Of Ways

What Does Lemon Elderflower Tea Taste Like?

Elderflower tea is really the base for this herbal infusion so it stands to reason that we start there for our flavor profile. Elderflower tea is a floral-herbal infusion so you get a mild flower flavor as your base. Elderflower is much more subtle in its flavor than some other floral flavors, rose and lavender are two great examples of a much more potent floral infusion.

While it is subtle it does have some distinct flavors that come through. Elderflower is a bit earthy and slightly bitter but not overwhelmingly so. It also has a bit of a medicinal flavor to it that is common in many other flower herbal infusions.

Overall it is a subtle flavor profile that really benefits from the addition of a citrusy flavor like lemon to really make it as drinkable as possible.

The lemon adds a wonderful citrus note to the elderflower tea. The potency of the citrus flavor really depends on how you decide to add that lemon flavor. For a more subtle lemon flavor add lemon peel or lemongrass to the elderflower leave before you steep the tea.

Adding lemon juice or a lemon wedge after steeping your tea will add a much more pronounced citrus flavor. If you add too much you can easily overwhelm the delicate flavor of the elderflower tea. Just something to be aware of when making a cup.

You can also add a variety of other citrus flavors to get a similar-tasting tea. Orange peel or lime are great options if you prefer those flavors over lemon.

A Quick Flavor Overview

  • Earthy
  • Floral
  • Slightly Bitter
  • Medicinal
  • Citrusy

The Aroma Of Lemon Elderflower Tea

The aroma of Elderflower And Lemon tea is a pretty fragrant affair. You can definitely tell the floral notes of the elderflower apart from everything else. The citrus aroma of the lemon varies depending on what type of ingredient you used to produce it. for example, a fresh lemon peel added to the blend will be more pungent than lemongrass blended with the elderflower when you steep it.

Lemon Elderflower Tea Related Questions

Here are just a few of the questions related to Lemon and Elderflower Tea, It is by no means comprehensive but it should give you a quick insight into just how valuable Lemon and Elderflower Tea can be when added to your diet.

Does Lemon and Elderflower Tea Have Calories?

Lemon Elderflower Tea is naturally calorie-free. This makes it an ideal beverage for anyone on a low-calorie diet or someone who just wants calorie free drink throughout the day. Keep in mind that adding anything like sugar or cream to your tea will add calories and remove this benefit from it.

Is Lemon And Elderflower Tea Good For You?

Lemon and Elderflower Tea is good for you. Like many other herbal infusions, it is stacked with anti-oxidants that help with your overall health. It also has many benefits specific to Elderflowers and lemons. So you can drink it with confidence.

Does Lemon and Elderflower Tea Have Carbs Or Sugar?

Elderflower Tea with lemon is naturally carbohydrate and sugar-free. This makes it a great option for a wide variety of diets and lifestyles. It fits into keto diets as well as low-sugar diets. It works well for most low-carb diets also. Adding sugar or cream to your tea negates these benefits. Just something to keep in mind if you decide to add them to your tea.

Will Elderflower and Lemon Tea Break A Fast?

Lemon Elderflower tea will not break a fast. As with most teas and herbal infusions, elderflower lemon tea is calorie-free and a great alternative to water while fasting. You will still want water to be your most consumed beverage but elderflower lemon tea makes a nice substitute every once and a while.

The Lemon Elderflower Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at the wonderful herbal blend. Keep in mind that lemon is just one flavor that you can add to your elderflower tea. Lime, orange, and other citrus flavors can have much the same effect if that is your preference.

And don’t forget that you can always blend in other herbal teas to make a unique blend all your own. Elderflower And Lavender Tea is one of my favorites.

You get all the benefits of a nice cup of elderflower tea with a wonderful citrus flavor to add to the experience. It’s the best of both worlds especially if you are put off a bit by the flavor of elderflower tea on its own.

That wraps up or look at this wonderful herbal tea blend. It’s very simple to make whether you infuse the elderflower with lemon or add a bit after the fact. A great way to liven up that cup of elderflower tea.

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