What Is So Great About Ginger And Radish Tea?

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Hello everybody and welcome. Thank you for taking some time to check out our deep dive into the wonderful world of Ginger And Radish Tea.

What Is Ginger And Radish Tea? Ginger Radish Leaf Tea is an herbal infusion made by blending ginger root and radish greens in a cup of very hot water over a period of time. The ginger and radish leaf can be fresh or dried and result in a healthy, flavorful cup of herbal tea.

This is a pretty uncommon herbal blend but one that I think really shines as a refreshing cup of tea hopefully I can convince you to at least try a cup and you can decide for yourself.

If you are looking for a great ginger tea to use as the base for this herbal blend then I recommend Buddha Teas Organic Ginger Root Tea. All the flavor in a convenient tea bag.

So Let’s dive into the flavor profile of Finger and Radish leaf tea.

radish with greens still attached on a white table

How To Make Ginger And Radish Tea

Ginger radish tea is a straightforward herbal blend. Both the ingredients are pretty hardy so you don’t have to be that precise with the water temperature or the steep time.

My suggestions are simply what I use when I make a cup of radish ginger tea. Experiment with the steep time until you find a good flavor for yourself.

DIY Ginger And Radish Leaf Tea

  • A teaspoon of Fresh or Dried Radish Greens
  • A teaspoon of dried ginger or 2 1/4 inch slices of fresh ginger root.
  • Place the ginger root and radish greens in your cup of hot water.
  • I like to let both ingredients float freely in the infusion but you can use an infuser if that is more your style.
  • I like to steep with a water temperature of about 205°F/96°C and I steep the tea for around 10 minutes.
  • Always steep covered to keep the temperature from dropping during steeping.
  • Sweeten to taste if you like and enjoy

If possible use bottled spring water or filtered tap water to get the best flavor for your cup of Radish Ginger tea.

You can also boil the ginger and radish greens in the water instead of steeping. This works just as well and many people think it draws out more flavor from the ginger and the radish greens. Simply strain the water into a cup and enjoy.

What Does Radish And Ginger Tea Taste Like?

Ginger Radish tea is a fairly complex herbal blend when it comes to its flavor. Radish greens and ginger have similar flavor notes generally. They are both a bit spicy and peppery but at the same time, those flavors manifest themselves in very different ways.

They both have unique flavors that blend well together and don’t step on each other’s toes. It’s a mutual blend that works really well and makes a flavorful and consistent cup of tea.

Take a big enough sip and that tingly, warming flavor goes all the way to the bottom of your stomach

Let’s break it down a little more. Keep in mind that this is what I taste when I drink this blend. Taste is very personal and your experience could be very different so use this as simply a baseline guide for what to expect.

Ginger Radish Tea Is Spicy

Ginger is a pretty spicy flavor on its own and the radish leaf accentuates that spicy flavor. This isn’t a “hot” spicy like you would expect from a cayenne pepper tea but more of a tingly soothing spiciness that lingers on the lips and tongue after a sip of this wonderful blend.

And A Little Peppery

Ginger tea on its own does have a slightly peppery flavor but the radish leaf really brings that pepper to the forefront. It is not quite on the level of a black peppercorn tea but it does add a noticeable kick to this herbal blend.

I find this peppery flavor to be quite refreshing and really helps with the overall flavor of the tea. It has quite a bit of pepper kick to it than peppermint tea.

Radish Greens Are A Bit Earthy

Ginger has a mild earthiness to it but when you add in the radish greens you can really get a fairly strong earthy flavor.

It does not overwhelm the tea or compromise the taste of the tea but it is something that might be offputting to someone who might not be a regular herbal tea drinker. Those with a lot of experience with herbal teas might not even notice it that much.

And Slightly Bitter

When I say slightly, I mean slightly. The ginger tea almost completely removes any bitterness that the radish greens might bring to the blend.

I can barely taste it but a friend of mine insists that it is there and she is not a heavy tea drinker so I thought it was important to point out the bitterness that may be present for some people.

The Ginger Radish Tea Aroma

The aroma of this herbal blend is interesting. The ginger aroma is what most people will recognize I think. But the radish greens bring a grassy, earthy aroma to the tea. It is very mild and compliments the ginger quite well.

There may be a tobacco aroma to the greens as well. I could not smell it in the cups that I made but it is there for some people.

fresh cut ginger root on a wood table

Related Questions About Ginger Radish Tea

Does Ginger Radish Leaf Tea Break A Fast?

Ginger Radish tea should be just fine for anyone living a fasting lifestyle. As long as you are not eating the ginger or radish leaves after you steep them there should be no real calories in the ginger tea blend.

Are Dried Radish Leaves Tough To Find?

Dried radish leaves can be a bit hard to find. I think using fresh radish greens (most people just throw them out) is probably the best way to go about making a cup of ginger radish tea. Both ginger and radishes can be found in most grocery stores.

I did manage to find a good-looking dried radish green on Amazon. It is called Pyeongchang Farm Dried Radish Greens, available on Amazon. This works well and it lasts a lot longer than the fresh greens.

Where Can You Find Ginger And Radish Tea?

Ginger and radish tea is not the type of herbal tea that you’re going to find in a packaged version. It’s simply not popular enough for the Tea Company to make this particular blend. And as I mentioned in the section above dried radish leaves can be a little bit tough to find. 

Buying fresh ginger and fresh radishes and clipping the greens is probably the best way to make a cup but you do have to worry about your ginger root and your radish leaves going bad if you don’t use them in time.

There are a couple of ways around this. One you can buy prepackaged ginger tea. There are dozens if not hundreds of different brands and it’s one of the most popular herbal teas out there. 

I personally like to use Buddha Teas Organic Ginger Tea Bags as a packaged option.  then simply add some dried or fresh radish greens into the cup of ginger tea.

You can also use dried ginger if you want. Starwest Botanicals Organic Ginger Root is a great option to use as a base for this herbal blend.

Any way you decide to go your going to get a good flavored tea. I did not notice much of a difference between fresh and dried or packaged ingredients.

The Radish Ginger Tea Finish

That brings us to the end of our look at the wonderful Ginger and radish tea.  I’m of the opinion that ginger tea makes a great companion for just about any flavor and once again we see it rise to the occasion when you combine it with radish greens.

It really is an amazing blend. You’ve got two different flavors of spiciness that come from each of the ingredients as well as a little bit of peppery flavor from the ginger and a slightly different peppery flavor from the radish greens.

When you put it together you’ve got a refreshing and vibrant cup of herbal tea that is really an eye-opener without any caffeine.  It simply relies on the flavor of the ginger and the radish leaf to get you going.

So give radish green and ginger tea a try and see what you think of it. I wouldn’t call it an everyday tea but if you have some leftover radish greens, don’t throw them out make a cup of ginger radish tea instead.