Is Astragalus and Ginseng Tea Really Any Good?

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Hello everyone and welcome back to the site. Today we are going to take a look at a root herbal blend that has long been used as a traditional medicine in some parts of the globe. Astragalus and Ginseng Tea is where we shine our light this day.

Is Astragalus and Ginseng Tea Really Any Good? It is an acquired taste, to say the least. Earth, rooty, and a bit medicinal is about the best you can hope for from this herbal infusion. But it does have some great benefits and with a little honey, it can be palatable for just about anyone.

If you are interested in the best-bagged version of astragalus tea then I recommend Organic Astragalus Root Tea from Buddha Teas. For a bagged version of ginseng tea then check out Auragin Korean Red Ginseng, available on Amazon.

So strap yourself in as we take a look at Astragalus Ginseng Tea. What should it taste like? How do you make a cup for yourself and where can you get the ingredients. And I’ll answer a few frequently asked questions. Let’s go.

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How To Make Astragalus Ginseng Tea

If you want to use loose leaf ingredients then I recommend Starwest Botanicals Organic Astragalus Root and Starwest Botanicals Organic Chinese Red Ginseng Roots.

You can always use a bagged version of each tea and then blend them into a single cup as well. Or you can use a bagged tea and loose leaf tea to create a good cup of this blend. For our recipe, I am going to use loose-leaf versions of both.

You could use powdered versions of each root as well but I dislike going that route as I don’t think it dissolves enough for my tastes.

DIY Ginseng Astragalus Tea

  • A teaspoon of astragalus root
  • A teaspoon of ginseng root
  • About 10oz of bottled spring water or filtered tap water.
  • Water Temperature should be around 205°F/96°C
  • Cover and steep for 5 to 10 minutes or to taste
  • Sweeten to taste and enjoy.

The water temperature is not as important with this type of herbal blend since the roots are pretty hardy and won’t be easily burned like green tea can be.

What Should Ginseng Astragalus Tea Taste Like?

The flavor is always going to be a pretty subjective thing especially when it comes to herbal tea blends. The balance of the ingredients will play a huge role in the overall flavor and your taste perceptions will influence how it tastes to you.

So use this flavor profile as simply a general guide of what this herbal blend should taste like and not anything remotely absolute.

Ginseng Dominates The Flavor

The astralagus root is a pretty mild cup of tea, to begin with, and when you blend it with ginseng it becomes pretty tough to tell that it is there at all. So you are left with a cup of tea that basically tastes like ginseng tea.

With An Earthy Base

Earthy is just about the best way to describe the overall flavor of Ginseng And Astragalus Tea. It certainly isn’t as spicy or peppery as other root teas like ginger for example.

A Some Bitterness

All that earthiness leads to quite a bitter tea. This can be a problem for some people who find bitterness offputting. More often than not the bitterness can be lessened by adding a bit of sugar or honey, but then you are adding calories to the tea. I personally don’t like adding anything to my teas so that I can just taste the flavor of the tea itself.

The Finish Is Medicinal And Herbal

The final flavor point I want to make might be the most offputting for most people. I think this herbal blend has quite a medicinal or herbal flavor to it. That medicine taste makes you pucker after drinking some cough medicine.

It is not that pronounced, of course, but the medicinal taste is still there and can be a great deterrent for finishing your cup of this herbal blend. There are still a lot of benefits to be had from both ginseng and astragalus roots so the taste might be an afterthought for some people.

The Ginseng Astragalus Tea Aroma

Once again the ginseng really dominates the smell of this herbal blend. The smell is a bit medicinal and earthy like the taste and I struggle to smell the astragalus because the ginseng has such a strong smell comparatively.

fresh ginseng root on a plate

Ginseng And Astragalus Tea Related Questions

Here are a few frequently asked questions about Ginseng Astragalus Tea. They are basic and pretty common among most herbal teas that are still not considered mainstream.

Does Ginseng And Astragalus Tea Have Caffeine?

Both ginseng tea and astragalus tea are naturally caffeine-free, so the blend follows suit. Blending in a black tea or a green tea will add caffeine to the mix, so be aware of that if you intend to add a true tea to the mix.

Is Ginseng And Astragalus Tea Good For Fasting?

Ginseng Astragalus Tea is great for fasting if you can get past the flavor. Most herbal teas should be fine to drink during your fasting window and many have a more approachable flavor than this one.

Does Ginseng Astragalus Tea Have Carbs, Sugar, Or Calories?

Ginseng Astragalus Tea is naturally carbohydrate, sugar, and calorie-free making it a great option for a wide variety of diets and lifestyles should you choose to add it to your tea repertoire.

The Ginseng And Astragalus Tea Finish

That wraps up our look at ginseng astragalus tea. If you want to be totally accurate it is ginseng tea with some astragalus in it because of how thoroughly the ginseng dominates the flavor profile.

I have to admit I did not care for this blend and I think most people will drink it for the health benefits over the actual taste. It is a tough drink if you choose not to add sweeteners to it.

There are people out there that will love the flavor, there always is no matter what I may think of it and you can never know for sure until you try it for yourself. So make yourself a cup of astragalus ginseng tea and take your medicine, you might even enjoy it.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day.