Does Chamomile Tea Break A Fast?

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Hello everybody. Welcome to our look at chamomile tea and its usability when fasting. Chamomile is an incredibly popular herbal infusion, particularly around bedtime when most people are well into their fasted state. It would be important for chamomile tea to be fasting friendly.

Does Chamomile Tea Break A Fast? Chamomile tea is naturally calorie-free which is the major reason why Chamomile Tea is an acceptable alternative to water during a fast. It works great for intermittent fasting as well.

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Read on to take a deeper look at what makes chamomile tea such a great option for fasting. Be sure to check out some other great flower teas that can work for a fast in our flower herbal tea guide.

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Why Is Chamomile Tea Good For Fasting?

There are plenty of reasons why Chamomile tea is great for intermittent fasting. We will dive into them in the rest of the article but it is important to point out that the majority of your hydration should come from water. Especially when you are fasting.

A couple of cups of chamomile tea or similar beverage is fine but you really need to make the bulk of your liquid intake just regular water.

With all that said, the biggest reason Chamomile tea is so effective during a fast is that it contains essentially no calories.

No energy sources to put into your body at all. This means that your body has to used its stored fat to get the energy it needs to operate properly.

And there you have one of the biggest benefits to fasting, especially once you become fat adapted.

Let’s start there.

Calorie Free

Technically, your chamomile tea does have trace amounts of calories. But the prevailing wisdom is that your saliva might have about the same over the course of the day so the calories in your chamomile tea are negligible.

This is crucial to making your chamomile tea fasting friendly. Any significant amount of calories is going to move your body from its fasted state to a fed state. Thus reducing the benefits of fasting, such as autophagy(source).

Autophagy is one of the biggest benefits to fasting and you don’t want to ruin it with a couple of sugar cubes in your tea.

Don’t Add Sugar

This is the most important part of the fasting equation. And this goes for anything you drink while fasting and not just Chamomile tea.

You cannot add anything to it that will add calories. Doing so will negate the entire reason for drinking chamomile tea while fasting.

There is an argument that even artificial sweeteners can have an adverse effect on your fast even though they don’t add calories to your tea.

You can learn more about sweeteners and intermittent fasting in this article(source).

In the meantime, there are numerous ways to add a little flavor to your chamomile tea while not adding any calories to it.

You can find some of these ideas in our article on some of the best flavors to add to your chamomile tea.

As long as you are not adding calories to your chamomile tea you can flavor it however you like to make it more palatable for you.

No Caffeine

Whether or not caffeine is good for a fast is somewhat debatable. Although the research seems to point to it being a somewhat useful tool for fasting.

You can look at our article on black tea and fasting for more information on this subject.

But caffeine has some well known detrimental effects as well so if you need a caffeine-free alternative for your fasting period then Chamomile tea certainly fills that void.

It is naturally caffeine-free, meaning it is not processed into a decaf like some green(check out some of our favorite green teas here) and black teas typically are.

Plus A Bunch Of Other Good Stuff

Chamomile tea adds to its impressive fasting resume with a load of other benefits that you will get from drinking this fantastic tea.

Some studies are very bullish about chamomiles’ future as a medicinal herb as both a tea and in general(source).

For starters, it is a very rich source of antioxidants. It might not be as rich as a green tea, but more studies need to be done in order to see which one comes out on top.

The tea contains small amounts of iron, calcium, and potassium. But these are mostly negligible and you cannot rely on just chamomile tea for these essential nutrients.

Some Other Benefits Of Chamomile Tea Include:

  • May Aid Digestive Health
  • May Help You Get A Better Night Sleep(source)
  • It May Have Anti-Inflammatory Properties
  • Improve Skin Health
  • Relieve Anxiety

It is nice to know that they have a little bit in there to top off your day’s nutritional adventure, however.

Every little bit of healthiness adds to the overall experience of drinking Chamomile tea while fasting.

Chamomile tea can also help with your sleeping patterns by helping to induce sleep.

The bulk of your fasted state is going to be done while you are asleep. Getting to sleep and staying asleep without narcotics is going to help your body repair itself and make the benefits of fasting more efficient.

Right before bed might be the best time for a nice cup of chamomile tea when you are on a fast.

Chamomile tea in glass jar
Dried Chamomile Tea Ready To Steep

Final Thoughts On Chamomile Tea And Fasting

Chamomile tea is an outstanding choice for intermittent fasting. Many herbal teas work just fine while you are in your fasted state.

But be on the lookout for any type of dried fruits and the like that can add unwanted sugar to your beverage.

Be certain that your chamomile tea is not a blend that could contain other things in the mix.

And check very closely if you choose to drink a pre-made herbal tea. Although for chamomile tea it should not be much of a problem since this tea is still not a mainstream option at the moment.

While you want to drink mostly water, adding a little flavor to your daily fasting regiment is never a bad thing.

A quick cup of chamomile tea and ward of hunger quite effectively and give you some added confidence to get through the day until your ready to break your fast and have a meal.

In closing, Chamomile tea and intermittent fasting are a perfect match for anyone wanting to add something new to their fasting regimen.

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